How to Get a Magic Mouse to Touch-scroll in Windows


I tested Apple’s Magic Mouse with Windows 7 not long after I bought the device a few weeks ago. It paired through Bluetooth with no issues as expected, and works well, but lost was the scrolling I enjoy with a finger flick on my MacBook. Obviously, it’s a driver issue and I never thought twice about it — why expect a Mac-specific function to work in Windows, right? ┬áLuckily, someone else looked into it and hacked a method to get the magic on Windows.

UNEASYsilence peeped a pair of modified bits from Apple’s latest Bluetooth Update and word is that they add touch scrolling to 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows. Although geared for using Windows in Bootcamp, folks are reporting success on non-Apple hardware as well. So far, it’s reported that vertical scrolling is working in a few apps like Firefox and Internet Explorer 8, but no multitouch mousing is here yet. If you’d rather not go the hacked route, Microsoft’s own Sidewinder X8 mouse driver could do the trick as well. I haven’t had time to try either method yet, since I don’t run Bootcamp. I have paired the Magic Mouse with the Windows 7 partition on my netbook though, so I expect a little hackery later today. ;)

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