PHOTOS: Coda Gets Feisty, Gives Electric Sedan a Minor Makeover

Santa Monica, Calif.-based startup Coda Automotive, a spinoff from low-speed electric carmaker Miles Electric Vehicles, doesn’t want to play nice with the big guys. With an overhauled web site launched on Thursday, Coda now urges visitors to “flip gas prices the bird,” and writes in a blog post titled “Detroit Doesn’t Have the Answers,” that:

“It’s hard for us to believe that one of the industry giants will [get electric cars on the market quickly] –- especially considering their businesses were founded on and are still concretely rooted in the production of internal combustion, gas guzzling vehicles.”

Coda seems to be ramping up the aggression factor of its image and embracing the role of an underdog trying to shake up — and fight its way into — the auto industry. It will be interesting to see how that goes over with the EU and U.S. automakers, which Coda said in June it “may consider selling battery systems” to in the next couple years. The new site also includes images of the latest Coda Sedan designs, including small changes to the front, rear and exterior lighting (you can see the previous design here), and the first renderings of the interior. They’re small tweaks, but moving in the right direction (see images below).





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