Supposed Apple Tablet Video Surfaces

Late Friday, French website posted a YouTube video it claims is footage of the mythical Apple tablet that has long been the source of many a rumor. The video is quite convincing, as you can see for yourself in the embedded clip below:


The tablet isn’t doing any of the amazing things we’ve heard about, like acting as an e-reader for a new magazine format. Instead, its user appears to be shopping for IKEA furniture or something similar. Regardless, the UI and hardware design does look like something that Apple could’ve made. Note also the tantalizing images of past Apple products in the background, including the Apple Newton.

It could be an elaborate fake, of course, and the video quality isn’t terrific, but it isn’t bad either. So far, this is the best example I’ve seen of a tablet rumor that could turn out to be solid evidence of what’s to come from the Mac maker. Thoughts?

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