Kindle Desktop Client Needed- Tablets Await

I read e-books as much as anyone on the planet. It is not unusual for me to page through three or four of them a week, using an assortment of different gadgets to read them. I use two different reading programs to do this, both Kindle for iPhone and eReader Pro on different devices. Amazon only provides two vehicles for consuming its Kindle book content, the Kindle and the iPhone. Ereader Pro can be used on Windows, Macs, iPhones and Windows Mobile devices, to name just a few. The inability to read Kindle e-books on multiple non-Kindle platforms is the sole reason I don’t buy more Kindle books. I’m not the only one in this situation, as ink blogger Cheryl Jones points out in an ink post on Late To The Party:


I have no doubt that Amazon has sold Kindles and books due to having the iPhone version. Making at least a Windows version that can be run on UMPCs and Tablet PCs makes sense. The goal is to sell e-books, and opening up the target market could be as simple as a new version. I only recently discovered how nice the ThinkPad x200 is for reading e-books with the big 12-inch screen and touch capability for turning pages.

x200 ereader

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