Forrester Research is bringing some visibility to the fast-growing market online video platform (OVP) market with a new report issued Friday. But while some OVP competitors got positive marks for their offerings, the vast majority of players were noticeably absent from the research. “The Forrester Wave: […]

Forrester online video platform comparisonForrester Research is bringing some visibility to the fast-growing market online video platform (OVP) market with a new report issued Friday. But while some OVP competitors got positive marks for their offerings, the vast majority of players were noticeably absent from the research.

“The Forrester Wave: US Online Video Platforms” ranked a handful of OVP vendors according to 37 criteria that could be broken down into three “high-level buckets”: current offering, strategy, and market presence.

Brightcove and Ooyala both ranked favorably in the report, and both issued press releases touting their rankings as “leaders” of the OVP segment. But there’s only one problem — Forrester evaluated only six vendors (Brightcove, Fliqz, Kaltura, Ooyala, Twistage, and VMIX), overlooking a large percentage of the overall market.

That’s not to say that Brightcove and Ooyala don’t measure up well against competing offerings. Brightcove is clearly the early leader in the space, and Ooyala has gotten a good amount of buzz and attention since it launched two years ago. (NewTeeVee also sees good things for Ooyala, naming the company to our Next Big Thing List for our NewTeeVee Live conference this week.)

But clearly there’s more competition than the Forrester report lets on. Research firm CDN Quote tracks 62 white-label video management providers; VidCompare, which calls itself a “free comparison service for business decision makers looking for an online video platform provider,” tracks 60 OVP companies. With just six platforms evaluated in its report, Forrester is missing out on the vast majority of companies operating in the space.

In a blog post, Forrester analyst Bobby Tulsiani defends the narrow scope of the report, stating:

“While the number of companies in the space is certainly larger than six, we decided to focus on a set of vendors that serve a variety of clients, regardless of size or industry.  For that reason, some vendors that primarily focus on high end media companies, such as Digitalsmiths, The Platform, or Move Networks were not included.”

Fair enough. Not everyone has the need for the type of all-encompassing, TV Everywhere-type video offering that is being pitched by companies like thePlatform or ExtendMedia.

But there’s no explanation for why Forrester left out companies like Delve Networks, Episodic, KIT Digital, Kyte, Unicorn Media, or any number of other OVP players that serve media and enterprise customers, and offer similar services to those that were included in the report. (Note: I fully expect a rash of emails asking why I didn’t include the other 50 or so vendors in this story.)

The good news is that a report like this, from a leading analyst firm, brings attention to an increasingly competitive space like the white-label video management market. The bad news is that by including only a small number of players competing in that space, the report overlooks just how competitive the segment has become.

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  1. Bobby Tulsiani Monday, November 9, 2009

    Thanks for the feedback. I wish we could have included more vendors in the Wave as well, but given time constraints, we chose a sample that we thought would help start the conversation on evaluating online video platforms.

    Our list of 37 criteria, also contains a scale and scoring criteria that should allow any interested party to score a new vendor. I would welcome any suggestions on which platforms have the most momentum to look at for our next Wave.

  2. This is a great discussion about a rapidly growing market. At Fordela Corporation, Our DAM and ECM services bring us right into this window of opportunity. We always appreciate seeing the competitive landscape overviews like this.

  3. The title of the report then should have reflected the exclusion of the rest of the crowd instead of sounding like “that’s all folks!”

    So there’s a tool to score the other 50? Sounds like a labor of love for the other 50 is ahead! I agree though that you can’t do the white label guys easily, if at all. Differant breed.

  4. perhaps forrester left out those companies because they don’t buy forrester research services ;) isn’t that how it works?

  5. Astounding they did not include KIT digital. The fact they bought FeedRoom and still ignored means the “study” is completely flawed.

    Who is the number 1 OVP as represented by International clients with a strong US presence?

    Say it Liz.

  6. I agree that KIT Digital seems to be conspicuously left out of alot of these reports/articles… Perhaps its too inconvenient for the publisher to keep up with a company growing so fast or to include a company with the complicated task of calculating 5 acquisitions in a year or so time span? You be the judge… IMHO its time for them to their homework.

  7. This report does the market a huge disservice because it misses so many widely-used and capable platforms. Over 2,300 organizations rely on Multicast (the company I work for) alone. You would thing that some other industry analyst organization would do a credible review of the market and get a leg up on Forrester. Is anyone from Gartner listening?

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  9. Dr. Strangelove Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    You may also be interested in the YouTube Bibliography at strangelove.com/blog — freely available, it is the largest bibliography available on YouTube and online video.

    Dr. Strangelove

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