Last month Verizon and Microsoft entered into an agreement to push the Bing mobile app onto BlackBerrys. It was a standard agreement of this type — owners got pushed a Bing icon that let them download and install the Bing mobile app simply. Not a big […]

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Last month Verizon and Microsoft entered into an agreement to push the Bing mobile app onto BlackBerrys. It was a standard agreement of this type — owners got pushed a Bing icon that let them download and install the Bing mobile app simply. Not a big deal in itself, but some strange things are now happening to some BlackBerry owners on the Verizon network that have people up in arms. It seems that many Verizon BlackBerry owners have seen all search provider options except Bing disappear from the browser, and they are not happy about that.

The way it works is this: In the BlackBerry browser when you select the Go To option, you get a screen like that on the right. It allows easy searching using one of several different search engines, Google among them. Yesterday some BlackBerry owners accessing the search as always discovered that the only search option was now Bing. Gone was Google, Wikipedia and the others. This change had apparently been pushed to the phone by Verizon at some point.

Phone owners are used to being jerked around by the carriers, but no one likes simple options removed like this. It’s one thing to force users to use a new default search provider, but it is another thing entirely to remove all other options that were previously available. Customers are complaining on enthusiast forums, the BlackBerry forums and on Verizon’s forums. Will these companies never learn?

My own Storm still shows the multiple provider options as always, as others are reporting. But something is definitely afoot, as folks are reporting that the change gets pushed seemingly randomly to the phones.

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  1. Yeah this not right. Yesterday went to do a search and all but Bing was my only option. Verizon better think about this and put back all options. My wifes Storm still has al options. I will be calling today. They never learn do they

  2. They will only learn if you return your products back if you can or move to the other network.
    Also – if sites like this one will call for a consumer boycott on those companies until this is fixed.


  3. That’s great! I wish google go away forever!. I was trying to find away to remove google, finally they did it for me.

    Thank you!, Happy Binging.

  4. Although Bing is very good, it’s just not as good as Google. Why would verizon do that to their customers?

    1. Bing is actually better than google.

      1. Bing is better? How do you figure that one out? Do a simple search for “How big is the sun? Now tell me who is better. I didn’t get an answer on Bing until like the 6th entry. The fist 6 in Google answered it though. Just an example, I’m sure there are many more.

  5. “How big is the sun?. I got better answers on Bing than Google

    The first site was the same for both

    The rest of the results made me feel that Bing gave better results

      1. Ok, I guess I will need to add quotes in every single one of my Bing searches now. But that will add 4 keystrokes on my Blackberry for every search I do.

        No thanks, I will keep using Google.

        By the way, did you notice that adding those quotation marks did nothing to the Google search, but completely rearranged Bing’s?

      2. Exactly. I don’t even have to click on a website to get my answer with google. Bing sounds like a juvenile description of a hard-on… which is probably why Ballmer named it that. He wanted excuse to be a perverted, sweaty, jackass.

    1. It’s clear that the comments by Bond, etc. are made by marketing bots from Microsoft/Blackberry. Look at how unpersonal they are. These are scripted responses! I’m sure other forums have the same ones. Hello Big Brother! We’ll be sure to flush you down the toilet when the revolution comes. Only companies that are desperate force their wares on the consumer.

  6. I like google better, granted, there are some stuff that bing does better or the other way around, so far nothing beats anything as far as i know, regardless of who is or what is better, for me, nothing is better than the other one, true with gadgets (phones, etc) there will always be something new that a browser/search has that the other doesnt but it catches up (eventually) everything has its advantages/disadvanges regardless what you have or use. for me, nothing is better than the other, just depends on the needs and who likes what better. that is my personal opinion though.

  7. ^^^ to all the intelligent and interesting comments above regarding which search engine is better …

    That is simply NOT the topic.

    1. I actually think it is on topic. Verizon is now making it’s subscribers use Bing which is a sub-par search tool. Basically, Microsoft is paying Verizon so their search tool will actually get some use. They paid them to take Google away because Microsoft itself realizes that the common person will choose Google over Bing.

  8. It could perhaps be a topic later down the road, i apologize for jumping to another topic not related to this, it was just an opinion as i hate companies that do those kind of things like what is happening with the BB users, i dont know if it was intentional or part of a marketing scheme, who’s to say that whats happening with the blackberries users wont happen to other platforms? we already have a Bing app for iphone(ipod touch users) which i might say its pretty cool, who knows if Apple decides to ditch google maps in favor of Bing since its almost an all in one app, you got search and maps all rolled in an easy to use app as well as more features.

  9. Crazy stuff, James.

    You knew that the iPhone would force carriers, device makers and Microsoft to start prostituting themselves at the expense of their phone customers.

    Good reason to get an iPhone or just install Opera Mini/Mobile on your non-iPhone to retain control over your own mobile web experience…

  10. I hate class action suits, but this is so egregious that I would happily serve as a the complainant against VZW. First, the outrageous new ETF now this slap against our free will. I’ve traveled around the US with an iPhone and a Storm. The VZW network isn’t that much better. If these marketing morons don’t wise up, they’ll create a map for switching carriers.

    1. I’ll join you!

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