iTunes 9.0.1: Return of the Mini-Player

software-updateTwo weeks after introducing iTunes 9 at the “It’s Only Rock and Roll” music event, Apple has released the first update to the software.

Version 9.0.1 of iTunes cryptically addresses performance and stability, as well as resolving unnamed issues when browsing the iTunes Store. Syncing issues related to applications and Podcast playlists have been addressed. The Genius now automatically updates to show Genius Mixes, and the issue of sorting albums with multiple discs has been fixed — finally. Lastly, there is the matter of the zoom button behavior.

zoom_button_itunes91Through iTunes 8, clicking the zoom — green — button brought up the mini-player. This contradicted Apple Human Interface Guidelines, which states that the zoom button “toggles a window between its standard state and its user state.” With iTunes 9, the decision was made to make the behavior of the zoom button consistent with other applications. Accessing the mini-player window was done by holding the Option key while clicking zoom.

Were Ralph Waldo Emerson alive today, he might have said something about foolish consistency and iTunes 9, and it’s highly likely a lot of people did because Apple has restored the previous behavior. Clicking the zoom button toggles between a normal window and the mini-player window. Holding down the Option key and clicking zoom toggles between normal window states.

Available for both the Mac and Windows, including a 64-bit version for Vista, iTunes 9 can be had through Software Update or downloaded directly.

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