What Do You Want to Know from Comcast, Xbox, Roku and Redbox?

NewTeeVee Live is less than a week away! This year we’ve done away with the panel format and are sticking mostly with one-on-one fireside chats and solo presentations.

I’m super excited for the fireside chats I’m hosting as I get to talk with folks from Xbox LIVE, Comcast, Roku and Redbox. I know what I want to ask them, but just as Liz did earlier, I’m curious about what you want to know. Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

We kick off the conference with Marc Whitten, general manager of Xbox LIVE. The Xbox video experience is getting more social with the addition of Netflix viewing parties and Twitter and Facebook functionality built into the platform. How will the company be able to transform this hard core gaming machine into a family-friendly entertainment system?

Next up is Comcast Interactive Media president Amy Banse. Obviously the cable co’s TV Everywhere initiative is top of mind as it and preps its move from trials to a national roll-out. How are those trials working? What has the company learned? What have been the challenges?

Roku’s CEO Anthony Wood is bound to talk up his just-launched new set-top boxes as well as the expanding number of channels his company offers. How will Roku stay competitive as more over-the-top devices come to market? How will it strike a balance between a clean UI and an ever-growing channel selection?

Redbox has disrupted the home video entertainment world with its dollar-a-night movie rentals that challenge perceptions of what a movie’s worth. Gary Cohen, Redbox’s senior vice-president of marketing and consumer experience, will be on hand to answer questions like how has the company managed its meteoric growth? Did it always know its bold value proposition would attract so much attention (and not just from consumers)? Can they keep rentals at just $1?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and there are sure to be many more insights and unexpected revelations from the day. So leave a question in the comments and grab a ticket to the show so you can be first to know what these game-changing companies have in store.

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