Netflix has started shipping the discs required to stream its “Watch Instantly” movies on the Sony PlayStation 3. According to a corporate blog post today, Netflix VP of marketing Jessie Becker said the company sent out PS3 discs to 100,000 Netflix subscribers who requested them. Becker […]

Netflix_PS3_1Netflix has started shipping the discs required to stream its “Watch Instantly” movies on the Sony PlayStation 3. According to a corporate blog post today, Netflix VP of marketing Jessie Becker said the company sent out PS3 discs to 100,000 Netflix subscribers who requested them. Becker went on to say that after Netflix “tune[d] a few more details,” everyone else who requested a disc would receive one in the next couple of weeks. Users will have to use the special disc each time they want to stream Netflix on the PS3 until the service can be integrated into the console hardware.

During its Q3 earnings call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that his company was going to partner with a CE device that had a “material installed base.” The next week, Netflix announced it would make its streaming service available on Sony’s PS3 gaming console, which has an installed base of roughly 9 million units.

A survey from One Touch and the Praxi Group released yesterday estimated that 11.1 percent of Netflix subscribers (roughly 1.2 million people) had watched the Watch Instantly streaming service through a game console, which up until now, meant Microsoft’s Xbox.

We don’t know how many people in total have requested the special discs, and if any of them are new subscribers brought in by the PS3. Regardless, an initial batch of 100,000 is a good indication that Netflix’s streaming usage will get a nice shot in the arm from the PS3 — and that Netflix is on the right path with the increased emphasis its placing on streaming.

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  1. Finally a bettter service for a better console.

    1. @Dan the Man, I don’t know if I’d go that far. Netflix on the Xbox is pretty sweet.

  2. I want a disk!

  3. Nintendo is also in talks with Netflix and might pull the trigger on Netflix for the Wii before the holiday sales season .

    Ever since the Wii was launched I saw it as a wireless streaming box as a much as a game console and in Japan there are two video services on the Wii.

  4. Ohhh Yes! That is great news. Glad I procrastinated about pulling the trigger for a Roku box. Playstation 3 is the one to own! Just ordered my cd.

  5. I seriously can’t wait for this. I hope that sony integrates netflix into the dashboard, but for now, this will do.


  6. Liz Shannon Miller Thursday, November 5, 2009

    Here’s my question for the crowd — I’ve been considering getting a PS3, mostly for the Blu-Ray player. Should I wait until the hardware’s been upgraded?

  7. Liz Get the PS3 while the price is low even if Sony ,Nity and M$ all release new HD/Streaming video consoles at E3 next year they wont be availible till late 2010 ,

  8. @Matt Have you ever used the Wiis online features? I have one and I can tell you its online is extremely sporadic at best. Wii cant even play DVDs and the overall picture quality and definition isnt anything to get excited about add the fact that it would kill every movie with quite dialogue and any moments that require the Wii be atleast a little quite. I dont see the wii being able to stream any movie without a little bit of chopiness and freezing. Dont get me wrong the Wii is great for multiplayer and quick games with friends to play while drinking a couple beers and you cant beat the price but its not a viable option to play movies, atleast for me, I’d rather stream movies on my 12 inch Laptop.

    1. Ive used Youtube on the Wii and Ive Streamed Flash video to the Wii over a LAN via its Web browser .

      The Wii can play DVDs if you softmod it …Nintendo dint want to pay the licensing costs for DVD playback .

      In Japan there are two movie Streaming services for the Wii Like Fujisofts Minna no Theatre that is optimised for the Wii and plays H.264 video .


      Also the Nintendo Channel streams promo videos to US based Wiis.

      1. Ive watched youtube videos on the Wii and I couldnt enjoy them it was so slow and choppy, even when my desktop was down. My new PS3 watches youtube videos without problem on the same wifi connection. But maybe that was when nintendo first started being able to view youtube, it wasnt long ago that the flash videos on youtube wouldnt play on the Wii.

  9. @Liz are you talking about the netflix update to not need a disc? If youre talking about the XMB update that will make the disc obsolete it seems pretty pointless if the only thing holding you back is using a single disc to watch 1000’s of hours of movies and TV shows. If youre waiting for the system to be upgraded it seems like sony wont be upgrading the PS3 actual hardware for atleast a couple years since they devoted so much time and resources towards the PS3 slim.

    1. Liz Shannon Miller SeanCasey Friday, November 6, 2009

      Yeah, the single disc doesn’t really bother me that much; I just don’t want to invest in hardware if an upgrade is due out anytime soon. But if you’re right about it taking a couple of years, then that definitely influences my decision. Thanks!

      1. Well Theyve come out and said that new hardware and price drops arent coming anytime soon but that may be to just encourage sells, though I doubt it.

  10. Im not much of a gamer and I have always had better things to spend money on (Beer, Drugs and girls) other than a gaming console since Im a college student who has a fairly active social life. But I just bought a PS3 Slim and the main reason I bought it was because of the price drop (Its my first next gen console besides the Wii, which was a gift I never asked for). I did alot of research before and I refuse to spend money on a system that may crap out on me in a year (xbox360) add that all of the features I really care about: internet browsing, Music storage, free online (Im a broke ass), wireless controllers, quiet fans, Blue Ray, and the odd WWII or sports game here and there (After playing Uncharted Ive now also bought that game but I will only really buy 4 or so games a year) the PS3 has a decided advantage in. I understand that XboxLive is really cool but again Im broke and cheap plus I dont care to make internet buddies to play games with. That said I was still on the fence about buying one until I recently read that Netflix was going to be on PS3(which was the one thing Xbox had that I really wanted). After I found out I went out and bought a PS3 the next day and I ordered Netflix two days after that and canceled my local video store rental plan (which just went up to 35 bucks a month). So Sony and Netflix should be happy to know that if other Americans are like me this partnership, along with the low price of both relative products/services, should be very profitable for both companies. It really makes a PS3 a true all-in-one entertainment device. Hopefully they both enlarge there consumer base and inturn expand services for the customers, more movies available to stream would be nice Netflix.

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