Apple Leads the Sales Pack in October, but PCs are Poised for Revenge


Here’s a little trivia question: what happens when Apple introduces new or refreshed computer models? If you said, “they sell boatloads of product,” you’d be spot on. Om points out that an NPD Report pegged the Apple iMac and MacBooks to be the top selling desktop and laptop in October. And Apple also held two of the top three spots for the best selling computers that same month. Having fewer models surely has an impact on this type of analysis — the PC market is so splintered that no one vendor is really “up against” Apple on their own.

But I’ll give Apple their win in October. I’m more interested in the sales numbers for November. Why? Because Microsoft introduced Windows 7 part-way through October. November will the first full month that the new operating system was sold with new hardware. And the holiday shopping season started last month, as well. October may belong to Apple, but will PCs come roaring back in November?


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