Updated: Italian Politician Goes to the Mattresses Against YouTube Commenters

UPDATED: Salvatore Cuffaro, an former Italian politician who was found to have ties with the Mafia in Italy, is taking legal action against 4,609 YouTube commenters.

This story comes via Techdirt and Boing Boing, and there are some issues with translation, but here are what seem to be the basics: The video (embedded here) is from the early ’90s and features Cuffaro before he was elected president of Sicily in 2001. Stefano Polli, a Boing Boing commenter, provided what he says is a translation of what’s happening in the video:

The man onstage with mustaches on the right is one of our civil heroes, Giovanni Falcone, an anti-mafia judge that paid his commitment dying in the most terrifying of the cosanostra attacks, the Capaci carnage.
The yelling guy is Salvatore Cuffaro 10 years before becoming the president of Sicily. He is complaining about how journalists and some kind of magistrates (referring to Mr. Falcone) are damaging sicilian politic system and the whole Sicily with their “false” accusations, even more than CosaNostra itself.

We’re not sure exactly what legal actions Cuffaro is taking, but on Oct. 22 he “laid charges,” writes Boing Boing. An anti-corruption Italian political party called Italia del Valori has offered to cover the legal defense of any of the commenters that need help.

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