Launches Live Web Show for Fans and Vets today announced a new live web show called The Jump hosted by former Orlando Magic player Dennis Scott and NBA TV host Kyle Montgomery. It will air on Tuesdays throughout the 2009-10 season and include participation from fans including fan-submitted videos. It joins Fantasy Insider along with a variety of video content on the league site, which is powered by Turner.

Dennis_ScottScott, a legendary three-point shooter, has worked in basketball commentary broadcasting since his college days, and he told NewTeeVee he felt there was a need for a show where fans and players could interact with each other. “There are some good conversations in cyberworld, as I call it,” he said. Scott brings along with him an expansive NBA rolodex, and promised that each show would include a segment in which an active or former NBA player calls or Skypes in.

Turner also said Wednesday that three-time NBA Champion and Hall of Famer Kevin McHale would be joining its Fan Night TV program, which will also include fan participation via

Photo courtesy Hoopedia.

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