Gear6 is bringing memcached to the Amazon cloud which gives it the trifecta of service options for customers– an appliance, a downloadable software option and a cloud option.

Startup Gear6 today launched the availability of its memcached appliance on Amazon’s Web Services platform, bringing a widely used distributed memory caching system for web companies to the cloud. Gear6 will soon offer its beefed-up version of memcached to other cloud environments as well, giving it the trifecta of service options for customers: an appliance, software and a cloud offering.

Memcached is the underpinning of large sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Digg, and also the target of several VC-backed startups’ efforts including Schooner and NorthScale. By offering its memcached products across a variety of platforms, Gear6 is adapting to the changes in IT demand wrought by its startup customers that have widely adopting cloud computing, as well as other customers that still prefer to run software in-house.

Given how prevalent commodity hardware is today, I wonder how well Gear6’s appliance product, which it introduced first, is actually doing. Meanwhile, its new Web Cache Server for the Cloud product should allow Gear6 to meet market demand for memcached wherever a customer needs it.

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