The latest in a series of high-level exits from Nasdaq-listed Rediff.com (NSDQ: REDF) is Salil Chandrashekar, director for product developme…

The latest in a series of high-level exits from Nasdaq-listed Rediff.com (NSDQ: REDF) is Salil Chandrashekar, director for product development. He confirmed the development, but declined to say where he was headed.

The timing of the move is likely to pinch Rediff as Chandrashekar has been heading the execution of the portal’s minimalist approach. The shift, the brainchild of founder and chairman Ajit Balakrishnan, has met with mixed reactions from users and (by design) lower home page revenues.

Chandrashekar had stepped into the role of Rediff’s long-standing product head Zaki Ansari, who quit in August to join UTV New Media.

Chandrashekar has been with Rediff since 2005 and holds an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

This is the fourth senior-level departure from Rediff this year. Rediff veteran and India Abroad editorial director Prem Panicker quit recently to move to Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) India, while CFO Joy Basu and Ansari left in August.

By Sruthijith KK

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  1. :)

    Watch out for more action…

  2. What is going on? My friend told me that one more senior startup member has left rediff.com in the last week of November. He was handling MoneyWiz Engineering Operations.

  3. Yes Anand, his name is Shailesh Soni. He joined Zaki’s team in UTV.

  4. Insiders were jittery when Zaki quit seeing Salil go has got the lower rung even more jittery! Rediff insiders state Zaki and Salil are thick friends and while Zaki brings in experience Salil brings in the execution power. Rumours are strong that Salil is slated to join UTV and if that happens it would make UTV New Media a very very active player in the dotcom space. Seems Ronnie Screwalla is getting his armoury ready for the onslaught

    1. Ha ha! Funniest comment ever. You must be Salil.

      What “execution power” are you talking about? Salil Chandrashekhar has never executed a damn thing in his life. He is just good at managing perception and forming the right alliances. As those who work with him will find out to their dismay…

  5. More exits are on the cards: a peer of Salil, Amit Mehta is also expected to leave shortly to join Zaki. Look like the entire Moneywiz gang is moving over to UTV! Some other lower level departures also likely

  6. I have been talking to folks from Rediff.com. Frankly, the exits of recent past seem to be more of a correctional nature, a shift away from website development to a platform centric approach.


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