Twittelator Pro Update Brings List Support to the iPhone

An update recently went live in the App Store for Twitter client Twittelator Pro that brings, among other things, support for the new Lists feature. Lists, which Twitter implemented only a few weeks ago, allows users to create and subscribe to lists of users, which Twitter users can organize however they see fit. For example, TheAppleBlog offers a list of TAB writers, and one of developers.

Twittelator Pro is the first iPhone client to use the new Lists API. Using the app, you can now create or edit your own lists, view the lists of other users, and follow or unfollow lists. It’s a nice alternative to client-based groups, and it’s especially convenient on the iPhone platform, since it makes Twitter’s information glut a little more digestible.

The update also brings some more list-centric new discovery tools, like suggestions, featured, random, and list searching so that you can explore beyond your own network. It’s actually got me looking around at lists, which is more than I’ve done since Twitter implemented the feature. As a way of finding new people to follow, or of locating good thematically grouped news sources all in one place, the search function is especially helpful.

Here’s a list of some of the other new features introduced in version 3.4:

  • Reply All – Tap the user avatar next to the tweet to reply to all mentioned.
  • What the Trend? – Provides an explanation for why a topic is trending.
  • Search Nearby shows avatars on map pins
  • Emailing a link uses the web page title as the message subject by default
  • Much faster download times

Twittelator Pro sells for $4.99 in the App Store. It’s a very feature-rich piece of software, but a little too busy for my tastes. If you’re a TweetDeck desktop user, it’ll probably be more to your liking.

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