Rediff.com (NSDQ: REDF) has done away with its ‘iLand’ branded blogging platform and has launched an improved service that it simply calls R…

Rediff Blogs

Rediff.com (NSDQ: REDF) has done away with its ‘iLand’ branded blogging platform and has launched an improved service that it simply calls Rediff Blogs. The new service has added some social features and is more customizable than the previous edition. There’s also the hook that blog posts might be featured alongside related Rediff content such as news.

The service, in its intro, says it supports nine Indian languages, but we couldn’t find Punjabi as an option in the drop down menu. iLand used to support eight Indian languages.

To support Indian languages, Rediff uses the proprietary transliteration technology developed by Tachyon Technologies, which is also available independently under the brand Quillpad. Rediff in an investor in Tachyon.

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By Sruthijith KK
  1. Why have they launched languages when Ajit doesn’t believe in it?

  2. The new and improved rediff iland is like a cardboard cake – very appealing but tough to chew – Ilands help menu appears to be substandard, users are not getting alerts to new posts or comments – every comment has to be moderated – and it is a very cumbersome process they have – and every comment finds its way to the spam box – iland users were not alerted nor notified of the changes that were coming leaving many grappling and confused – and as many ilanders have said the old format was good – but then when has it been when the powers that be every listened to users

  3. Yup the WordPress api works great

  4. And the point is….

    That Rediff knows not, what to do!

  5. AB needs to grow out of the rigid mindset for rediff to succeed!

  6. if i imagine rediff blog, i see blog with tons of advertisement poups

  7. Well it’s a mess, on the top of it..the language support which has been mentioned above is unknown to anyone using it. currently writing anything Non- english is like a Phd effect no one wants to get into the mess.
    Yes, the freedom of individuality has been crossed, when they changed without intimation..but its OK INDIAN COMPANIES ANYWAYS ARE WELL KNOWN FOR EXPLOITATION OF USER RIGHTS..using the bleak lines of contract..this looks like a small one…

  8. Blogs at wordpress are the best.


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