Update: The video is in, but it doesn’t live up to our expectations. Like something out of a ’50s sci-fi movie (with a little Kubrick thrown in), tomorrow NASA is going to BOMB THE MOON. Nothing more awesome will happen this year, and you can watch […]

Update: The video is in, but it doesn’t live up to our expectations.

Like something out of a ’50s sci-fi movie (with a little Kubrick thrown in), tomorrow NASA is going to BOMB THE MOON. Nothing more awesome will happen this year, and you can watch the whole thing online.

After slingshotting around the Earth, the Centaur rocket will smash into the moon, “transforming 2200 kg of mass and 10 billion joules of kinetic energy into a blinding flash of heat and light. Researchers expect the impact to throw up a plume of debris as high as 10 km,” writes NASA.

Following that will be the LCROSS mothership, which will photograph the collision and fly into the debris, gathering data all the while.

Why are we bombing the moon? Something, something, water, something, organic molecules something, no-good moon men. Okay, NASA didn’t mention moon men, but who cares? We are BOMBING THE MOON. (Reminder: nothing more awesome will happen this year).

So how do you watch us pummel a defenseless moon? You can catch all the action on NASA TV. From the press release:

LCROSS Lunar Impact
7:31 a.m. EDT/4:31 a.m. PDT
Friday Oct. 9

A live NASA TV Broadcast is planned for the LCROSS impacts starting at 6:15 a.m. EDT/3:15 a.m. PDT, Oct. 9, on NASA TV and www.nasa.gov/ntv.

The 1.5 hour broadcast includes:

  • Live footage from spacecraft camera
  • Real-time telemetry based animation
  • Views of LCROSS Mission and Science Operations
  • Broadcast commentary with expert guests
  • Prepared video segments
  • Views of the public impact viewing event at NASA Ames

Possible live footage from the University of Hawaii, 88-inch telescope on Mauna Kea.

The live LCROSS Post-Impact News Conference will be 10 a.m. EDT/7 a.m. PDT on NASA TV and http://www.nasa.gov/ntv.

Elsewhere, the astronomy site, Slooh, which provides access to two honkin’ earth-based telescopes, is dropping its normal fee to allow users to watch the LCROSS impact as well.

  1. Jennifer laws-mills Thursday, October 8, 2009

    I hope this was cleared by all menstrual women on the planet. If this messes w/ my cycle I will be very upset!!
    Just wondering if any of the scientist were women and gave this a thought.

  2. Why in the WORLD would we ever Bomb the moon with anything? What the hell is wrong with people? The moon is something I should think we really wouldn’t ever want to mess with in case we screwed up. I dunno…call me crazy. I am so not for this at all.

    1. i strongly agreee if the moon gets destroied what what are we going to have jack this mission could posibly the end of our lives what if a chuck fall from the moon and is shooting strait for us god bless you and paray and i hope to see you in the heavens ps.im 11 years old

      1. We can let this happen. The moon is what was always here. It was here before we were. God made everything we have. And we destroy it. NASA is going to kill everything and everyone JUST to see what happens when you explode it….

        God help us all.

        No one asked every person on this planet if we wanted to bomb the MOON…
        Who gave NASA the permission to bomb the moon????????

    2. what did the moon ever do to you? SHINE TO BRIGHT FOR YA

  3. Bet we hit that old, tattered Russian flag still sticking up out of the ground.

    1. xD thats a bit funny, but still, why do we need to know if there’s water on the moon anyways?

      1. stupid crazy americans, what is next they will throw bomb on africa to see what is a color of smoke when you destroy africa… fulllllssssss!!!!!!!! crazy idiots!!!!! who geave them a wrigfht!!!

        sory becouse my bad english :)

      2. nice comment we didn’t need to know if water was on the moon any ways. plus their is now water on the moon now there is a big hole in the moon.

      3. good point! Even if there was water on the moon it wouldn’t be no good because there is no oxygen so wats da freakin point of bombing the freakin moon u destroyers of our planets and moon. Back da frick OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Is this bombing the moon story some kind of subversive plug for that MOON film that’s just been released?

    Can’t be far off.. first we bomb it, then we mine it, then we destroy it, then we leave it and find a new moon.


    1. So do you think they are actually at the moon this time or are they FAKING this one too?? Perhaps this is just filmed at area 51 like the other fake moon landings

      1. LOL hahahaha you are right LOL

    2. Told-yah! Hollywood is not in America: it is really America that lives, breathes and have its larger-than-commonsense being in Hollywood!

    3. Actually if we destroy the moon we would all die on earth
      some even believe that bombing it can set it off its natural axis and cause create problems here on earth.

  5. Sure we are screwing up our natural resources. So next we start bombing the universe so we can tap into it and rob it. Don’t we share the moon? I think the money could be spent better by improving our own planet instead of blowing a hole in the moon. We have no idea what this could do.

  6. I can think of no better use of the moon.

  7. Are you freaken kidding me? First we destroy our Earth , now we are going to destroy the moon!!!???? How in the hell are we going to spend billions of dollars to blow up the moon looking for water for astranauts, when we could be feeding and housing starving people of the world or at least our country. I am asshamed to call myself an American if this is the crap that is considered important. W.T.F. Get a clue you freaken grazing sheep of the world.

    The moon is so intricate in the ways of our climate and cycles of weather. Has anyone ever heard of the 2012 end of the world hypothesis? I have laughed at this for years, but with this kind of desicion making I can certainly see a terrible outcome coming to fruition.

    The pursuit of advancement in the last 100 years has done nothing but drive us closer to our own demise. Technology is supposed to be a good thing for the betterment of the human race, but this is the most assinine thing I have ever heard.

    We live in the most wealthy nation in the world and can’t take care of our own people and children due to somebody not making enough money from doing the right thing. Screw money, screw technology, screw the astronaughts. Fix the problems at hand and stop making more. The more advanced we become, the more we regress.

    This is an abomination and people everywhere should be up in arms. But Desperate Housewives is on and McDonald’s has a sale on double cheeseburgers. That’s what matters.

    I AM SICK!!!!!!!

    1. I could not have said it any better than you Chad – evrything you said is exactly what I was thinkling when I read this story!!!

      1. Chad…I couldn’t agree with you more!!! My husband and I JUST had the same conversation! Is the cost 78 million or billion? Doesn’t matter…no real energy policy, no healthcare for all, a dying economy with incresing unemployment, gangs and drugs in our cities everywhere, pollution of our food chain by fat corporations and so on……but we bomb the moon!!! I am in full support of science BUT… van we PLEASE get our own house in order first????!!!!!

    2. Billions of dollars? Try again. This was a shoestring mission from NASA. Perhaps a few ten million dollars. For a federal SPACE project, that’s extremely cheap.

      This is going to have almost NO effect on the moon. Every year the moon is hit by about 50 (on average) natural impactors of the same size or bigger than the impactor we’re sending.

      1. Listen James. Even though this project was cheap for a space mission why would you want to find water on the moon in the first place? What are you going to do next? Who cares if there was life on the moon or not there is no oxygen, no water, NO PROOF. I thought NASA was smart but right now this is just stupid. Life on the moon or not. This won’t help ANYTHING

  8. Who is the nut who came up with this idea – we live in a world of insanity – everywhere people are killing each other – now we have to kill the moon people.

    Did President Obama approve this operation? NASA is part of the US executive office? If he did??????

  9. Wasn’t this an old “Mr. Show” sketch?

  10. well case closed, humans are fucking insane


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