Along with the addition of collaboration features, Evernote now integrates with Twitter. My first reaction to this news was that Evernote was falling into the “me too” trap that some companies get into with social media, especially with Twitter. However, after stepping back and looking at […]

Evernote_LogoAlong with the addition of collaboration features, Evernote now integrates with Twitter. My first reaction to this news was that Evernote was falling into the “me too” trap that some companies get into with social media, especially with Twitter.

However, after stepping back and looking at Evernote’s strong track record of rolling out new features and reviewing my Twitter usage, I realized that I do have some tweets that are worthy of recording with Evernote, including:

  • Links to notable articles or blog posts
  • Links to my WebWorkerDaily posts
  • Links to my more snarky and pithy posts

The Evernote/Twitter integration (which is available to all users, not just those with Premium accounts) enables you to send public and private Twitter messages directly into your Evernote account, making those tweets searchable and secure (Twitter doesn’t store messages for very long; if you want to keep messages you need to export the from your account). This development should be appealing to those who want to better track their business tweets or those making more use of Twitter as an online communications and research tool.

Setting up @myEN
Setting up myEN assumes you already have an Evernote and Twitter account. Here are the steps to set it up if you have an unprotected account:

  1. Follow myEN on Twitter. Upon following myEN, myEN then follows you back on Twitter. You’ll receive a direct message from myEN with a link.
  2. Open the direct message. Then click the link. Next, sign into your Evernote account and connect to your Twitter account.

The process for integrating a protected Twitter account and Evernote is quite similar:

  1. Follow myEN on Twitter. Just like in the previous steps, you should receive a direct message from myEN.
  2. Accept myEN’s follow request.
  3. Connect your Evernote and Twitter accounts.

Unfortunately, even as an Evernote Premium user, I had a significant lag time from when I followed myEN and myEN followed me back.


Using @myEN
You have the following options for using myEN:

  • Add “@myEN” to the body of any public tweet you are about to send.
  • Send a direct message (DM) to myEN to create a new note in Evernote.
  • Retweet a tweet you receive and add @myEN to save it into Evernote

So far, I’ve begun adding @myEN to the body of my public tweets when the content was something I want to capture for future reference and have found the process to work seamlessly. My tests with sending DMs to myEN have also worked well. During the writing of this post, I didn’t test retweets.

Here is an example of a public tweet sent into Evernote:


Using SMS, Evernote & @myEN

With Twitter’s built-in SMS support, you now have the option to send notes into Evernote from any mobile phone whether you or on your carrier’s network or roaming. For example, U.S. mobile phone users can send a text message in the following format to “d myEN [your note]” to 40404.

You need a Twitter account for this to work, and remember that any SMS messages you send via this method appear only in Evernote and not in your Twitter account. If you’re using a BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile smartphone, the available Evernote client is easier to use and more fully featured. However, I encourage non-smartphone users and those with older smartphones that don’t have a native Evernote client to check out this feature.


The Value of Evernote/Twitter Integration

Despite my initial concerns that Evernote was falling into a “me too” camp when it came to Twitter, the deeper I got into writing this post the more uses I began to see for the integration both for myself as an Evernote/Twitter user.

How are you using Evernote and Twitter?

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