Dear Google Android People, I would like to thank you for lighting a fire under the butt of smartphone makers by releasing Android into the mix. The smartphone world had been languishing for quite some time, unusual for such a young market. The major players prior […]

Dear Google Android People,

htc-hero-browser-landscapeI would like to thank you for lighting a fire under the butt of smartphone makers by releasing Android into the mix. The smartphone world had been languishing for quite some time, unusual for such a young market. The major players prior to the launch of Android were Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and the iPhone. Each of these platforms have its own strengths, but none of them were imaginative enough to catch the eyes of both consumers and industry players.

Windows Mobile had been basically unchanged for so, so long that it was embarrassing. Symbian was trying valiantly to slap a smartphone veneer over a feature phone interface, but many weren’t buying it. Research In Motion was trying to make a major move with the keyboard-less Storm, and while it was a major innovation for them, it turned out to be largely ho-hum for the market.

Apple continued to sell truckloads of iPhones, but the excitement factor was beginning to wane. Each iteration of the phone began to resemble “more of the same”, primarily because they were. The smartphone space was looking for something, anything to ignite passion into a staid scene, and along you came with Android.

It can’t be argued that Android hasn’t turned up the excitement factor a notch or two. There is almost continual buzz about this Android phone, or that one. It seems as if everyone and his smartphone making brother is working on getting an Android phone to market. Even the non-techie consumer space is getting invaded, with major advertising for Android phones invading consumer’s awareness.

Google, you have single-handedly done for the smartphone segment what no one had been able to do except Apple. While the buzz around Android is not as big as that surrounding the original iPhone, it is growing every day. You have our attention, and I thank you for that. Keep innovating, like you’ve done most recently with Google Maps Navigation, and you’ll be everywhere. And we all know you want to be everywhere.

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  1. RIM stock dipped (coincidentally?) with release of Android 2.0 on the Droid and with reactions to it in the blogosphere and with smartphone users.

    If the fire Android sets under RIM, Apple, Symbian and WinMob manufacturers results in better, cheaper devices – and a race by wireless providers to get these into our hands at competitive prices – then I’m all for stoking that flame.

  2. Before Android, there were few mobile OSes capable of delivering smartphone functionality (e.g. OTA updates, app store, WebKit browser, …), into the feature phone price range. Android should help to:

    1. bring smartphone functionality to the masses.
    2. create a HUGE market for Android app developers.

  3. could you be a bigger suck up James? you wonder why so many of your long time commenters dont like you anymore & why people are leaving this site in droves. you must not see what others say about this site on various forums. i dont want to believe them but then when i see ridiculous posts like these its hard to defend you.

    i think your confusing your excitement (alot) for mainstream excitement (none). go ask many moms & kids what android even is too see their reaction, then ask them what iPhone is. nobody even cared about android until the Droid, which has been popular for about 2 weeks now.

    lets see how the Droid sales numbers are in a few months. i guess if they are lousy you will jump off that bandwagon also like you did UMPC, WinMo, Palm, etc. you remind me of a disloyal teenager hopping from 1 trend to another, hope you dont treat the women in your life the same way you do gadgets.

    1. Wow, sorry you don’t like what I do. I would appreciate it if you could direct me to these forums you mention, I haven’t seen why people are leaving in droves as you stated.

      This post wasn’t sucking up to Google, it was stating that I am glad to see how Android has shaken up a lackadaisical smartphone world. I am in fact glad. We are in fact seeing ads all over the tube for Android smartphones, so it is indeed shaking things up. As much as I love mobile technology, I am glad when anything brings it to the public’s eye.

      As for jumping off the bandwagon- UMPC- still using them (and covering them a lot), WinMo- still using it, Palm- still using it and covering it a lot.

    2. i am not sure james have ever aimed this at the mom and pop users, vs the professional roadwarrior/suit.

  4. Android didnt excite anything or you would have made this post ANYTIME within the last year, it was the hardware design of Droid that got people excited.

    i swear sometimes you are so enamored in tech lust you completely fail to take a step back & be objective.

    Kev should fire you or get a job somewhere else, you are dragging him down. he seems to “think” much more than you do before coming too conclusions.

    1. hehe, funny enough, james was the one that started this place ;)

  5. Well I think Android is exciting. Its provides a real choice… finally. WinMo has been stale and going nowhere forever. I used to like it but in spite of its power and versatility it has never made for a great (or cheap) phone experience. Palm has a nice try out — I wish them luck. Blackberry is just blackberry — its not going away but its too dork-tastic to be mainstream with consumers any time soon.

    The idea that there’s no excitement about Android doesn’t reflect reality. Yes it took some real hardware coming to market, other than one clunky problematic phone. People definitely are excited and interested in all these new phones, otherwise they wouldn’t be buying them. People are liking the Hero and are definitely interested in Droid. Without Android the only non-Apple things we’ve really seen the past couple years were the infamous Instinct, the Pre and some more WinMo variations.

    I’ve been intrigued by Android for a long time. Its still maturing but the floodgates are just now finally starting to open, with all the carriers coming to market with devices from several manufacturers. At last a really open and capable platform on compelling hardware that has a real chance for an ecosystem of services and applications across carriers. The ability to independently develop unrestricted applications for Android vs trying to write anything remotely useful for the previous locked-down carrier phones of the recent past is like night and day. Android is not perfect yet, but in a year or two its going to be really nice with even better hardware and a more polished experience.

  6. Zack Lee Wright Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    I agree with Mr. K.
    Shaking thinks up is what Google does best.
    2010 WILL be the Year of Android. Apple will still have more apps but Android will have Phone Marketshare. And don’t forget Android is poised to be embedded in Appliances, DVRs, netbooks, smartbooks, eReaders, Slate computers, etc. So Google is shaking up a lot more than just the cell phone world it is shaking the entire Electronic World as we know it.

    It’s a game changer (aka Disruptive Technology).

    I personnally own and iPhone but do not have blinders on like so many Apple fanbois who comment here.

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle :-P

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