Quick — what’s invisible, weighs 79 MB and just magically appeared? If you said a small, virtual elephant, you’d be close. But if you guessed webOS v1.2.0 for the Palm Pre, you’d be even closer! I’m pulling down the update as we speak, but since I […]

updates_2009-28-09_173837Quick — what’s invisible, weighs 79 MB and just magically appeared? If you said a small, virtual elephant, you’d be close. But if you guessed webOS v1.2.0 for the Palm Pre, you’d be even closer! I’m pulling down the update as we speak, but since I can’t wait — nor do I expect you to — here are some highlights from the official Palm support page with release notes:

  • Music from Amazon’s MP3 store can now be purchased over 3G.
  • The App Catalog is nearly ready to roll, so you can enter credit card info for purchases. You can also Share app information via email or text message with one button.
  • Web bookmarks are part of the backup functionality.
  • Contact transfer via Bluetooth now supports Toyota and Lexus car kits. No luck for my AMC Pacer project.
  • Several calendar enhancements including tapping a phone number to dial if present in the event, choosing calendar colors.
  • Contacts can be sent as vCards in email or MMS.
  • LinkedIn is now supported by Synergy.
  • Several email enhancements such as saving email images, meeting invitation responses are correctly sent and support for paragraph text selection.
  • Podcasts resume where last left off in the media app.
  • Data services can be toggled on or off to help with battery life.
  • Web enhancements include downloading from web pages, cut / copy / paste, tapping on text fields zoom in.

There’s plenty more in the official list and I suspect even more in the actual update, but my installation is nearly done, so I’m going to play with webOS 1.2.0 now. From the sounds of things, much of what we expected is in the update. What else is there that isn’t documented, I wonder?

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  1. Curious if anyone else notices that cards are flying around and opening up much faster and more fluidly than before. Maybe I’ve got the rose-colored glasses on?

    1. Yeah everything is much faster, so is the drain on my battery. My battery went from fully charged to 80% after a few minutes. I also noticed from the web browser with some images after holding the orange button and tapping the picture, sometimes you get more options:

      Open new card
      Share link (to picture)
      Copy URL (of picture)
      and the other two I mentioned in my previous post, Share image and Copy to photos.

    2. This is insane, it’s been 45 minutes since I’ve upgraded, I haven’t been doing anything but checking what’s new. My battery is down to 57%!!!

  2. You can save an image from a web page as well, hold down the orange key an tap on the picture. You get options to save it to the Pre or send it from the web page via email.

  3. “Unable to connect.” Argh.

    1. What did you do to get rid of the unable to connect message? Mine’s been saying that for more than an hour and a half

  4. Agreed…card open and close quite a bit faster. The phone app is much improved and more responsive. Calendar is much quicker when switching days and views. One of the best improvements is to “Copy and Paste”…which is no longer a misnomer.

  5. Informed,

    No battery drain issues here. I have been upgraded on 1.2 for about 2 hours (bluetooth on, wifi off). I have probably played around with the phone for 20-30 minutes of that time and my battery is only down to 94%.

  6. Finally got it. :)

  7. Am I the only one who thinks adding LinkedIn to Synergy is a *major* deal, even bigger than Facebook or Gmail was?

    1. The only problem is that even with the on-application LinkedIn application, you can’t search for or add new connections.

      With that ability, it’d be a much bigger deal.

    2. On-device LinkedIn application that is… meaning the application in the App Catalog.

    3. I’m just thinking for the mobile professional. The Gmail and Facebook syncing is cool, and great for the younger crowd, but couldn’t LinkedIn syncing potentially make this an awesome business phone, as well?

    4. No I agree entirely that LinkedIn in Synergy is big for the mobile professional, but my point is that you can’t search for and new contacts to LinkedIn via the Pre, even using the standalone LinkedIn application from the App Catalog.

      In other words, if I meet someone who works in the same field as me and I want to exchange information via LinkedIn, I can’t add them in order to get their information until I get back to my computer.

  8. how do you copy and paste on the new update

  9. The calendar using Outlook Exchange is MUCH faster. 5 seconds to launch instead of 12. There is still no cut and paste of txt messages or web pages. That needs to be fixed soon. Very frustrating. They need to support subcategories in contacts. It causes imported contacts from a Treo to not allow changes on the phone that synch with Exchange. I figured that one out and had to tell them last month. They need to get apps out soon. iphone is so far ahead that Sprint is losing market share like crazy. If they can get decent apps and fix some of the major issues posted on palmcentral, they may stand a fighting chance. btw, battery life… you have to turn off everything on Location Services or it does drain it quick (autolocate, background data collected, etc). Turn it on when you need it for google maps then back off aftewards.

  10. to clarify, you can now highlight, copy/paste in a web page. it’s a paragraph, not selection, but it’s something. I still can’t get a text to copy or forward to another user. read thru the palm updates. many more than I thought. I see they are working hard. I’ll still staying loyal (for now).

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