A New Search Engine for Finding Similar Web Sites

Similar-site.com is a new search engine that lets you find web sites akin to one you’re interested in by pulling up a list of sites with matching web tags. For example, if you input gigaom.com into the search box on similar-site.com, it will bring up a list of blogs including TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and the O’Reilly Radar, all of which share the tags “blog,” “technology” and “Web 2.0.” You can also specify tags that you want the search engine to look for, as well as delete any that you feel may be unrelated. The UI, which mimicks Google’s plain home page, is simple and intuitive.


After playing around with the site a bit, I found the search engine largely returned quality results. However, when I tried to find a web site similar to HopStop.com, which helps you find public transit routes in metropolitan cities, I kept getting results for the NYC area even though I deleted that tag from my search. The site is young, however, so it still has room to grow and refine its search capabilities. Other web offerings in the space are SitesLike, Web InSuggest and Similicio.us.

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