How to Backup Any Smartphone — Gizmodo

Gizmodo has a nice write up explaining how to backup your data from the major smartphone platforms that’s well worth the read. Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and webOS are all covered, so there’s something for everyone. I actually don’t backup my phones because all of my data is generally in the cloud and can be restored with an over-the-air sync. The only exception is the iTunes backup for my iPhone during the rare USB sync. Mail, documents, contacts, music, photos and just about everything else is on the web for me. Apps are the obvious exception to this rule, but my text message history is out there and searchable thanks to Google Voice. Although it generally doesn’t apply to my workstyle, the article ought to help the majority of smartphone users out there.

Got any other phone backup tips or services that should have made the cut?

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