I know that there are many happy Palm Pre owners out there — and for good reason. The webOS is innovative, offers a solid browser and is a multitasking champ. But as I said just over a month ago, the Pre isn’t quite meeting my personal […]


I know that there are many happy Palm Pre owners out there — and for good reason. The webOS is innovative, offers a solid browser and is a multitasking champ. But as I said just over a month ago, the Pre isn’t quite meeting my personal needs. That’s not a slam on the device in general — it simply means that I’m using the wrong tool for my tasks. I’m far better off working with a device that has a wider selection of software titles. In fact, it’s mainly for this reason that I didn’t jump on the Google Android bandwagon when the T-Mobile G1 launched.

Anyway, I don’t want to rush into any decisions — or out of any contracts, for that matter. However, a window of opportunity appears to be opening next month. According to PreCentral, Sprint will be modifying the terms of their contracts through two separate fees. The Regulatory Charge going forward will be $0.40 per month and customers with spending limits on their account will be charged $4.99. As a result, customers may be able to cancel their contracts without paying the Early Termination Fee of $175.

I actually don’t want to leave Sprint — the service has been great and I believe that my plan offers me a tremendous value for the money. However, without much solid progress on the application front, I’m considering a January termination. I’m not making the decision just yet, though. Palm has said that widespread developer access would be opened up before year end, so I’m going to watch for developments between now and then. Again, I do like the Pre. But I’m finding this whole situation eerily similar to the early PC and Mac days — you might have wanted a Mac, but you stuck with a PC because of the apps.

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  1. I see a Nokia N900? :) or maybe you’ll finally be getting that BlackBerry you always wanted, but you really didn’t know you wanted. ;)

  2. Kevin, I think you’re being a bit hasty. Apps are flowing into the App Catalog now at a pretty healthy clip (20+ per day) and it hasn’t even been officially opened up from beta yet. Add to that the impending craziness associated with Flash coming to the Pre and I think the next 2-3 months are going to see significant acceleration of 3rd party stuff coming out.

  3. If you can find another Sprint phone that you like, you might consider buying it on ebay then selling yours there. I decided it was time to leave windows mobile for android, so I bought a new in box Hero (which I like very much, BTW, you might give that a try) without contract on ebay, activated it, then sold my old Touch Pro there. The cost difference was only about $150, which is less than if I did the contract renewal thing. The pre is still new enough that it’s probably worth at least a couple hundred $ on ebay if in good condition. I have had good luck with Sprint service, and it’s hard to beat their data service prices.

  4. Well, if you have the opportunity to cancel your Sprint service and you’re not using it now, then do so. You still would own the Pre, and can reactivate at any point you feel like it, can’t you?

  5. Not progressing fast enough???? The catalog has gone from a trickle to a steady stream of apps! There’s two big changes that I think you should watch out for:

    1) The App Catalog will exit Beta. I’m thinking there’s devs waiting in the wings for that to happen. I’m talking bigger fish. (ePocrates, DataViz, and Foursquare, to name a few.) Yes, that’s all speculation………. but…

    2) Palm will soon remove the (admittedly idiotic) app limit, which frees developers to make apps of any size that they want. This will most definitely lead to more robust apps being pushed through the pipeline.

    Hang in there. I’m still in love with my Palm Pre…

    1. Well, I still love mine too, but if he’s not using it, there’s no reason to keep the service activated for a phone he never uses.

  6. We live in a fast paced (I want it NOW) world.
    I had the Pre, dumped the Pre for the iPhone, dumped the iPhone for the Pre, dumped the Pre for the Hero, Dumped the Hero for the Droid, Dumped the Droid for an old Treo 755P, and now I’m going back to the…


    It’s the closest thing to perfect that I’ve found, and it’s smooth, intuitive, and has TRUE multi-tasking that doesn’t require an app to kill apps that are sucking the life from your device.

    Best of luck on your decision Kev…but I suspect you may just find yourself happiest with the Pre.


  7. I think one thing that should be considered relative to apps per platform is the quaility of the apps. The iphone didn’t reach 100000 apps by prducing 100% quality. Most of them are junk and everyone knows it. I think in the end all the big devs will write for iphone, android and webOS. That’s what really matters. All the other apps are just fluff. If 95% of the apps out there are practically disposable, it doesn’t really lock you in to one OS or another. In the end the core functions that most people use most of the time will be available on all the platforms.

  8. Palm needs developers. To attract developers it should open-source WebOS.

    1. WebOS is already open source, and always has been the same as Android, however its still a bit more open toward patches and fixes then android is which amazingly locked down more.

  9. GoodThings2Life Friday, December 11, 2009

    I think the move to leave Sprint is hasty… there’s other great smartphones like the Touch Pro 2 (own it and love it) and the Hero (have seen it and think it’s great). You should definitely give them a try first.

  10. But what about the over 8,000 titles of PalmOS software? They run on the Pre via the emulator. Nothing wrong with that I would say.

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