YouTube Pages Go Light as a Feather

In this gimme-gimme-now-now-now! Internet era, even waiting just a few seconds can spell the difference between someone staying on a page or exiting immediately. To appeal to the instant gratification set, YouTube unveiled its “YouTube Feather” format today.

Feather is basically a lightweight version of a YouTube page that defaults videos to standard quality, and strips down the comments and related videos. The result, according to YouTube, will be a page that loads and plays quickly.

Feather is currently part of YouTube’s TestTube incubator, and you have to opt-in to the beta to check it out. Since I’m at home on a pretty fast connection, I noticed more (and welcomed) the visual sparseness of the page over any improved load time, but I could see this coming in handy when I’m on a shared Wi-Fi connection or going through my EVDO.

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