Android is the huge buzz these days, following on the heels of the Verizon Droid launch yesterday. HTC is the handset maker that was first on the Android train, and they have produced several models of phones bearing the Google OS. The company’s most impressive phone […]

gigaom_icon_google-android1Android is the huge buzz these days, following on the heels of the Verizon Droid launch yesterday. HTC is the handset maker that was first on the Android train, and they have produced several models of phones bearing the Google OS. The company’s most impressive phone to date is not an Android phone, however, as the HD2 with the Snapdragon processor runs Windows Mobile 6.5. Rumors have swelled that HTC would be producing a version of the HD2 with Android, but HTC CEO Peter Chou put those rumors to bed in an interview with Forbes.

“We’re working hard on these kinds of products to get excitement about Windows Mobile back,”

“Technically, we could make the HD2 an Android phone, but I have to take care of Windows Mobile,” says Chou.

So no Android for the HD2, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the company didn’t produce something similar. They are no doubt feeling the squeeze in the Android space from Motorola and other companies producing handsets with the OS.

  1. hopefully he’s bluffing to not dent WM sales. I’m very unimpressed by androids current lackluster hardware design, android NEEDS flashy hardware to sale its bland looking UI as it lags behind Pre/iPhone (Sense & Blur just look tacky)

    HTC HD2 is the cream of the crop currently.

  2. This is not very surprising as HTC have repeatedly said that they intend to use WinMo for most of their phones including their flagship phones. Also, HTC have strong ties with Microsoft and many of their developers are former Microsoft employees.

    1. DAMN, i hope this isnt true. while i agree that iPhone & Pre both have adequate hardware they clearly relied on their highly polished UI’s to grab all the attention. Android is quickly becoming the “Windows” of the handheld world (1 OS/multiple hardware vendors). even Android 2.0 lacks the polish of its competition & is going to rely slick hardware (much like Windows). notice how nobody was barely even talking about Android until lately with the release of Hero & others? Android was a distant memory as long as it was stuck on the G1. which just goes to prove many peoples point that the Android OS cant do it alone like the iPhone & Pre, it needs compelling hardware.

      i was highly disappointed by “Droid”, it just reminded me of all the mistakes PC laptop vendors have made trying to sale Windows. specs are nice but it looks so tacky & will be forgotten quickly with the next latest-n-greatest.

      if HTC limits the HD2 just for WM they are killing themselves, HD2/Android 2.0/no goofy Sense UI would be an awesome combo.

      1. I’m not sure why you’d say they’re killing themselves by restricting the HD2 to WinMo. Demand for the HD2 is through the roof and it looks like it will be a big seller for HTC.

        Also, what makes you think that HTC would release an Android-based phone without Sense? Their marketing strategy is clearly based around Sense/TouchFlo 3D (on all their phones regardless of platform )and I don’t think many people would claim that it’s been a bad thing for Android.

      2. Android is the future, WinMo is not. line up 100 geeks & ask them if they want an HD2, Android or WinMo based & see the results. WinMo wont get them market share they want anymore, Android will.

        Sense fractures the Android market, even as bland as Androids UI is its 2.0 is still heaps better than Sense & completely unified. plus when Android updates come along you wont have to wait for HTC to update Sense. Windows needed TouchFlo because it was stylus dependent, Android doesnt sense its finger friendly already.

        you must have gotten the silly idea from James that Sense being the “standard” UI across any OS was a good idea. can you imagine what that will do too the mainstream customer when they buy their new phone & dont understand why their programs dont work anymore (because they have the wrong underlying OS).

      3. Whether I think Sense a good or a bad think is irrelevant. The fact is that HTC intend to include it on all their phones.

        Your opinion that Android is “the future” is just that – your opinion. Personally, I’m more than happy to have WinMo on the HD2 as I wouldn’t touch a phone that’s tied so tightly to Google with a barge pole.

      4. “you must have gotten the silly idea from James that Sense being the “standard” UI across any OS was a good idea.”

        Actually, I don’t believe I ever said it was either a good or a bad idea. Just an interesting concept that had never been done before.

      5. @Jake, I would of agreed with you last few months but I must disagree. It’s not an opinion that the “Android is the future”, it’s a general fact. Look at Google, look at their products and services. They have revolutionized all aspects of the web by having only one account. If they are determined like that, I won’t be surprised if they succeeded in the mobile industry. It’s common sense to think Android is the future because not only most of their services are included into the phone (maps, gmail, gtalk, contacts, picasa, etc), the potential for app development and availability is what Microsoft can only DREAM of.

        Another fact is that WinMo phones are now missing from Carriers and extremely low amount of new WinMo phones. Look at Google N1 phones, sold out, the frenzy and the popularity of Android based phones, and the fact that most mobile phone companies are the crap load of Android based phones. Did WinMo phones ever get that hype or popularity in the past 5 years or so? It just seems like it’s dying.

        I was a WinMo fanboi for the longest time until i completely lost hope when it just seemed like MS doesn’t care about their mobile os anymore. Instead we have gps software that cost 30 to 40 dollars that you get free with Android and has fully updated maps. I have a crappy old HTC Touch with Android on it, and it keeps me so busy with the amount of productive, fun and online apps/games, not to mention SMOOTH as hell. I held a Touch Pro 2 and got bored in 30 minutes. It’s depressing. RIP WinMo

  3. HTC HD 2 is the Windows Phone and its perfect and insanely great – 6.5 is amazing – hoping for Zune marketplace download and Windows mobile 7 ungrade – what a phone! cooooooooooool

  4. had a feeling once the reviews started rolling in everybody would see what i saw (after a hands on). Attack of the Show HUGE Android fanboys made comments i completely agree with.

    – too big, boxy, heavy
    – terrible keyboard, keys are flush & squishy
    – useless D-Pad, should have been removed for better keyboard
    – NOOOO multitouch

    i really wish sites like this & a few others would have waited until a hands-on to see how lackluster the design really is on Droid before singing its praises & insulting everything else. i dont really expect objectiveness from bloggers but you guys are hurting your own credibility.

    Android needs HD2 period, nuff said.

  5. Sound like he was bargining. “Want this cool piece of hardware for your OS, how about some tie in with your next OS release?” In fact, I am pretty sure HTC has already secured first seek of MS’s WM7.

    Thankfully 4.3″ capacity screen is not HTC’s f*ing exclusive. Somebody else will do it.

  6. Peter Chou being political again. Remember the stir and follow-ups he caused earlier this year with his statements concerning HTC’s push into China and their relative expectations for Windows Mobile and Android sales?

    If I was a HTC shareholder, I’d be a little bit worried about statements like this, especially since as soon as the HD2 hits, XDA-Developers will do what HTC couldn’t or wouldn’t do. I’d also be a bit concerned that HTC is downplaying Android on it’s flagship hardware in the middle of Google introducing its navigation app, a true game changer if there ever was one and an announcement that’s garnered more buzz than Microsoft has in the last decade.

  7. @H1N1 I’d disagree about the 100 geeks I’d find. They’re not just interested in the device, but the whole infrastrcutre of support, security, applications etc. Currently for the enterprise space Microsoft still have the best vision for management of mobile devices despite Android being sexier. I can’t even use my HTC Hero for work email because it doesn’t support our authentication mechanisms. Look beyond the device, look at the whole instructure set.

  8. Hopefully some other company will fill the void.

    I’d almost (but not quite) kill for a phone with:

    Android 2.0 + BT/USB/Wifi tethering
    4.1″-4.5″ 800×480+ tilt touch screen LCD
    5 row physical qwerty keyboard
    dpad and android buttons on the face
    3.5mm headset
    usb-client for charge/data/tether
    maybe usb-host/otg
    maybe some form of video out (pref. mini DVI-I)
    overall styling similar to the HTC Touch Pro 2

  9. What the…? The HD2 won’t have Android? WINDOWS? Are they INSANE?

  10. Sad to say i have search high and low for a phone the looks and feels better and works better than the Iphone but when i heard about the hd2 i ran to the store with my cash to purchase when i heard that it ran off of windows i felt cheated on. Can i buy the hd2 and just download android. IM not a geek IM a grown man that likes the best and windows is slow and has a bunch of glitches>>>> I Hate windows on a PHONE!!


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