That blazing-fast HTC Leo running the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor is confirmed to be heading to these shores in the first quarter of next year. The HD2, as it will be called, is the Windows Mobile 6.5 phone that burned through all the benchmarks in record […]

Image courtesy SlashGear

Image courtesy SlashGear

That blazing-fast HTC Leo running the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor is confirmed to be heading to these shores in the first quarter of next year. The HD2, as it will be called, is the Windows Mobile 6.5 phone that burned through all the benchmarks in record time due to that fast processor. It also has a sweet 4.3-inch screen, the better to display those fast graphics.

Interestingly, even though HTC has the TouchFLO 3D interface on Windows Mobile, and the Sense interface on Android, the company claims that the Leo is running the Sense interface. Check out the video of the HD2 our friends at SlashGear grabbed. It’s ironic that the new WM browser is one of the high points of the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade, but HTC is going with Opera Mobile. That would be because Opera is a much better browser.

  1. Isn’t the HTC Leo the VZW Imagio? It’s available on VZW.com today.

  2. Nope. The Imagio has a processor half the speed. The LEO (HD2) has a screen size of 4.3″ vs the imagio size of 3.6″. Ram on the imagio is 256mb vs 320mb on the HD2. The ROM of 512MB is really the only thing that is the same on both units. The imagio processor is 528mhz vs 1ghz on the HD2. They also have sd ports with SDHC support (up to 32 gb last I checked). The HD2 also has an LED flash, the imagio does not.

    So the HD2 is really worth the wait. As far as a front facing cam it appears both have a “secondary cam” with 0.3 mp. I’m not really sure what that means. Here are the full specs.





    Wait for the leo bro. Its gonna be the first phone I drop kick my iphone for. Especially since windows mobile 7.0 will come out shortly after the Leo’s release. Also….think about the possibility of FLASH video. No more annoying “play arrow” on most sites when using the iphone (no flash compatibility for the iphone in site for the near future according to adobe’s most recent press release)

    This phone (if it does have a front facing camera) would be capable of video teleconference as well !!!!


    LEO/HD2 pusher!!!!

    1. The front-facing camera is for video calls – though hardly anyone ever makes them. You can also use it for taking MySpace-style photos of yourself, which is obviously far more fun :)

      The HD2 is awesome, I only had a short time playing with it yesterday but Peter Chou wasn’t joking when he said HTC intended it to bring the excitement back to Windows Mobile. 6.5 is a dirge, but Sense on the HD2 all but smothers it.

  3. It’s certainly the finest Windows Mobile phone ever made. Fortunately the advantages it offers over the original HD are incremental so I don’t have to run out and buy it immediately (quicker, larger, cooler).

    And this is also the death knell for inking on Windows Mobile; capacitative screens are great for touch but bye bye stylus.

  4. i don’t get it?


    it says: WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Wi-Fi router ?? does that mean it can be used like the MiFi ruter, transfers and make wifi network from 3G ?

    1. Pretty much, yes. The HD2 comes with an app that allows you to share its 3G connection via WiFi; however Peter Chou couldn’t tell me whether it was able to share with just one WiFi client or with multiple. If the former then it’s not quite on a par with the MiFi, which can share with up to 5.

      To be fair, the HD2 won’t be the first smartphone coming with this sort of app preloaded. Various WinMo 6.1 devices (and other platforms) already available have a similar feature, it’s just that HTC are really promoting it on the HD2.

  5. I’m using iPhone for a year.
    Had many Windows Mobile phones in the past (Touch Pro 1, Touch Pro 2, Samsung Omnia 1, and more).
    Recently I had a chance to play with the HD 2 for an entire evening.

    Bottom line – iPhone beats every windows mobile phone except for this one.
    Why you ask?
    Because the HD2 has better camera, better screen display, and also has a capacitive screen.
    You can read more about my experience with it in here:

    But… (and there is a but):
    The only problem is that below the nice fancy UI there is still the old Windows Mobile stuff so if you are not used to it or not willing to get a little bit “dirty” with hacks and tweaks – stick with the iPhone.
    Other than that – HD2 is one of the finest phones I’ve ever tried.

    1. I wouldn’t go that far and say that the iphone is better than the htc hd2 or the htc imagio because the iphone has a capacitive screen.Windows mobile is very good, and if you really no what your doing you can really hook your phones up. Can’t do that with the iphone. imagio, touch pro 2, or hd2 you cannot go wrong.and the resistant touch screen on the imagio and tp2 is great!

  6. Im really really curious, umm is the htc hd2 only going to come out in t-mobile? or is just gunna be coming for other brands?

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