I haven’t gotten my hands on the Droid Eris from Verizon yet (you listening, Verizon?), but I sure want to. It ‘ basically a refreshed HTC Hero, and I loved that phone. I’ve seen it stated around the web that since Eris is the “budget” Android […]


I haven’t gotten my hands on the Droid Eris from Verizon yet (you listening, Verizon?), but I sure want to. It ‘ basically a refreshed HTC Hero, and I loved that phone. I’ve seen it stated around the web that since Eris is the “budget” Android phone at Verizon, it will not get the Android 2.0 update that’s runs on the more expensive Droid.

I’m happy to share that I have word directly from Verizon that the Droid Eris will be getting Android 2.0 in the first quarter of next year. This update is significant as it brings all that chewy goodness of the new Google Maps Navigation, among other things. I’m glad to hear the Eris gets the big update; now if only I could play with one.

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  1. Speaking of Verizon listening, if they hadn’t jacked up their ETF to $350 I would have left AT&T for the Eris. It’s slimmer than the Hero and with a better camera. And it’s getting Google Maps GPS. What’s not to love? Other than the ETF.

    1. James Kendrick DZ Friday, December 4, 2009

      Just don’t terminate, Dave. It’s easy. :)

    2. Why should the ETF matter? It should only concern you if you are one of those people that signs contracts without reading them and then gets mad when you have to pay to get out of it. lol

  2. James, I think that you have been tagged as Microsoft’s fan around the industry after your latest comparison article ;)
    No Android phones for you …

    1. James Kendrick Tal Friday, December 4, 2009

      Geez, I get knocked around for bashing Microsoft too much, now I’m a fanboy. I can’t win. :)

      1. you know I was JK … :)

  3. Christopher Smith Saturday, December 5, 2009

    This confuses me. I read at Engadget that Android 1.6 has had Google Maps navigation added to it.


    You can pick it up from the Market; you don’t need Android 2.0 for Google Maps Navigation.

    Something that is weird though is that the HTC Hero on Sprint as well as the Eris both run a modified version of Android 1.5 (includes some stuff for the CDMA stack that is included in 1.6). So, maybe, just maybe, Google Maps Navigation will work on the Eris?

  4. Benjamin Woodruff Monday, December 7, 2009

    I found the Droid Eris for my gf shortly after the two Droid phones first came out. I have an iPhone and wanted her to have something comparable, though she is with Verizon.
    I’m eager to see the Android platform catch up to the iPhone, because I think healthy competition will benefit consumers. So far I think the Android phones have been lagging due to the lower quality of the devices.
    The Droid Eris is by far the best competitor. The technology is easy enough, solid, smooth, and meets the right price point. I don’t think a lot of regular people can really get into it though. It’s a little too complicated in practice for the average joe. Good news is that the iPhone is only minutely less complicated lol.
    I give the Droid Eris a 4 out of 5. And yes, the score would go up with the addition of OS 2.o (google maps is pre-loaded on the phone, but it is written directions, not voice guided).

    1. The OS on the current Eris has Google Maps with written directions. What exactly are looking forward to with a 2.0 upgrade in that case?

      1. The 1.6 or 2.0 firmware allows for the new Google Maps Navigation, which has realtime spoken turn by turn directions. This is a MAJOR difference. http://www.google.com/mobile/navigation/#p=default

  5. If someone bought the droid eris now, would the 2.0 automatically come onto it next year or would it have to be bought?

    1. good question, i wonder about this also, if i buy the droid eris now, would i be able to refresh the O/S to android 2 when it comes out for eris in Q1 2010?

      1. Well, the update is free, so I don’t think that it will make a difference, you should be able to normally buy the Droid ERIS and wait, why hold back on HTC, they did a good job with the Eris, I love mine… :D

    2. I don’t see any reason that the upgrade would have to be paid for. Carriers aren’t paying Google for the operating system, so it would be a big PR fiasco if they charged customers for it. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but I highly doubt it. And we’ve already seen upgrades from 1.5 to 1.6 for free.

      nd, if you bought an Eris now, I see no reason why you couldn’t upgrade it to Android 2.x when it becomes available. In fact, you may not have to do anything to get the upgrade as it would be sent to your phone over the air.

      1. I called Verizon and was told by atech that when the upgrade the Eris to 2.0 it will be sent to you automatically to you phone. Looks like January 2010.

    3. The update for the Eris will be absolutely free, So don’t be afraid to buy it before the update rolls out, you’ll just have to deal with the sometimes buggy but not bad at all android 1.5 until then. (rumoured to be released around Jan 20’ish 2010)

  6. Remind AT&T about national ‘Anti Competition’ laws. Your cell phone contract was never legal. AT&T cannot legally punish you if you tell them your going to another provider – regardless of contract. It was never legal to begin with. A friend who is a lawyer pointed out several suits that the phones companies lost because of this.

    The FCC regulates services and rates – this is all a communications providers can charge you for. An early termination fee is neither and is not regulated by the FCC (its not legal).

    Dont believe me? Look at the millions their all paying BACK to users! Remind AT&T of this and they’ll back off.
    Your proof.

    1. Just some first grade law. A contracts most important aspect is the offer and acceptance.

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      If you as the consumer are offered a deal through one of the Teleco’s and you accept the conditions of that deal (otherwise known as an agreement) then you have entered into a legally binding contract.

      The fact that a peon judge in California says that ETF’s are invalid because the contract is not legil is bogus. One of the primary reasons government (at least US governement) was contrived in the first place was to uphold contracts between individuals. If you dont want to pay then dont violate the terms; if you dont like the terms then just dont sign

      – its pretty simple.

  7. Is the Droid Eris a smartphone??? like do u need its own plan or could u have it on the same plan with a couple other people??? so confused… might get this phone, but the 2.0 version cause i heard that it locked up a lot and has no flash… what is with that?

    1. If you need to ask these questions, the Eris is probably not for you. Stick to the Tracphones Mia

    2. The Droid ERIS is infact considered a smart-phone, and you will need a special plan, but it’s worth it… (I have one)

  8. if you really do have word from direct from verizon, … a link or something of the sort to prove that would really be appreciated.

  9. Yes I do, Google Android 2.1 for droid Eris. The release date is Jan 24. That’s the best date I can get nut we know that we will het it in the end of the month.

  10. I have the Eris and that is what I am hearing, the end of Jan. for the 2.1 update. It will be sent as an update (in market) to your phone. I have it, I had iphone and love my Eris.

    1. Actually no, I won’t be sent through Market. It will be received for free on a OTA update (Over The Air). The update will be free, and I’m not sure on this, but will have the same look as the original Droid. I really want the slidey thing though!! :D

      1. The 2.1 update will only look like the original Droid if you take away the Sense U.I. Which will still be included be with the 2.1 update. So, to answer the question you pose, yes it will be the same o.s as the Droid, but no it will not look like the same o.s. In fact, the overlay of sense U.I actually makes for a better user experience.(IMHO). Droid does but, Droid Eris does looks ;)

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