Update: The video is in, but it doesn’t live up to our expectations. Like something out of a ’50s sci-fi movie (with a little Kubrick thrown in), tomorrow NASA is going to BOMB THE MOON. Nothing more awesome will happen this year, and you can watch […]

Update: The video is in, but it doesn’t live up to our expectations.

Like something out of a ’50s sci-fi movie (with a little Kubrick thrown in), tomorrow NASA is going to BOMB THE MOON. Nothing more awesome will happen this year, and you can watch the whole thing online.

After slingshotting around the Earth, the Centaur rocket will smash into the moon, “transforming 2200 kg of mass and 10 billion joules of kinetic energy into a blinding flash of heat and light. Researchers expect the impact to throw up a plume of debris as high as 10 km,” writes NASA.

Following that will be the LCROSS mothership, which will photograph the collision and fly into the debris, gathering data all the while.

Why are we bombing the moon? Something, something, water, something, organic molecules something, no-good moon men. Okay, NASA didn’t mention moon men, but who cares? We are BOMBING THE MOON. (Reminder: nothing more awesome will happen this year).

So how do you watch us pummel a defenseless moon? You can catch all the action on NASA TV. From the press release:

LCROSS Lunar Impact
7:31 a.m. EDT/4:31 a.m. PDT
Friday Oct. 9

A live NASA TV Broadcast is planned for the LCROSS impacts starting at 6:15 a.m. EDT/3:15 a.m. PDT, Oct. 9, on NASA TV and www.nasa.gov/ntv.

The 1.5 hour broadcast includes:

  • Live footage from spacecraft camera
  • Real-time telemetry based animation
  • Views of LCROSS Mission and Science Operations
  • Broadcast commentary with expert guests
  • Prepared video segments
  • Views of the public impact viewing event at NASA Ames

Possible live footage from the University of Hawaii, 88-inch telescope on Mauna Kea.

The live LCROSS Post-Impact News Conference will be 10 a.m. EDT/7 a.m. PDT on NASA TV and http://www.nasa.gov/ntv.

Elsewhere, the astronomy site, Slooh, which provides access to two honkin’ earth-based telescopes, is dropping its normal fee to allow users to watch the LCROSS impact as well.

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  1. Jennifer laws-mills Thursday, October 8, 2009

    I hope this was cleared by all menstrual women on the planet. If this messes w/ my cycle I will be very upset!!
    Just wondering if any of the scientist were women and gave this a thought.

  2. Why in the WORLD would we ever Bomb the moon with anything? What the hell is wrong with people? The moon is something I should think we really wouldn’t ever want to mess with in case we screwed up. I dunno…call me crazy. I am so not for this at all.

    1. i strongly agreee if the moon gets destroied what what are we going to have jack this mission could posibly the end of our lives what if a chuck fall from the moon and is shooting strait for us god bless you and paray and i hope to see you in the heavens ps.im 11 years old

      1. We can let this happen. The moon is what was always here. It was here before we were. God made everything we have. And we destroy it. NASA is going to kill everything and everyone JUST to see what happens when you explode it….

        God help us all.

        No one asked every person on this planet if we wanted to bomb the MOON…
        Who gave NASA the permission to bomb the moon????????

    2. what did the moon ever do to you? SHINE TO BRIGHT FOR YA

  3. James Kendrick Thursday, October 8, 2009

    Bet we hit that old, tattered Russian flag still sticking up out of the ground.

    1. xD thats a bit funny, but still, why do we need to know if there’s water on the moon anyways?

      1. stupid crazy americans, what is next they will throw bomb on africa to see what is a color of smoke when you destroy africa… fulllllssssss!!!!!!!! crazy idiots!!!!! who geave them a wrigfht!!!

        sory becouse my bad english :)

      2. nice comment we didn’t need to know if water was on the moon any ways. plus their is now water on the moon now there is a big hole in the moon.

      3. good point! Even if there was water on the moon it wouldn’t be no good because there is no oxygen so wats da freakin point of bombing the freakin moon u destroyers of our planets and moon. Back da frick OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Is this bombing the moon story some kind of subversive plug for that MOON film that’s just been released?

    Can’t be far off.. first we bomb it, then we mine it, then we destroy it, then we leave it and find a new moon.


    1. So do you think they are actually at the moon this time or are they FAKING this one too?? Perhaps this is just filmed at area 51 like the other fake moon landings

      1. LOL hahahaha you are right LOL

    2. Told-yah! Hollywood is not in America: it is really America that lives, breathes and have its larger-than-commonsense being in Hollywood!

    3. Actually if we destroy the moon we would all die on earth
      some even believe that bombing it can set it off its natural axis and cause create problems here on earth.

  5. Sure we are screwing up our natural resources. So next we start bombing the universe so we can tap into it and rob it. Don’t we share the moon? I think the money could be spent better by improving our own planet instead of blowing a hole in the moon. We have no idea what this could do.

  6. I can think of no better use of the moon.

  7. Are you freaken kidding me? First we destroy our Earth , now we are going to destroy the moon!!!???? How in the hell are we going to spend billions of dollars to blow up the moon looking for water for astranauts, when we could be feeding and housing starving people of the world or at least our country. I am asshamed to call myself an American if this is the crap that is considered important. W.T.F. Get a clue you freaken grazing sheep of the world.

    The moon is so intricate in the ways of our climate and cycles of weather. Has anyone ever heard of the 2012 end of the world hypothesis? I have laughed at this for years, but with this kind of desicion making I can certainly see a terrible outcome coming to fruition.

    The pursuit of advancement in the last 100 years has done nothing but drive us closer to our own demise. Technology is supposed to be a good thing for the betterment of the human race, but this is the most assinine thing I have ever heard.

    We live in the most wealthy nation in the world and can’t take care of our own people and children due to somebody not making enough money from doing the right thing. Screw money, screw technology, screw the astronaughts. Fix the problems at hand and stop making more. The more advanced we become, the more we regress.

    This is an abomination and people everywhere should be up in arms. But Desperate Housewives is on and McDonald’s has a sale on double cheeseburgers. That’s what matters.

    I AM SICK!!!!!!!

    1. I could not have said it any better than you Chad – evrything you said is exactly what I was thinkling when I read this story!!!

      1. Chad…I couldn’t agree with you more!!! My husband and I JUST had the same conversation! Is the cost 78 million or billion? Doesn’t matter…no real energy policy, no healthcare for all, a dying economy with incresing unemployment, gangs and drugs in our cities everywhere, pollution of our food chain by fat corporations and so on……but we bomb the moon!!! I am in full support of science BUT… van we PLEASE get our own house in order first????!!!!!

    2. Billions of dollars? Try again. This was a shoestring mission from NASA. Perhaps a few ten million dollars. For a federal SPACE project, that’s extremely cheap.

      This is going to have almost NO effect on the moon. Every year the moon is hit by about 50 (on average) natural impactors of the same size or bigger than the impactor we’re sending.

      1. Listen James. Even though this project was cheap for a space mission why would you want to find water on the moon in the first place? What are you going to do next? Who cares if there was life on the moon or not there is no oxygen, no water, NO PROOF. I thought NASA was smart but right now this is just stupid. Life on the moon or not. This won’t help ANYTHING

  8. Who is the nut who came up with this idea – we live in a world of insanity – everywhere people are killing each other – now we have to kill the moon people.

    Did President Obama approve this operation? NASA is part of the US executive office? If he did??????

  9. Wasn’t this an old “Mr. Show” sketch?

  10. well case closed, humans are fucking insane

  11. oh my GOD! we are so STUPID it amazes me. i thought that all those previous manned missions to the moon would have determined if there is water or not AGES ago. or did we just go to ride around in the moon rover and hit golf balls?

    1. while this may not be FATAL to life as we know it (trying to be optimistic for a minute), it certainly suddenly gives PERMISSION for us to start bombing EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE, A SLIPPERY SLOPE TO SAY THE LEAST!

    2. I AGREE THE MONEY WOULD BE BETTER SPENT FIXING OUR WORLD POLLUTION/HUNGER/POLITICAL UNREST. once we clean up our existing mess, then MAYBE we can think about future scientific endeavors, but WHY WOULD WE EVEN WANT TO RISK OUR OWN MOON AT ALL ON any LEVEL even if they say it is safe? Yeah, i’ve heard that all kinds of things were deemed safe until OOOOOPS! we screwed up! for example back in the 50’s cigarette smoking was (supposedly) GOOD for your health and advertised as such. everyone smoked including DOCTORS and smoking was allowed everywhere even in HOSPITALS! then we started DYING of lung cancers etc.
      : DOH!!!!

    3. do WE THE PEOPLE have any say in this matter? why not?
      I do believe it is OUR TAX DOLLARS being spent! I VOTE NO!
      there should be a system in place to tell us well in advance what NASA and others plan to do in the name of science/technology and ALLOW CITIZENS TO VOTE.



    1. actually we went to the moon to determine its distance using retro-reflecting mirror technology, and as a sort of bragging right.

      This is an unmanned mission, and the energy of impact will be small as will the size of the particulate matter. should any of it actually reach earth, it will burn up do to drag in the atmosphere.

      the reason we don’t have a voting system for NASA is because idiots like you who make wild claims without verifying any of it. If we did have a vote, nothing scientific would ever get accomplished because too many people out there are uninformed and very superstitious and refuse to get informed.

      1. julio, i fully understand what is going on and you completely missed my point. name calling is really not part of any intelligent debate.

        must be nice to think you know it all.

        i am entitled to my opinion even if you think i am an idiot. i’d beat your IQ easily but i don’t beat up on others to make myself feel better. another point you missed.

      2. seriously, julio.
        that is exactly my problem with the mission.. “braAgging rights?” the moon , nor any of the planets, are a fraternity party.
        ridiculous mission led by ridiculous, chauvinistic men.

      3. actually, name calling can be very effective in debates, just like it is now. most of you retards commenting here have no idea WTF you’re even talking about, and make me ashamed to be a progressive liberal.

        this event is cool sh*t and makes a lot of sense. I for one am proud to be from a country that’s spearheading further exploration into space. I’m going to guess that the rest of the whiners posting here are distant cousins to Flat Earthers, both soul suckers of humanity.

        So, for the time being, crawl back under your rocks, and quietly celebrate a great human achievement.

      4. Couldn’t agree more Yellowduc.

      5. Blah Bla Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah blah blah blah bla Blah “fart” Balah balAh blah….Bla bla. Blah

    2. Hmmm…popular votes on scientific research. Sounds like the makings of a very scary movie. I’m not sure the average citizen has the knowledge to make much of an informed decision and wouldn’t have any better idea of what is safer. I’m betting everyone would have voted for DDT to prevent disease, and look where that got us. I’ll let those who are scientifically trained do the research. If we don’t like what the government is funding, we vote the policticians out.

  12. you people are complete nutcases, do the physics, a small blast will not destroy the moon, there is no need to worry, it is simple Newtonian Collisions. There is no such thing as a moon person, and a woman’s menstrual cycles have absolutely nothing to do with the moon, it has everything to do with hormones.

    The reason we are looking for water is not to give thirsty astronauts something to drink (could you imagine the nutritional value of moon-water) it is to build a refueling station on the surface of an object with a significantly lower escape speed. This “bombing” is going to be nothing for the moon, it has survived much worse (where do you think the craters came from?) and if we do find water, it will save money in the future. Space exploration, by the way is an important science, as its aim is not only to understand the beginnings of the universe, but also to postulate the end and take good measures to keep the human race going regardless. While we may not be feeding the hungry with that money, it wont matter who is hungry in a few billion years if we haven’t figured this stuff out by then.

    Btw, there is no way to “Bomb” the universe. the universe is really an abstract, it in and of itself is mostly vacuous.

    So please, think and do a bit or research before posting nonsensical hysteria

    1. It’s not the science. It’s the principle….

      It is like all of these years of taxes, gone towards paying to better the world, and resalizing, instead they spent it on themseles ENTIRLEY, and then, just for the icing on the cake, they degrade your daughter on top of it.

    2. all good dude this is probaly as fake as the other bogus moon missions

    3. Ummm FYI Julio have you ever been to the coast ? Well this really strange thing happens at night called high tide, and someone said ohh I dont know maybe a science guy of some sort that it has to do with the moons gravitational pull. Oh and have you ever been to a hospital ? well this really strange thing happens there as well, it all starts on a full moon for some reason there seems to be a huge jump in babies being born…… So walk into a hospital in labor and delivery and ask anyone who works there if this is true !!! Or you could ask me I work in L & D and I dread going in on a full moon cause I know it is going to be very very busy !!!!!! I am not saying that I think shooting a rocket into the moon will do anything, but I am saying the moon has an effect on our planet and I want to see it safe. We put animals on a endangered list and protect our forests cause we have a way about us, we like to mess things up! I just dont see a real point to crashing anything into anything moon or earth we all know that when we do these things there are consiquences. How far will we go till we have gone to far ? Will we make a small human error that has giant consiquences ?

    4. I agree with you julio and appreciate your thought …….
      regardless of responses made by others.
      We should not forget that both science and nature has major role in our lives and neglecting any one could not be fruitful

  13. I can’t believe this is happening. Seems too stupid to me. What if the really mess things up? They can’t fix it. “ummm…ooops. crap.”

  14. Our scientics must be and NASA PERSONNEL MUST BE NUTS((())) why in the world is their a justifyable reason to do this??????? Please Abort this plan before its to late


  16. Lot of heat and concern. What is obvious in all of this is that there are things we still do not know. This should cause all of us to cease being arrogant and be humble.

    1. Intellect is the ability to acquire information and apply it. It often evokes an arrogance good or bad from a user.
      Intelligence is the ability to temper judgment within the intellect. This often requires a level of humility.

      Thanks for that Ronald
      you are an Intelligent man

  17. Are you people out of your minds? The guy who wrote the post made it a ‘bombing’ event as from his words we can see the maxima of ignorance. Funny that he posted the press release where the acronym clearly mentions it as a collision. Besides, what we call as the other side of the moon is something that has survived impacts with asteroids a billion times powerful than a small probe like this. You people get on your toes when you hear kinetic energy and all…. The best articles for you is not here but at imaweener.com ….
    P.S. No offence meant, none shall be taken.

    1. you wana talk about a wiener.
      They use the word “collision.” They “collided” rockets against the moons surface. Who says that??! Collided, They use that word cause it sounds than bombed. Next it will be we tapped it or we gave it a bump. Fact is we Bombed the moon! “colliding” rockets had the same force as 1.5 tons of tnt.

      Keep your head in your thesaurus it has better use there,
      your just part of the mind fuck

  18. Are you out of your mind.What if effecs something.

  19. The moon will be fine.

  20. i really got a bad feeling about this….i hope they considered if this will effect us in the future

  21. Fred from Aberdeen Thursday, October 8, 2009

    We are all going to die !!! Woohoo !!

  22. This is directed at those people who don’t want us to destroy the moon:
    Do you realize how big the moon is? 160,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds!!!! Crashing a rocket into it is not going to effect ANYTHING about the moon’s trajectory or rotation or anything like that. This is NASA we’re talking about here, they know what they’re doing. Quit worrying about it!!!

    1. Its the principle, they already have plans to mine the moon.
      Look how bad we treat our earth, the planet we live on. What do you think they will do to the moon.

      Science use to have principle however it seems most of science sold out to the Big corporations for profit and fame.

  23. And another thing, maybe it was the 10 billion joules thing that scared everybody, so here’s a little something to put it in perspective. A 100 watt lightbulb ran for one hour per day for a month uses 10.8 million joules.

  24. You know what’s even better than exploding a rocket on the moon? Reading all these hilarious comments: “OMG THEY ARE GOING TO BLOW UP THE EFFING MOON I MEAN WTFFFFF BY THE WAY I AM SIX”

    Not even with all the nuclear weapons on the planet could we destroy the moon. It’s THE MOON for crying out loud.

    1. I’m not even born yet and i can tell your an idiot.

  25. You are right, I’m 12 years old and I know that the moon is way way too big to damage and destroy. You adults are crazy, and insane get real. The only way to do anything to the moon would have to include a nuclear bomb, and that would take about 50 of those. So come on wake up America.

    Hesperia, CA. USA

  26. It sad when a 12 year old knows more than the adults. There are so many uninformed people out their in this world. Question?? Do you guys still think the Earth is flat?????

    1. i’m 1278723245.215 years old and same goes for you

  27. It is to cover up that we never actually landed on the dam thing!!! hahaha

  28. Listen we all going to die because remember the ufos are from moon also the moon has a face. just take a good look at the moon the moon is evil the ufos an the people are hideing something in the moon

  29. some (most) of you people have no sense of humor – or irony. I’m sure I’m not the first to point this out to you either.

    I for one hope they painted “Moon or Bust” on the side of the rocket.

    1. ha ha ha ha your funny “Moon or Bust” lol haha he made a funny people he he ha Moon , Bust lmao


  30. Actually, yes, I really DO want to watch as NASA bomb the moon and I hope its clear..

  31. the world really is coming to an end

  32. You people are paranoid idiots. It’s two-ton kinetic projectile, not a “bomb”. Have any of you ever LOOKED at the moon? See all those “holes” on it – those are called craters and they were created by impacts that were MUCH larger than the probe being dropped. Last time I checked the moon was doing alright and so was the earth.

    1. i bet you went around saying news bites like “Axis of Evil” and “Shock and Awe” “Weapons of Mass Destruction” “Smoking is Good For You”

      How about this one “It’s not a Bomb its a two-ton Kinetic Projectile”
      If only i had known sooner! I want a two-ton Kinetic projectile for Christmas it sounds soooo fun :)

  33. I just want to thank everyone that has posted a comment today on this “whatever” is happening to the moon scenerio..I just remember Tom Hanks looking through the window and saying how beautiful the moon looks, and it may not be menstral related but it sure radiates female essence to me..thanks for a good Friday laugh ya all, the best to you and to my eternal friend the moon!

  34. It strikes me that certain people WANT the world to end just so they don’t have to deal with their own problems (that only THEY can sort out) – as previous posters have stated, the moon is covered in craters caused by impacts from much bigger, denser objects (the solar system used to be a far unfriendlier place than it is now – there were rocks flying everywhere) & the moon didn’t crash into the earth or wander off then – there weren’t even any explosives aboard the “missile” – it relied on kinetic energy (ie/ it’s own velocity) alone to make the impact. It’s not going to do any harm whatsoever & it’s all in the name of progress – and if it weren’t for progress we’d have none of the mod cons we sadly take so much for for granted today – we’d still be in mud huts believing that the Earth was flat & that waving wild berries gathered by moonlight over someone’s head could cure the bubonic plague. Grow up, people.

    1. Did you know that the gravitational fields around planets such as Venice take huge meteors off the sure collision path with earth.
      maybe we should clean our own water with the use of our science and leave outer space alone it has its own agenda and does quite fine without our 2 cents.

  35. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1703102973706919018#

    If you watch this video, maybe it will give you more insight why they are so interested in decrecrating the moon!

    Whatever you do, it will come back to you!

  36. Yes, I agree with Jacob. As much as the moon is loved by everyone here on earth..if this were not us today trying to “reach out and touch someone” it would be others from our planet. I’m thinking that NASA people have gentle hands, perhaps more than others would? And, facing facts, this just may be the beginning…who and what will be next?

    1. I agree i was Shocked to hear NASA did this
      So i came here to express my shock and disgust. Shame on them!

  37. You know this is a waste of money they are going to bomb the moon and waste money when people in the military are having a heck of a time trying to do there job because there is no money for them to do it and why because the government is wasting there time spending money on send bombs to the moon witch is a big waste of money i know some people in the military who could us 79 million dollars to do there job which would you prefer to know if theres water on the moon or know that that money was spent on airplanes and equipment to keep this country safe um… i know which one i would choose im tired of this crap and now obama wins the nobel peice price what a joke

  38. ok, ok, just reflecting on the Kennedy family, remember them? A very large part of their popularity existed in people’s dreams..they somehow managed to manufacture dreams and the american people lived and breathed those dreams for some time..moon, dreams..is it starting to make sense..we need dreams to survive..water, survival? the whole planet is at war..we are want to survive..this collision with the moon is a symbol, but a symbol that has also a cause..thus, it is not a wasted event..it just is, like us..I’m signing out..
    have a good weekend.

    1. yes and we should cut down every tree and destroy every lake because we need it to survive! Brilliant!

  39. LCROSS my ass, the Americans think they control the moon! They had enough bombs thrown on Iraq, Afghanistan and many areas too. What else left, American are getting greedy, they control more than 80% of the earth resources and here we go, they want to control the moon too, or they dropped a secret bomb. I urge America to play low and do not play ‘God’ because only one earthquake or volcano or something from God will destroy America within 5 minutes.

  40. Sometimes in the next 100 years about half the world population has to die because there is not enough resources, mostly energy, to keep things going the way they are.

    We NEED to find a way out. The moon has Helium 3 which is an isotope that can be used for a form of cold fusion. A steady source of Helium 3 would END (or postpone for many hundreds of years) the catastrophe that our children are about to endure because it is such a rich and clean source of energy.

    But before we can start mining the moon for He3 we need to determine a strategy for having bases there, and finding out if there is water is crucial for this to happen.

    But after watching the comments posted here I wonder if it is worth saving all these people.

    Oh by the way, nothing happened to the moon.


    1. why would it, it is probably another faked hoax

    2. Sometime in the next 100 years we will be a 100 years into the future. We need to destroy the moon because we destroy the earth.
      There is potential that money can be derived from different aspects of the moon as well Hallo 3 is a very popular video game. We also need Ice’n’floats so we can have cold beer and the kids can have tasty icecream floats while we play halo 3.

      If we bomb the moon, shake it and squeeze it we should get juice out of it and that damn penny that just wont fall. This will do nothing for the troubles of the earth, however it will make the richest of the rich a little bit richer. And if nothing else that at least sounds cool “Richest of the rich a little bit richer.” Rolls of the tounge so nice

      If the entire planet played Halo 3 everything would be fine.
      But before we play Halo 3 we have to have a plan as to who will play halo 3.

      and after looking at how much ice cream we have for floats and the fact the people here didn’t say i’d like a float pretty please well i think its pointless and they can all die

      I will survive though because i have secret super powers that ill be revealed making me indestructible. And although there is no such thing as god i will become as powerful as if there was.

      Life is good:)

      1. oh by the way???????

    3. i have to reply to you again
      Helium 3 wont solve the earths problems for hundreds of years to come. Are you crazy or something? Whats your purpose and point? “Do whatever to the moon! Helium 3 save the earth!
      I really hope you don’t believe that its like saying find the secret of caramilk and world peace will form.
      The way to save our children is to stop the Mega Business, corporate way of doing things and take care of food supplies, drinking water, air etc. This saves the world not Helium 3 while we mine the moon.
      Science is needed to help but not your science.
      check yourself friend

  41. David Hiskiyahu Friday, October 9, 2009

    I guess we will get a Nobel Prize for Peace for the act of bombing the moon.

    At least, I hope that we found the hideout of Al Qaeda there.
    I was told that there are no more terrorist left alive on the moon after that rocket.

    A good shot!

  42. BEWARE.. of moon water.
    that would lead to a catastrophic destruction of our moon.
    we would end up consuming great part of the satellites’ mass
    and forcefully cause a non reversal path of destruction and perhaps,
    if we’re still here, considerably degrade much of our harvesting here on earth.

    1. BEWARE OF MOON FARTS TOOO!!!! They stink much more and get trapped in your space suit.

  43. NASA QUOTE: “….”We didn’t see a big splashy plume like we wanted to see….” UN-QUOTE.

    Are these NASA nuts freaks as well? What next can we expect from them?!!?

    1. Nuking the mineral-rich African Continent, then saying: “Gee! We didn’t see the huge glittery cloud of diamonds, gold and oil like we were really, really hoping to see!”

    2. Swallowing the global-stock of VIAGRA, then saying: “Awww…We didn’t see The Father of all Phalluses surge up and slap us on the forehead (…hopefully knocking-in some COMMON SENSE???….) like we really, really hoped it would!’

    This project screams, not just bespeaks WISH-BONE THINKING of the egregiously stupid variety.

    1. couldn’t have said it better myself

      get em tiger!

  44. David Hiskiyahu Friday, October 9, 2009

    If they find no water on the Moon, no big deal.

    With all the global warming going on on the earth, we will soon see a surplus of water on the Earth.

    Then we will export some of the surplus water to the moon.
    If there is still any spare water left, we might remember to send some to Africa and to the Middle East, they also need water.

  45. NASA Bombing of the Moon: is nowhere safe from American Attack-positioned-as-Advancement?

    NASA SPACE-BRAIN QUOTE: “….”We didn’t see a big splashy plume like we wanted to see….” UN-QUOTE.

    So: are these NASA nuts freaks as well? What next can we expect from them?!!?

    1. Nuking the mineral-rich African Continent, then saying: “Gee! We didn’t see the huge glittery cloud of diamonds, gold and oil like we were really, really hoping to see!”

    2. Swallowing the global-stock of VIAGRA, then saying: “Awww…We didn’t see The Father of all Phalluses surge up and slap us on the forehead (…hopefully knocking-in some COMMON SENSE???….) like we really, really hoped it would!’

    This project screams, not just bespeaks WISH-BONE THINKING of the egregiously stupid variety.

  46. Who gives a crap if it won’t hurt the moon, something could happen, the moon is barely holding together as it is! On top of that it’s barely holding itself within our gravity!

  47. Will you clowns STOP saying we’re “bombing” the Moon? Geez…get an education. If you want the facts, go to nasa.gov, not the sensationalist news and blogs.

    No explosives or even nuclear material was used. All NASA did was send a small section of an Atlas Centaur rocket, which had already expended all of its propulsion fuel, toward the Moon with scientific instruments aboard. This whole package, a little bit bigger than a school bus, was nothing more than an inert chunk of metal and electronics, was just sent to SLAM into the Moon’s surface using good old momentum and gravity. That’s it. It’s no different than the Navies of the world and other shipping services sinking their decommissioned ships to the surface of the ocean, only THAT process is really slow. At most, we’ve left a little crater and some debris on the Moon. I watched this impact through my 16″ telescope this morning and, in the context of the entire Moon, this was nothing. The Moon, as small as it may be compared to the Earth, is still a very big place. What happened there probably could have been contained within a football stadium.

    Because the gravity on the Moon is far less than the gravity on the Earth, the material kicked up deep from under the surface splayed way up above the surface long enough for a second, smaller, device with scientific instruments to fly through that ejecta and gather data before it too slammed into the Moon. This is FAR more material to study from than all of the world’s Moon missions gathered combined. AND..it’s also the cheapest, safest (for humans) and most effective way for NASA to collect data of the surface composition to determine if there really is water ice on the Moon. If there is, that means a lot for future of space exploration. Think: water for a variety of purposes plus hydrogen for future space propulsion systems. Imagine: a base on the Moon from which future explorations to Mars, etc. can be made.

    You want sensational stories about something getting blown up? Go see the IRAQ WAR, which has cost this country nearly a TRILLION dollars since it started and hasn’t helped Americans at home one iota (other than the warm fuzzy feeling that Saddam Hussein will never again hurt or bully anyone).

  48. we understand that mr. donuts.
    we’re talking about playing with the structural well being of the satellite. reading comprehension 101.

  49. Robin Rutherford Friday, October 9, 2009

    I’m sooo upset about us shooting the moon! Its bad enuf to bomb countries…. but the moon???? We’ve already messed up our own planet. Now we are bombing an innocent planet. If there is life out there they are really gonna be pissed. What did the Moon do to us or anyone!!!! That was such a waste of money that should be used to help our economy, homeless, service animals for the disabled and returning vets. We don’t need to mess up another planet. We need to take care of our own.

  50. yeap… yeap… yeap… now we’re talking.

  51. The moon gets struck by meteors every week.
    Stop freaking out,
    1- This wont affect the moon in any way.
    3- They are funded no matter what, there job is to increase space exploration,
    Not help a dog out of a tree.
    4- You people are such idiots its not even funny.
    Learn before you talk about how stupid America is,
    When you are just making it look worse.

  52. you are te frikin idiot my friend…
    we’re talking about the water consumption of the satellite you dum low reading comprehension-less dude.
    get a life.!

  53. To Robin Rutherford:

    1) The Moon is NOT “another planet”. It’s a lifeless rock that orbits around a PLANET (Earth), therefore, it’s a MOON. Where do you think it got its name from? Don’t believe me? Go back to grade school and learn your planets. There are 8: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (in that order, from the Sun going outwards away from it). Pluto unfortunately was de-classified from “planet” status to “dwarf planet” status a little while ago. Does that list include “Moon”?

    However “Innocent”…I’ll give you that. The Moon didn’t do anything to us. Except cause tidal forces on our oceans and atmosphere, etc.

    2) We’re NOT “bombing” it. Geez. Read my earlier post. It’s a big one. A couple of posts before yours. NO explosives were used. It was a scientific experiment. The closest approximation is taking a baseball and throwing it downward as hard as you can onto the dirt. The result is a little crater and lots of dirt flying up into the air. That’s the result NASA was after.

    3) The money used to for this project actually helped fund jobs and services, pay for materials, bought stuff, etc. HERE IN THE U.S. Again, read my earlier post. The entire budget for NASA is less than 1% of all federal expenditures. Want to cry about money being wasted? Try the VAST amount of money being thrown into Iraq for the debacle that George Bush created. NONE of that money is helping anyone here in the U.S. It’s being used to “rebuild” a country Mr. Bush decided to destroy.

    4) We’ve reaped a LOT of benefits from the space program over the years. Many of the great inventions that we take for granted every day came from NASA’s endeavors. This experiment, if it confirms water ice IS on the Moon, will be VERY significant in a number of ways.

    So, stop being Chicken Little and start educating yourself before you fly off the handle and cry “the sky is falling.”


      1. That don’t give a shit about us.
        Scientific fact.

    2. what are you talking about they crashed rockets into the moon at the rate of twice the speed of a bullet causing”

      “Friday’s crash took place in two stages. First, a rocket weighing 2.2 tons collided with the moon at 9,000 kilometers per hour (5,600 miles per hour)”

      here is a link http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,4778609,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf%2C00.html%3Fmaca%3Den-rss-en-all-1573-rdf&btnG=Google+Search&meta=&aq=f&oq=&fp=3297ab6c55cbe21d

      was the same as 1.5 tonns of tnt

      try learning a thing or two yourself instead of being a mouth for mind fuck america.

      You the MAN bro!

      1. Oh yeah that was “To MC”

        btw the moon isn’t a dead rock

        Your a waste of space going on like that bro, you don’t even know who your backing

  54. Why are we up there wasting money doing such as that. No one can never live up there. So why waste the tax payers money. The money can be better used else where. Stop It!

  55. Everyone.. our moon is okay. God witnessed it and told me it’s okay. His big brother is away anyways…. good luck to us then.. ouch.

  56. Carole Clarke Friday, October 9, 2009

    Whoever put together the TV hype for this experiment should be fired! If you are going to do something this monumental, we ought to at least get our moneys worth onscreen. If there was a “plume” it may have been inside the shadows of a huge crater, not visible to those of us who got up at the crack of dawn to see the impact. I hope the scientists at the JPL in Pasadena are happy because to the rest of us it was a great big fat DUD. Those who believe we never got to the moon and concocted it all on a Hollywood soundstage will have a field day.
    What I want to see is a shot that delivers an American flag to the moon One made of extremely lightweight filament that will pack into a relatively small area to be carried aloft. Unroll that puppy on the surface of the moon where the whole damn earth can see it and let them stare at it for the rest of time.

  57. William M. Amsden Saturday, October 10, 2009

    We need to bomb the Moon. And exploit it. That is what men do. We exploit women. We exploit children. We exploit animals. We exploit situations. We exploit men. We exploit ourselves. Naturally we need to exploit the moon. It is our right. It is our duty. It is our destiny.

  58. How about moon god believers!
    Plz don’t hurt there religious sentiment of 1.5 billion people,
    I guess you people know very well whom I am talking about?

    1. you’re right..
      but there is no need to mix things.
      we are not talking about religion.
      keep on track.
      its about consuming the water of the moon.

  59. I was just told about the bombing of the moon today. (I’ve been hibernating at work). I couldn’t believe it. What’s wrong with the picture. Don’t they teach in class the the moon has something to the with the tides? So with the recent events with the weather now days. Why mess with it? See what happens when their is too many smart people? Cuz no dummy could come up with this crap!

  60. you are wright meowz

  61. Washington DC– The Moon will bomb the Earth on Friday. Targets include the Atlantic Ocean, California, and Illinois. The moon creatures are doing this purely for scientific research. They want to see if their is any moon dust on the Earth, among other things. Only one-quarter of the planet will be affected.

    The moon creatures first plan to launch a 10-mile wide asteroid into the Atlantic. They are curious to see how high the resulting tsunami will be and how far inland the wave will go. The moon creatures are avid movie fans, and hope to see if they can duplicate the tsunami featured in ‘Deep Impact.’

    Next, the moon scientists will fire a photon bomb right into the San Andreas Fault in California. They are hoping to cause a 15.0 magnitude earthquake throughout the entire Pacific Rim. The results of this experiment should give some clues to the Moon’s origin. Unfortunately, a few billion people will be killed. Science must advance, despite the cost.

    Finally, the moon scientists will launch a 500-megaton neutrino bomb at the city of Chicago. The resulting dust cloud will determine if any moon dust has ever settled on the Earth’s surface.

    It is unknown how the new information could be useful, but it will at least give the moon creatures great photos!

  62. What will America not bomb?

  63. After reading this thread, I just became a proponent of more funding for science in schools. A relevant quote comes to mind: “God must have loved the common people because he made so many of them.” How many of you people actually believe the moon could be hurt? Does it have feelings? Have we irreparably damaged its self-esteem?

    The moon is fine.

    1. Oh really my friend. Just as the earth is fine i suppose?
      “Arrogance and elitism is often a sign of stupidity.”
      A quote i just made up for you. Hope you see its relevance.

  64. Shame on you nasa. Why should you bomb the moon? You want to destroy something that`s so beautiful. The moon is for all of us, so who gave you the permission to bomb it? We have destroyed our earth so now we can destroy another planet.You want to see if their is water on the moon?You could have given that money to India to protect itself from future floods. I hear so many Americans do not have health care but oh holy me you have all that money to bomb the moon, that, maybe it can not defend itself. Shame!

    1. Yes Elizabeth it is Shameful!
      unfortunately India was involved in it with the USA
      Shame on both of you! The moon is beautiful and how dare they do what they did.

  65. Persie Numtuals Sunday, October 11, 2009

    I think it’s wrong for America to export its warmongering potentials. Instead of bombing planets such as the moon, we should be working on harvesting useable energy sources, such as lunar power, which, unlike solar power, has the ability to power our planet at night. Down with your hate NASA.

  66. Hey lets think about this for a sec…..I mean we have had so many movies to do with great Cataclysm and the “Almost end of civilization”
    Is it not time to stop living in Hollywood and have our own
    REAL, True To Life Global calamity!
    And not like the kind that hit Singapore a couple years back that’s really small potato’s compared to what could be in store for us. Yes the movie 2012 is coming up, but what if we could beat it to the punch!!! Eat your heart out Hollywood, Reality Wins!!
    Even better yet, If we could all be watching the movie 2012 while it actually happened!!
    Wouldn’t that just be the best movie ever?!!
    Oh i hope they make it in 3D!!!!

  67. Where to Watch the Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch Online Monday, November 16, 2009

    [...] NASA’s live footage of bombing the moon last month wasn’t quite as dramatic as we might have hoped/feared, it did [...]

  68. Meh NASA shame on you Im actaully ashamed to be apart of a human race now what such idiotic people could do this you dont know what you could be bombing you could be affecting Ets and you just dont care! you have lied to us though for thousands of years why should any one even believe you actually went to the moon again didnt you get told to stay off there moon once before! take a hint mates leave them alone If I were an Et on the Moon id come down to earth and shoot all you Mofos…you make me sick till i vomit!

  69. Some people here are just retarded. We didn’t bomb the moon to find water for thirsty astronaughts. A lot of you are saying this is bad for the moon. This has little to no damage to the moon. The moon has survived thousands-if not MILLIONS of meteors impacting on its surface some of them were even bigger than the “bomb” we are sending. The reasons we are bombing the moon in the first place is so we can find water. Not only can we learn more about the beggining of the universe, but we can sell the moon-water and make more money. Imagine the price moon-water would be. Some people need to get a decent education before they type stupid things about a subject they dont even know about. Stop acting like hippies and go study.

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