MindTouch's Open-source Collaboration Platform Sits on the Cloud

MindTouch, an open-source provider of enterprise collaboration software, announced today that its platform is now available in the cloud. You can find a video on how the platform, dubbed MindTouch Cloud, creates “a federated collaboration network” here.  MindTouch competes with Microsoft’s SharePoint, but can eliminate many of the inflexibilities of proprietary collaboration software, and MindTouch Cloud’s prices are being kept low. A 10-user group can use it for $10 per month per user, 30 users can for $8 a month per user, and 50 users can for $7 a month per user, with lower costs for larger businesses.

MindTouch Cloud incorporates desktop productivity tools, database adapters and more, as OStatic notes. “What sets it apart from other collaboration systems is the ability to use other popular enterprise systems atop this platform,” OStatic says. Web applications, ERP frameworks, Salesforce.com usage and so on can be integrated with MindTouch. Intel, Cisco, Mozilla and many other companies use MindTouch’s platform.

This has been a busy week for hosted collaboration tools, with Salesforce announcing its Chatter collaboration solution yesterday. You can read more about MindTouch Cloud here, and the company’s CEO, Aaron Fulkerson, did a guest column for OStatic on the future of collaborative networks here.

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