For me, the Home Sharing feature introduced in iTunes 9 has been a long time coming. I’ve always run at least two Macs, one desktop and one notebook, and over the years I’ve tried various solutions for sharing media between multiple machines. Of course, there was […]

homeiconFor me, the Home Sharing feature introduced in iTunes 9 has been a long time coming. I’ve always run at least two Macs, one desktop and one notebook, and over the years I’ve tried various solutions for sharing media between multiple machines.

Of course, there was always the option of sharing your library on your home network. This allowed you to play streaming music from one computer on others via iTunes. It works well enough for what it is, but Home Sharing does that, and much more.

Share More Media

First of all, you can share much more than just music between computers. Movies, music videos, and TV shows are all now playable on any machine in your network you authorize via Home Sharing. Authorization is simple, but requires you to have an iTunes account, and to have authorized the computer in question to play media associated with that account. Once that’s done, your Home Share libraries should appear in your source list.

home sharing 1Clicking on an available library brings up a straightforward list of all the media available on that library. As with Shared Libraries, you can only view Home Shares in list view, not in Grid or Coverflow. It’s inconvenient and unfortunate, but it doesn’t really detract that much from the feature’s usability that much, especially since you can still filter the library via search.

home sharing 2Copy and Sync

You can also break down the shared library into categories, just like iTunes’ native library is divided up. Clicking on any item in any category will activate the “Import” button, which allows you to physically copy the item to your current library with a single click.

home sharing 3To make it easier to find items you don’t already have, there’s a simple drop down menu in the bottom left-hand corner of the media browser window that lets you choose between “All items” and “Items not in my library.” You can also open the “Settings…” dialog to set up automatic transfer of new purchases from one library to another via Home Sharing, ensuring that your content is up to date across all computers.

One Central Location

For my own purposes, I’m much more interested in Home Sharing’s movie and TV show streaming. I couldn’t tell you why I have a problem with keeping a decent amount of hard drive space clear on any of my computers, but the fact remains that I do. It definitely doesn’t help that I can’t keep the lines clear between a dedicated media machine and a work machine.

With Home Sharing, I can use my Mac mini as I intended when I bought it: As a central repository for all entertainment media. On those occasions when I want to watch something on my iMac or on the bedroom TV via my Macbook Pro, I no longer have to transfer any files (which I invariably forget/am too lazy to delete). Media stays where it belongs, and remains accessible.

Good, But Should Be Better

So what is Home Sharing still lacking? How about the big glaring omission: the ability to share content to iPod touches and iPhones on the local network. I can’t imagine what’s preventing Apple from allowing me to view Home Share playlists in my iPhone’s iPod application as well as on other computers. If you’re paying attention, Cupertino, think about working that into iPhone OS 3.2.

If you were hoping that since Home Sharing requires you to be using one of your five account-authorized computers, you’d be able to access shared libraries on the road, you’ll be disappointed. Only computers on the same Wi-Fi network can see active shares. To get this functionality, and to be able to stream iTunes libraries to your iPhone or iPod touch as mentioned above, check out Simplify Media and its attendant iPhone apps.

My ideal vision for the future of Home Sharing? Tie it to MobileMe and have an option to keep libraries synced the way you can Address Book and iCal, make it accessible away from home from authorized computers, and introduce mobile device streaming for iPhones and touches. It’s a nice start, but those features would make it a true game-changer.

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  1. There’s one simple thing that makes home sharing pretty useless to us; lack of support for cover flow or cover views. Browsing your library with just the text fields just won’t do it.

    Home sharing seem to be streaming with DRM support and ability to copy media. You cannot manipulate the playlists, rank media, or anything really.

    I think Apple could do much better sharing for a home with one library and multiple computers. Now we’re using remote desktop to manipulate the library at the machine with the media.

    1. Text fields is the best way to view your library. Your backwards.

    2. *You’re* backwards.

    3. I am impressed with the change you now can copy files that you download to one computer to another over you home network only problem i must drop my firewall to use this on my PC can’t find which ports to open and my network is hacker friendly someone hacks me all the time opening firewall is like saying here now it is easy no need to work at it upload your junk porn, viruses, spy-ware, mall-ware, etc. I had to purchase a cleaning program to clear us some of the disturbing stuff they uploaded before. Now firewall is down for them again. What do i need to open to just have itunes file sharing work and not let them in. Wish someone would find them and put stuff on them and put them away or 6 feet under :-). I can’t even use my computer to write my stories they delete them or change them. So i just play WOW on my computer and use iTunes lol.

    4. Just spent 1 hr 18 min+ with Apple…. Both computers authorized, both signed in to same act…Able to see each library in “Shared”.. Kept getting error message “There was a problem downloading “song name.” The URL “>0″ could not be found on the server.” (note: The symbol in the error message is pointing up, but I don’t know how to type it.)
      I spoke to 4 people and none of them had ever heard of it….end result: unable to move songs.
      Any ideas??

    5. Tj, yeah im starting to have that very same problem with mine. It worked out fine the first i used it, but then it popped up the message saying, “The URL `^0` could not be found on the server. Not exactly sure why this is happening because it was perfectly working yesterday.

    6. TJ AND SMITHY— I had ther same problem, (URL cannot be found) and i figured it out… if you recently redid your computer or transfered music from a external hard drive and you try to play music from itunes on your computer and it says, “file cannot be found would you like to locate it?” and a little “!” pops up next to the song, that means itunes did not find the orignial song file. What you have to do is click on each song that has a ! by it, and when it asks you to locate it, click locate song and go to my documents, then your itunes file, i tunes muisc, then find that artist and song, click on it, and it should of found that song, and the song will start playing, i know these are confusing directions, if you need help, let me know

    7. Cover Flow and cover views ARE actually available on Homesharing. View > as Coverflow. Cover view pops up with the arrow button at the bottom left of the screen.


    8. I’d agree that you’re backwards. Remember back in the good old days of iTunes when text fields were all there was? Yeah, I thought so. I agree it would be nice, but in all honesty, I never use the cover flow view in iTunes, and rarely ever on my iPod touch. That’s just the way it is, it’s more convenient to use a text list when you know what you’re looking for. No eye-candy, just something plain and simple that works.

    9. Im having a problem with my network drive. Itunes lists the drive as an iomega9 blahblah blah which is correct, but when I click on it, nothing is there. Is there anyway to point it to the correct part of that drive? It is seperated as different drives and one being as z:music…so anyone, is there a way to tell itunes to look there instead of just where it is looking?

    10. I have both laptop and desktop logged into the same account and on the same wifi but they will not link. I have called for help an cannot get any.

  2. Petri makes a good point. I really want those features too.

    It WAS a pleasant surprise though, and I’m already streaming tv shows from my iTunes hub to my laptop. Cool that you don’t need file sharing on for the import either. Very clean interface.

    Hopefully Petri and Darrell’s wishlists are on the drawing board.

    1. Just to be clear, streaming TV shows and movies between shared libraries was possible well before iTunes 9. Not sure why this comment and the article imply that it wasn’t.

  3. This is as much a question as it is a comment. The Home Sharing feature of course only covers iTunes-related media (music, movies, etc.), not photos. Like Mr. Etherington, I have always run two Macs at home and always wished it was easier to share photos between the two machines. Does anyone know a way to use iPhoto as a server of sorts, and let multiple Macs access (and edit) the photo library? This type of synchronicity would be my “game changer.”

    1. iphoto -> preferences -> sharing.

      same function as this new ‘home sharing’ in itunes 9.

    2. drag and drop photos between libraries.

    3. You can put your iphoto library on an external drive, connect the external drive to an Airport Extreme via USB, and have individual machines (and their iphoto apps) connect to this external library (hold down the option key when starting iphoto). You can connect to this library over a wired or wireless network.

  4. This is still crippled by lack of support for single shared repositories.

    What becomes clear when you use this is that each Mac in your home becomes a streaming source only while it is online AND only while it is running iTunes running.

    Sure, you can import from that Mac and enjoy it’s media even if it goes offline, but now you’ve duplicated the file (and had to wait for the import if you had also wanted to watch it immediately.)

    Not as big a deal for relatively small music files, but for video?

    Oh, and although I’ve yet to stoop to using Front Row, you’ll be pleased to know that Front Row does NOT support Home Sharing: even though you can stream from the other Mac in your instance of iTunes, that other Mac’s shared media assets are NOT visible in Front Row.

    We maintain one big multi-terabyte RAID NAS (Drobo shared via AirPort Extreme) in the house, safely hidden in a ventilated wiring closet with router, etc. The only always-on, immobile Mac is the Mini feeding the big screen in the living room, 802.11g unfortunately — it mounts the NAS wirelessly and could be our master Home Sharing host, but to consume it’s shared media from our MacBooks, we are going over the wireless TWICE: Mini pulling source wirelessly from NAS then feeding wirelessly back through router, then wirelessly from router to my MacBook. Thrice?

    Still not THAT evil for audio, but video? HD video?

    We are adding a second Mini soon for another room, so yet another consumer of high-bandwidth video.

    Moral of the story: zero support or consideration of NAS devices that families are increasingly using to provide a single massive shared and (if you are wise enough to insist on RAID) SAFE repository for all family media.

    What to do? Go back to third-party solution like PLEX that auto-crawls a network share for media resources, and continue managing that file system BY HAND … when I should be satisfied with iTunes to organize and consume on my laptop, and Front Row to consume on the big screen, but alas both remain critically neutered. Why, Apple, why?

    Astounded Apple has yet to think in terms of “home server”, instead limited to disparate pools of media shared peer-to-peer, requiring at least one always-on Mac and saturating your wireless needlessly.

    1. I’m pretty positive that Front Row has been able to stream from shared libraries for a long time.

  5. Does this sharing (copying between iTunes on different Macs) available in the US or songs purchased from the iTunes Store?

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to copy the songs from my MacBook to Mac Mini and I can’t do it, though I can share and stream from each other.

    Any help?

    1. I am experiencing the same problem. I can short through my itunes list using my windoze laptop, however, the ‘home’ icon doesn’t appear. What can I do to copy the music?

    2. Why after setting up both computers do I not see the Home icon with the trebel cleff but layered sqaures with a trebel cleff? I can’ copy files from my wife’s account into my itunes. Please help.

  6. I downloaded itunes 9 and a video popped up to help me navigate through the changes. By accident I closed my itunes application and now I can’t find the initial video which was introducing itunes 9. I have found other videos on line to walk me through the changes but they are not as easy to follow as the one itunes provided. How can I watch that same initial video that itunes 9 popped up when I first opened the application?

    1. Opps! Found it on my itunes help pull down menu. Thanks!

  7. My home PC runs XP my wifes laptop is running Vista. I cannot get them to link up via Home share. I have messed with the firewall settings with no luck,any suggestions?

    1. Make sure when you log into your itunes sharing account on both computers. I had to log in twice on my computer once I set it up. Once to set it up, then log into my boyfriend’s computer (make sure your account is authorized on the other computer as well as yours), and then I had to re-log in under home sharing. It worked then. At first it didn’t show up but then it popped up after I re-logged in under home sharing.
      Hope this helps!

    2. I am trying to use this between Windows XP and Windows 7. At first, it worked right out of the box, even though theoretically the correct ports weren’t open. Now Windows 7 can see the XP library, but not the other way around—even after opening the ports. I’m sure it’s some deep, deep network security secret somewhere in Windows 7.

  8. Another little gripe about the new iTunes 9. When playing one of the new Genius Mixes, you can’t rate the currently playing song. Usually if I am playing a song and like it, I right-click the iTunes icon in the dock and can then assign a rating. For whatever reason, this feature is greyed-out when playing Genius Mixes. It works fine for Genius Playlists however. Anyone else having this same problem?

    1. Just thought I’d let you know that there’s a program called “I Rate This” or something like that on Apple’s website. Put’s a rating program on your top menu bar, next to battery charge status, etc. You can rate songs from there even when using Genius mixes.

  9. One thing I would like to alert folks on is the about the new 8GB iPod Touch. This new device introduced on 8/13/09 is not capable of Voice memos/recording by itself. The product does not come with the headphones that have the remote and Microphone. And, without the microphone you cannot record anything. The Apple retail store rep. told me that I need to buy a headphone set that comes with the remote and mic. in order to use the Voice memo feature that comes with the device. It is a shame that Apple is trying to sell it’s 8GB iPod Touch and still packing in the old headphones which are useless if you want to use the Voice Memo/recording feature. Even when you upgrade the older device with the 3.1 version, you cannot use the Voice memos/recording feature until you buy the new headphones with the mic.

    1. I was under the impression that the “new” 8GB iPod Touch isn’t new at all, it’s just the 2nd gen iPod Touch with a price drop. The only new hardware is the 32GB and 64GB models. So I thought the 8GB model didn’t even get the Voice Memos app at all.

  10. I have 2 computers sitting side by side on the same home network with itunes 9 installed and home sharing enabled and they don’t see each other, what am i doing wrong?

    1. Preferences – Sharing – Look For Shared Libraries, make sure that’s turned on (and the other settings in there look right.)

      1. I have done this exact same thing, and it won’t work for me. I have spent at least 3 hours today trying to make it work, and by all the research I’ve done, it should be working fine. All the preferences are set, my 2 computers are on the same network, both have iTunes 9, home sharing is enabled with the same account on both computers, both computers have been authorized, and it’s still not working.


  11. Is there a way to actually TRANSFER the playlists themselves using Home Sharing? If not this is a glaring omission!

    1. Great question. I am having the same issue. Also, I am getting an error message about port 3689 on my Mac which won’t display my wife’s windoze itunes play list.

    2. I am having the same problem as Chad. My library shows on the vista computer but not vise versa (same error). So frustrating!

    3. As far as I know, the only way to transfer playlists is by doing some XML hacking.

  12. Yep i have all those set right.

  13. RE: playlists, note that I realise that the playlists can be accessed, and the files copied, but all I want to do is transfer the playlist itself. This doesn’t appear to be possible.

    I just tried manually copying all the files from a playlist to another computer, but this didn’t do what I wanted – it actually copied the CONTENT over, and then put a pointer to the files that had just been transferred into the playlist. As it turns out, I already had all the files, so it created duplicates.

    The playlist transfer function needs to be smarter – it needs to first check whether the content exists on the destination, and only if it doesn’t, THEN transfer the content.

  14. Home sharing working well between two Windows Vista laptops. I permitted HS on my laptop and my wife’s now shows my library on her own. Can we do the reverse, so I can see her library on mine too?

    1. As far as I know, it will only work with one itunes account, not multiple accounts. If you only use one account between you, then all the music either of you buys will already be in the home share.

      The only way you could possibly get it to work would be to somehow transfer purchases from one account to another, but I don’t know whether you can actually do that.

    2. Thanks for that. We in fact have seperate accounts and have purchases on both :(

  15. This may make me sound like a complete moron, but I need help so here it goes. I have a PC and a Mac, I am trying to do home share, and it won’t work. They are both hooked up to an ethernet connection in separate rooms in my house. I have the “Look for shared libraries” selected on both, and I have home sharing enabled on both. I also, of course logged in with the same user name and password. My problem is that the IP addresses don’t match up for some reason. One IP address is and the other is What the heck do I need to do? I’m not too great with computers, so any help will be appreciated, but try and keep it simple.

    1. Morgan – My guess is that your firewall has to be disabled in order for your main machine to share. I had to do that – but I disable it only for the time of file transfers, and then set it up again. Google to find out how to do it.

  16. Celeste H.G. Boyd Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    I’m having a similar problem to both Morgan and Sheila. I set everything up to do home sharing, by enabling it, and signing into the same iTunes account on both computers. Both computers have “Look for shared libraries” and “share my library enabled.” They are on the same network, but now neither of them even shows the “Home Sharing” icon on the left. It just disappeared as soon as I enabled Home Sharing. Can anyone enlighten us?

    1. My “HS” icon also goes away as soon as i confirm home sharing has been turned on.

    2. Exactly the same thing happened to me as happened to Sheila. I can’t find a solution online and Apple seem to be keeping very quiet about it.

    3. I have exactly the same problem. It worked perfectly last night, yet this morning there is no house icon on the left hand side of the screen. All settings correct on both PCs and signed in under same user. GRRR!!!

    4. Same exact thing with me. I have done the whole checklist of things and it should be working from what I can see and it’s still not working for me. HELP!!

  17. All of my media is on a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard. I have a Powerbook G4 running Leopard. I want to plug my iPhone into the Powerbook G4 and transfer music to it from the Mac Mini, because there’s a massive hard drive attached to the Mini with all of our media on it. Even with the Home Sharing feature in iTunes 9, I still cannot do this. What good is it that I can copy it from the Mini’s hard drive to the Powerbook’s using Home Sharing? I could do that 6 years ago from the Finder. I don’t have a whole lot of room on the Powerbook’s hard drive.

    Just stupid.

    And while I’m at it, let’s allow the iPhone to sync wirelessly with the computer and do away with the damn dock connector. The Zune has done this for years. I’m sure Apple could do it better, if it chose to do it at all.

  18. I guess this is great if you have 2 computers, but what if you only have one and are trying to connect your music with both ipod and iphone? Is this at all possible. The ipod was done on a computer thats now broken. So I had to purchase new labtop.

  19. I cant copy my movies or my applications whats the problem!

  20. Can some1 plz help it wont let me copy my movies or apps. with home shareing.

  21. Does anyone know why I would only be able to copy some music from a shared library? I select all music in shared, copy and paste into my purchased and only some paste.

  22. Looks like Apple needs to update the itunes 9 update already cuz the “transfer” of songs from one shared library to another DOESN’T WORK! Someone at Apple probably said, “wait a minute, we are losing money by allowing this transfer of songs crap, who’s idea was this anyway…pull it and say it was a bug…”

    1. No kidding. I can’t copy songs, but the video manual states that it is possible.

    2. I’m having this problem too, we can see each others libraries but not share the songs with with each other, it has worked before we updated though :-(

  23. i set up the home share continually and it just disapears and does not show up on either computer i have no clue what to do can u plzz help me!!! any1???

  24. Two suggestions for those having trouble:
    ** Make sure you’re using the same iTunes account on both computers! **
    ** Make sure you have enough authorizations left on that account for both computers! **

    I had the same problem as many people here, where I would enable Home Sharing on both computers, and the Home Sharing icon would simply disappear on each computer as I hit “done.”

    Then, I realized I was using two different iTunes accounts (my husband has two accounts set up under two very similar email accounts, so I didn’t realize that each computer was using a different account).

    Also, I read on another site somewhere that you need to make sure you have enough authorizations left on your account for each computer that you set up with Home Sharing.

    As soon as I made sure the iTunes account was the same on each computer, the Home Sharing icons popped up just as the instructions say they will.

    Good luck to everyone!

    1. What does “enough authorizations left on your account” mean?

    2. Celeste

      The account you use to buy things at the iTunes store doesn’t have to be the same account you use to activate Home Sharing. Your husband can continue to buy his stuff using his Apple ID and you yours; sharing must be activated for both computers using the same account but that is an entirely separate thing. In our network, my wife and I buy our music using entirely separate accounts but Home Sharing is activated using just my account. You’re right about the authorizations: either the other computer must already be authorized or you must have one remaining authorization on your account (each account has five) in order to add it.

    3. I have sharing enabled, using same account (only have one account) and both computers are authorized and I still can’t see the libraries. Both computers are mine – laptop and desktop. One has Vista and the other has XP.
      There was a lot of ballyhoo from Apple about how great this version of iTunes is, and the only difference I see is that version 9 crashes all the time.
      Not Ready For Any Time.

  25. Apple really should allow iTunes to work alongside a PS3.

  26. Future Fodder: Apple TV the Center of Your Media Universe Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    [...] has already taken a step in this direction with iTunes 9, which can tell you if other computers in the house have music you lack, and even synchronize [...]

  27. I am having the same problem as others. I have checked everything suggested, but when I swith on home sharing , log on and click done the icon just disappears.
    On the preferences section at the bottom, it says sharing on, no users connected.
    The frustrating thing is that it was there for about 6 hours but then disappeared.

    1. dont hit done it is like a ejection button for itunes home sharing just leave it and wait for your other computer,s libary to pop up

  28. Alright…so my roomate and I have downloaded the itunes 9 and we are trying to homeshare, but I think im starting to figure this out. You can only share ONE account right? She has her account and I have mine and we cant share from each others? We just have to have them bought on the same account to share? I hope this is making sense because we have tried EVERYTHING.

  29. This is driving me crazy! I only have one iTunes account, so I am obviously not using two seperate accounts (both of the computers belong to me and me alone); I have both computers authorized; I have my “look for shared libraries” turned on; I have Homeshare turned on (under the “Advanced” tab); and still, no Homeshare.

  30. Finally got this set up…appears you can “pull” content from a shared Library, but not “push” content to one. I have a mac mini set up as a media player to the big screen, which I have always managed manually via VNC/Screen Sharing. Was hoping that Home Sharing would simply allow me to push new content from my desktop to the mini via iTunes.

    Is this “sharing” only one-way, or is my setup still not working correctly?

    1. i have the same problem! someone needs to answer this question!!

  31. Home sharing is weak at best…..

    When trying to copy a shared library from a MacBook to a win xp pro laptop, it locks up the XP box after about 300 songs/videos. and I mean locked up to the point where you have to force a power down to get the system back.

    Apple has never delivered anything like a workable admin component to itunes. they should be embarrassed with this round…

    I won’t even go into the repeated crashes going on in the latest Safari version for the XP Pro box.

    I love my mac book, but maybe they should stick to hardware/OS and not mess with apps, cause my experience to date is that it is not their strong suit

  32. I’m so pissed, i have a new Pc with windows xp and i’ve done everything every website recommends and i can not activate home sharing, i have logged on both pc, i have activated the sharing options on both computers, we are on the same network and nothing. PLS help me!

    1. are you on both at the same time??

  33. I am unable to even sign in with my itunes account. I have tried every way of entering the account that signs in just fine with the store.

  34. Problem: Home Share icon dissapears as soon as you set it up.
    Solution: Get off of wireless

    I have two laptops running iTunes, one on wireless and one plugged into a wireless router. Once I plugged them both into the wireless rounter, the icons appeared and iTunes was shared. Problem solved.

    1. Thanks , that works even though it’s pointless. Why have homesharing if both your computers have to be sitting next to each other plugged into the router? Apple SUCKS!!

  35. help!!!!! homesharing is set up on my pc desktop. on my mac i log in through the itunes account in the itunes store and it works fine. but when i try to use that same account for the laptop and desktop it says ” home sharing could not be activated because this computer is not authorized for this account what do i do????

    1. get another laptop

  36. Como exportas as músicas do iTunes? | bernabauer.com Sunday, October 18, 2009

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  37. if i take my laptop to school and my music is on homesharing will i loose all that music from the computer at home?

  38. My problem is that it worked once or twice. But every time I wanna lisen on the other comp I can’t bring up home sharing any more. Help me to find out why it wont home share between my two comp’s.

  39. I’m trying to set up home sharing between my laptop and my sisters laptop but i cant get it to work. We dont have broadband but we do have a mobile internet stick. Is it not working because of the internet? Or is it because we have laptops instead of computers.

    I have checked all the setting, and its set to look for shared libraries but still not working. Please help. :)

  40. i need help every time i try to click on my brothers play list it says check any fairwall on your or shared running are set to allow communication on a port

  41. I can see my shared libraries, and start copying them from my PC (XP) to my Laptop (Vista) and it transfers 5-15 songs then I get an iTunes error “There was a problem downloading “SongName”. The network connection timed out. I can click OK and then click Import again and it will copy a few more songs before timing out again. Firewall is off on both systems. Connection is through home network protected by filtered Mac Addressess. I even turned off Anti-Virus. No luck, it only transfers a few files and then stops again. I have 600+ songs to transfer. Any suggestions?

    1. Did you ever find a fix for this? I’m having the same exact issue!

    2. Having the exact same problem.

    3. John,

      I started a support discussion thread over at Apple Support Forums. So far, there’s been no replies.



  42. Am I right in thinking that Home Sharing only allows you to share music you have purchased form iTunes Stare? i.e. You can’t share ripped CDs.
    Waste of time for me …

    1. Nope, it’s sharing all my library, including ripped CDs. It just errors out after 5 to now 50 or 60 songs.

  43. Is there any way you can share two libraries on the same computer?

  44. still not working …

  45. This may sound like a dumb question but do the computers have to be on the same network to share? I’m at work and I want to listen to my Itunes at home can I do that? Or do I have to take my laptop home in order to mesh my work itunes and my home itunes?

  46. OK, here’s what I did:

    This works on 2 (and probably more) Macs—

    without messing around with any port settings
    with OS X Preferences, Sharing, File Sharing turned OFF on BOTH computers
    with iTunes Preferences, Sharing, “Share my library on my local network” turned OFF on BOTH computers

    (apologies for documentation overkill—just being thorough)

    1. Turn OFF Home Sharing on BOTH computers (this is NOT done in Preferences; instead, go here: Advanced, Home Sharing)

    2. Make sure BOTH machines are authorized for BOTH iTunes accounts (Store, Authorize Computer)—i.e., if each has its own iTunes account

    3. You do NOT have to be logged into the same account on both computers; each computer may stay logged into the iTunes store under its own login

    4. For sanity’s sake on this part, check to make sure of this—i.e., that each machine is logged into the store with its own store account (Store, View My Account, check to see ID is correct)

    5. NOW turn Home Sharing back on (Advanced, Home Sharing) on each computer, but use ONE account to log into Home Sharing on both (or all) computers

    6. DON’T WORRY, this does not “flip” the login ID for a particular computer’s iTunes Store connection to the ID being used for Home Sharing

    7. On each computer now you should see a “Home” icon with the shared library in the left-hand sidebar

    8. Open the shared library and drag and drop as desired

    The bottom line seems to be this:

    1. Keep each computer logged into the store with a separate iTunes ID (if you need to)
    2. Get all the computers authorized for all available IDs
    3. Use ONE ID to log into Home Sharing on ALL computers

    You will of course ONLY see the Home Sharing icon pop up if both computers are on, with iTunes open on each

    You’ll know that this whole thing is working if the shared library listed on the left has the correct “Home” icon (and not the blue, “shared” icon that shows up when Preferences, Sharing, “Share my library on my local network” is turned on—yes, this is the one you see in Internet cafes filled with Mac users)

    I’ve tested the above over and over again, even completely rebooting my two machines (they have different iTunes accounts), and it still works. This is running Leopard on both machines.
    MBP 2.4 GHz Santa Rosa 17-inch 4 GB RAM 320GB HD 1920×1200 matte
    Airport Extreme; Airport Express x5; iPod G5 60GB x2; iPod Shuffle x2; iPhone 2G 8GB

    1. This worked. I was able to see both libraries as shared, but couldn’t drag and drop. I followed your directions exactly and now I see the home icon. Drag and drop was easy and now works. THANK YOU.

    2. I did as you advised, but cannot remove the ‘Home sharing is now on’ advice screen without pressing ‘done’ and when I press ‘done’ the house icon disappears from the left hand side. Am confused!!

  47. Yeah, I was having a beast of a time with this (I have a HP laptop and HP desktop) and I took the above advice — I logged off completely from my iTunes store account on both computers, disconnected from the libraries, turned Home Share OFF and made sure that file sharing was enabled on my computers. Then I turned on Home Share on each computer, typing in my iTunes account email and password for both computers to enable Home Share. At that point, the Home Share icon popped up on both computers and I am in the process of updating my laptop library with my complete desktop library — 25 songs transferred so far and going strong! Weird.

  48. Everything was working fine until 10.6.2 / iTunes 9.0.2 after which I can’t share my iMac / MacBook Pro machines over the wireless network any more. No problem if the laptop is connected via Ethernet however…

  49. I downloaded itunes 9 and watched the video about home share. I don’t even have a home share icon to do it. how do I get it to show up?

  50. i tried to do that and I downloaded all of my songs from 1 computer to the other but it won’t let me do anything with them. Like i want to put them on my iPod, but when I drag them on it does not work. I cannot copy them either or make a playlist and i am just veeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy confused…. will someone please help me??? i would it appreciate it very very much!

    1. *By the way, there are not saved under the library. they are under Shared > Home Sharing > aack’s library (my library) > Playlists > Addie’s. But now it will not let me do anythhing with them.

  51. Trying to set up Home Sharing.

    I can get both itunes screen to see each “X”s Library,” and “Y Library.” X’s library is shared on Y’s I tunes account. I cannot, however, get Y library to come over to X’s computer. I get a message that Y’s computer is not responding, the firewall and it talks about port 3689. Gone to the settings on both computers and made adjustments, turned off the firewalls completely with no change.

    There is a router obviously – it the problem coming from the router’s firewall?

    1. Hi Jen E, allygill,

      I have the same issues, after spending a lot of (unnecessary) time investigating the problem and several hours talking with apple and netgear technical support to no avail, I decided to reinstall the os x system back to the previous one (10.6.1) and bingo! everything worked fine, including the iphone/itunes remote, however soon as I did the software upgrade back to 10.6.2 the problem started again, I can see my iMac itunes library on both mac mini and mbp but I get the error message whenever I try to connect to it. Apple support (australia) said my problem is unique but after reading your comments I realize I’m not alone, they believe it could be a incompatible third party software that is interfering and preventing the network to work correctly, at this stage it would be like finding a needle on a hay stack so I’m considering downgrading my os x back to 10.6.1 until someone can find a solution.

  52. Shortly after posting my comment on November 11th, Home Sharing via Ethernet also stopped working. However, two days ago everything started working perfectly again – Wireless and Wired. Have not made any significant changes to anything in the system or the environment, so unclear how things got resolved. But then again, it wasn’t clear why it stopped working in the first place!!!

  53. So frustrated, been trying for hours from laptop to PC with all the right things enabled, the pc is not wireless and is getting my library but I can’t get its library and I am on wireless, same account both authorised. Going to give up now I think, very frustrating

  54. how do u sign out of home share?

  55. I have a home shared server where I keep all my music.

    I sync my iPod with my laptop running iTunes. To get the music on the server, I mount a network drive, which is mapped to my music files on the server. This works well, except it is a pain that everytime I rip a CD on my server, I need to “Import Folder” into my iTunes library on my laptop.

    I thought iTunes 9.0 would help, but it does not at all. What I would like is:

    1. Be able to sync the “Home Shared” library to my ipod through my Laptop.
    2. Be able to have the Network Drive “watched” by iTunes on my laptop and automatically add new folders (i.e. albums/songs/TV Shows, etc.)

    I’d rather not copy all the files to my laptop, but I need to sync to the laptop as I do pick up Podcasts on the road and sync.

    BTW. I set up Home Share on both systems, works well, but doesn’t provide either 1 or 2. :-(

  56. This really just isn’t ready for primetime yet. I’d really like to see:

    * the music RATINGS be sharable/sync’d across a library. I have 30K songs and wish there was a way to download chunks of my library to a laptop, rate them, and push the ratings back to the media library.

    * wish there was a way that you could have a central repository for all media files and treat individual desktop PC’s, Macs, laptops, iPhones, iPods, Apple TV’s, etc. ALL as sync devices

  57. I imported my whole library from my macbook pro the my new imac with homesharing.. So what I’m guessing is that the songs will only work if both computers are connected?

  58. I’m finding it hard to transfer iPod games from one computer to the other. They’re classified as applications but it’s not transfering it to my other computer, is it even possible?


  59. My ‘Homesharing’ disappears. After I sign into it, it’s just gone. How can I get into it?

    1. I’ve spent the last couple hours trying to figure out the same thing as many people here.(‘homesharing disappearing after sign in’, ‘not showing the other computers library under the “shared” on the left side bar’. It only says “Home Sharing” with a yellow home sign with a music note in it, the main screen has a done button that, as said many times when pushed causes the whole Home Sharing screen to disappear)

      I have read every post here and on other sites thoroughly and nothing seems to work.

      Is anyone one else still having problems after trying the different solutions here? What do you suggest to do?

  60. The import option doesn’t come up when I select the shared library from my laptop. How to I copy the music from the desktop to my laptop?

  61. Home Sharing is a wonderful opportunity to use your both computers for listening to the music you like. just try to read everything carefully and then you will see a result!

    1. How the heck do you get it to work? Not only does the icon keep disappearing, but computers won’t see each other. Have been throught the entire internet configuration…nothing has helped

    2. What? Have you not read these comments? You must work for Apple.

    3. Is there a way to share iTunes on a Mac with a PS3?

  62. I’m exstatic about home sharing but i’m lost as usual lol. my mom and i have seperate acounts. I’ve autorized both computers with each other but the home sharing icon on the left keeps disappearing and i can’t grab things from each other! I was really hoping to just for the movies if nothing else… in a pinch i could always burn cds and transfer music like before…. any help?

  63. How the heck do you get home sharing to work? 3 computers all on the same network at home – mom, dad and daughter. All signed in to same iTunes account. As soon we ‘activiate’ home sharing the icon appears in the tool bar. As soon as we click ‘done’ the home sharing icon disappears from the tool bar.

    Very frustrated at this point. Please help if you can

  64. FYI, there are apparently issues with accessing shared libraries from accounts controlled by Vista Parental Controls. The shared library will show up under the “SHARED” group in Itunes, but trying to connect will fail with error -39 and a request to check firewall settings for port 3689.

  65. can anyone shed some light on this problem?
    i have an imac and macbook. signed into home sharing in itunes on both; but, while it shows up fine on my macbook and i can access the imac’s library no problem, the “share” directory disappeared from the imac’s tunes pane when i signed in. so i can only access one way. actually i only really need access the other way round in most cases!
    any help? thanks.

    1. I have the exact same problem with my PC desktop and laptop (PC can see laptop’s limited library, but laptop can’t access PC’s beg library). Any ideas?

    2. This is the same problem I am having – i’ve got all the settings right that I can see but the sharing is only working one way. I need to transfer my music onto a new laptop but the new one won’t recognise the old one. SO frustrating when the old one can see the new one which has nothing to share at this time!!!

    3. Same exact issue only PC to PC. All the settings are right, machines authorized, blah blah, and my one PC can see my library but not the contents. Other direction I cannot see anything. Does not work with my Mac either. Consulting my iTunes guru friends and will post if I get a solution

    4. Sorry for another who shares the same problem but that is my exact same problem. Very annoying

  66. Could anyone PLEASE help me?

    Alright so here’s the deal: My friend copied some of his songs to my laptop by creating some shared folder. Now, I wanna get those songs on my iPod. The problem is that my iPod has a lot of songs that come from another computer. How can I put the songs I want (on my laptop) on my iPod WITHOUT syncing them all, and without syncing over the songs I already have?

    Help would be VERY appreciated, this problem has been driving me nuts for the last hour.

    Thanks to anyone who answers.

    1. Hey erm…I think your situation isnt too possible… unless you do it illegally or something. When your sync your iPod with your computer, those songs from another computer will disappear, as far as I know…it isn’t legally possible to retain those songs…

  67. im having problems moving the library from my pc to my mac. i have the library pulled up on my mac but cannot drag the songs to the library on my mac. can someone please help me.

  68. im having problems moving the library from my pc to my mac. i have the library pulled up on my mac but cannot drag the songs to the library on my mac. can someone please help me. im sending this again because i forgot to let it notifu me via email.

  69. hey. umm…my brother bought a game on one of our PC’s. it’s a desktop. all of his songs come from my laptop which is also a PC Windows. how would home sharing work with PC’s?

  70. Hi when you transfer over all you songs can you get them in alphabetical order somehow?

  71. Some of the issues I see in the comments above have to do with understanding the difference between the iTunes Library and the iTunes Media Folder. For a comprehensive set of posts about this, see http://www.icrazee.com/2009/12/how-to-organize-and-share-itunes-music.html

  72. itunes iliterate Monday, January 11, 2010

    I have 3 kids, all with their own ipods. Have one for myself as well. All ipods on one account, but set up on different computers. I enabled HS, thinking this was FINALLY my answer to being able to access all music. But so far only 89 songs will transfer to the HS library. What’s the deal? On my own ipod I have 307 songs. I keep copying my library to the HS library, but it won’t copy. Can someone please help me???

  73. I’ve seen home sharing mentioned as a way to move music from an old computer to a new one. When you home share are the files actualy stored on the second computer?

    I’m looking for an easy way to move my itunes from my old computer to my new laptop and then deactivate my old computer and only use my laptop.

  74. I thought I was the one going nuts until I read all your comments about the ‘disappearing home share icon’!
    Everything was working just fine – my tunes from my PC (Windows XP) were being transferred to my Macbook (OS X 10.5.8) as I thought they should. After 300 or so I had a message to say the Network Connection was lost – fair enough I am on a wireless network.
    But you guessed it – now I can’t get home sharing working again! I have tried everything and read all your suggestions but Home Sharing will not appear.
    How weird is it when it works perfectly and then doesn’t?
    My only solution now is to come back another day and see what happens!
    I now need a stiff drink to recover!

  75. So i did this last night and it did not work. I have no clue what is going on. The music folder is on the computer but itunes is not syncing up to it. I even go in and make sure it is pointed at that folder and it is.


  76. Home Sharing is only working one way for me… My sister wants my library to come up on her computer but only ever her library comes up on mine! Could someone please assist me with this?

  77. Remember to use the same iTunes account on all computers you enabling Home Sharing on, see http://www.icrazee.com/2010/01/how-does-itunes-home-sharing-work.html. Also ensure you completely understand the difference between the iTunes Library and the iTunes Media Folder.

  78. Also Home Sharing can disappear when the Mac you are sharing from is offline or goes to sleep.

    1. iHing, thanks for your comments and sharing your site, but it is unclear how knowing the difference will help. I’ve visited your site and still haven’t figured out the solution. If iTunes cannot find the libraries on the other computers, how will knowing there is a difference between the library and media folder help? It’s not like there is any sort of user interface, except the initial steps, which in most cases results in the libraries NOT appearing and then when the user clicks OK for sharing, the Home Sharing icon disappears and nothing shows up at all.

  79. Shareless no more! Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Bingo – after two months of trying, I finally got this to work! I have a desktop with XP and a laptop with Vista. I had followed all the steps but couldn’t get it to work.

    Today I re-read Jimmy’s advice of November 10th, and I’m not sure if I had done this before, but I noticed this sentence today:

    “Preferences, Sharing, File Sharing turned OFF on BOTH computers
    with iTunes Preferences, Sharing, “Share my library on my local network” turned OFF on BOTH computers”

    So I gave it another shot and turned off “Share my library” in Preferences, Sharing on my laptop. By the time I fired up the desktop PC, everything was showing on both computers, even though I never got around to turning off “Share my library” on the other computer. I didn’t even have to go through all the steps from scratch again, e.g. turning home sharing off then on, logging out then in, etc.

  80. I have a MacPro Desktop that holds a pretty huge iTunes library (35,500+ items, the vast majority being music). It’s the mothership and is connected to my home network via ethernet. I have a Dell Media Center machine (Vista; also ethernet) hooked to the TV and basic home theater system. It’s the number one player for Home Sharing. On them, Home Sharing works flawlessly.

    My wife’s HP laptop (Vista; wireless connection) and my MacBook Pro on the other hand are a little quirky. If hooked up via ethernet, everything is fine. When using them wirelessly however, Home Sharing (as well as the Shared links in Finder on the MBP) disappear. In fact, I can have iTunes up and running and watch the Home Share appear and disappear as I connect the MBP to the network one way or the other. The most bizarre thing is, it’s worked wirelessly before. Nothing changed as far as I know, it just decided one day that it wasn’t going to play nicely anymore, or something. After dwelling on this for a bit, I came to the conclusion it had to be the wireless router (Actiontec MI424WR for Verizon FIOS) that was causing the issue. It was the only common denominator.

    Opening the interface, I went to Wireless Settings then Advanced Security Settings. Everything there was innocuously fine. At the bottom of the Advanced screen, however, is a link called Other Advanced Wireless Options. Inside this menu are a number of settings probably better off left alone. The one that struck me was the second one down called “Network”. It was set to “Network (Home/Office)”. Seemed logical but what were the other options? Of course I checked.

    Whatever selecting “Broadband” actually did (I have yet to find it described in documentation in any detail) it solved ALL of my problems. The floodgates have reopened. From the laptop I can now see the entire mixed network as well as access the iTunes library on the MacPro. What was originally thought by the Apple Care Tech to be related to the size of the library (“I’ve never heard of one being so large”) turned out to be nothing more than a setting in the router’s wireless settings menu.

    Now if I can just find out what it did, exactly….

  81. Mine worked one or two times but i was only able to retrieve 12 songs. The shared library disappeared, making it seem like the other computer had nothing to share. If i turnoff the homesharing on both computers and then turn it back on, it will work for about 7 min and then do the same thing. Anyone know what’s wrong?

  82. There are several reasons why the iTunes Library of another Mac or PC disappears or does not show up when you launch iTunes, see my comments at http://www.icrazee.com/2010/01/how-does-itunes-home-sharing-work.html

  83. I have a mac and a desktop Dell. I have home sharing up on both computers, everything looks right. I can access my husbands library and listen to his song but CANNOT transfer them to my account. Tried everything!!!

  84. Linda you might be Sharing his library but not using Home Sharing, these are two different things. See the
    iTunes Home Sharing step by step guide.

    1. homesharing is turned on – both computers – I am getting so frustrated with this and they want to charge as much as a CD cost just to help you!

  85. Transfer of iTunes – Mac-Forums.com Sunday, February 7, 2010

    [...] best piece of iTunes 9 – homesharing. __________________ Save a tree. Eat a beaver. If that thing under the porch ate your dog, [...]

  86. One glaring omission! If I hook my iphone up to my ONE computer that Apple allows me to copy music to the iphone with (another worthless Apple limitation!!!) I can’t just drag music from my home shared computers to the iphone. First, I have to DRAG it to my laptop and wait for it to copy over Wifi, and then after it’s copied, I can drag it to the iphone. This is an extra, and worthless step, we should be able to copy the music right off to our authorized iphone so we can easily get all our content on our iphone without all the associated hassles.

  87. Ok, so i installed itunes on my computer and set up home sharing on this one and my sisters. However i cannot see the sharing tab nor her computer but she can see mine. I have all the preferences set up and home sharing enabled. Any thoughts?

  88. Matt, I have the same problem, only mine is with two computers on the same account. I can see the empty library on the machine where I have my complete library, but on the new machine, I see nothing. ITUNES has to find a way to make transferring files to a new machine easier. If anyone can tell me how to get my songs from my old machine to my new machine, it would be much appreciated.

  89. GIving up, I went to Winamp.

  90. After many hours spending on this.. uninstalling and reinstalling, it finally hit me.
    It was as simple as the firewall settings on the new computer. New ones are set to be much safer and the setting wasn’t allowing it to talk to the other system. Thank goodness!!!!

  91. ITunes Help – Mac-Forums.com Friday, February 26, 2010

    [...] the easiest way to move your iTunes Library is to enable the new Homesharing feature of iTunes 9 on both machines and then drag and drop from one to the other. [...]

  92. So i’m just got a new notebook and it doesn’t have a cd drive. I set up home sharing so I could move my library to my new computer. After I did this I wasn’t able to figure out how/if you can move songs that weren’t purchased from itunes. How can I move the rest of the library, which has all of my cd’s to my new computer?

  93. Okay, this makes sense, but really all i want to know if through home share, can you share songs between multiple iPods? I mean, like can i have all of the songs on one library transfer to my new ipod through home share?

  94. How is this different from having a “server” where i keep all my music and just pointing iTunes to that repository through the network?

    I’ve been doing this for 4 years now.

  95. I authorised home sharing.But everytime i plug in my iPod,a home sharing library opens up with a name of a person i dont even know.The songs are not on my hard disk and neither on the ipod else it would have been full.Can anyone tell me what this is all about?

  96. My apologies>>**I havent authorised home sharing.But everytime i plug in my iPod,a home sharing library opens up with a name of a person i dont even know.The songs are not on my hard disk and neither on the ipod else it would have been full.Can anyone tell me what this is all about?

  97. quick question…. i wanna get music from my friends itunes, but he lives in a different house. i wanna be able to get music from his computer at his house while im at my house using my computer. will home sharing work this way?

  98. It’s a treadmill that hooks up to your IPhone! | GrantGannon.com Thursday, March 4, 2010

    [...] wife has an affinity for TV shows on iTunes. So thanks to iTunes home sharing I am currently transferring every TV show she has ever downloaded to my iTunes account which [...]

  99. I can’t get it to work between my Mac and PC and Apple support is completely worthless on this topic.

    1. It isn’t working between my Mac and PC either !!! :( I HAVE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT APPLE ANNOYS ME !!! :@

  100. when i activate homeshare and press done it dissapears i need a solution to this problem. My brother can see my library but i can’t see his and yes same homeshare acc for the computers. HELP

    1. I have the exact problem! my sister can see my library but the Home Share option completely disappears after i click DONE. It says we’re connected on her computer but I cant see her library.

  101. Just wondering if while home sharing does the streaming and copying of songs etc between computers consume the bandwidth of the Internet account you are on?!?

  102. My home share icon has disappeared and i cannot home share with the rest of my family. What should i do?

    1. :/ … HELP !!! Amy Thursday, April 22, 2010

      It will disappear once you sign in and your other computers libraries will appear under a tab “shared” (if they are logged into the same account). The tab “shared” will also disappear after time, but to get them back, click the dop-down menu at the top called “Advanced”. Now select “Turn off Home Sharing”. Do the first step again, and then select “Turn on Home Sharing”, and sign in again. I know my instructions aren’t the best, but I hope that helped.

      1. Yes, I did what you stated above, and redid it just to make sure, but it still disappears! It seems like this ‘disappearing button frenzy’ is never actually end!

  103. I managed to activate the home sharing thing, but how do I get music off it and onto my new computer?
    i can’t seem to find the ‘import’ button you mentioned…

    1. You have to click the song you want to import (single-click, not double-click) and it should be highlighted. And in the bottom right-hand corner, it will have the ‘import’ button. Yes, you can only import one song at a time. Hope this helps.

  104. I have been on Apple’s troubleshooting for Home Sharing, and I have found that all my problems were solved by using one login for each computer.

    i.e. sign in as joebloggs1 on each computer not only in iStore, but also in home share. This seemed to sort things out for me!

    Hope this helps people!

  105. thisistotalbullshit Monday, April 19, 2010

    So you now need an iTunes acct, and submit to their DRM BS just to share your iTunes libraries? – wow. I’m so sick of Apple limit functioality more and more with every new release. That’s it – I’m done. I’m not buying any more Apple products. They charge more than anyone else for their products, and give you less freedom of how to use them than anyone else. I’m done with Apple.

    1. Hey its ok if you need to make the account. My account is free. When you create an account you can use your own email like aol.com, aim, yahoo, and i think hotmail too. After you create it the options of paying are credit cards and others but at the end it should say free account or something like that.

  106. thisistotalbullshit Monday, April 19, 2010

    So you now need an iTunes acct, and submit to their DRM BS just to share your iTunes libraries? – wow. I’m so sick of Apple limiting functionality more and more with every new release. That’s it – I’m done. I’m not buying any more Apple products. They charge more than anyone else for their products, and give you less freedom of how to use them than anyone else. I’m done with Apple.

  107. :/ … HELP !!! Thursday, April 22, 2010

    I signing into Home Sharing on both of my laptops (one Mac, one PC) and it said that other libraries will appear under “shared” if they are signed into the same account (or something like that), but the libraries aren’t appearing !!! Please response, I would like to know the answer very soon.

  108. vivian nemoto Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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  109. Where can you click on available library after you log in to the account?

  110. I have turned on home sharing and authorized both of my computers and the playlists are not appearing on one another..

  111. can i share different accounts as long as they are on the same wifi? or do i need to register one account to all of the computers?

  112. Quick Tip: Sharing iPhone and iPad Apps On the Go « Apple News Daily Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    [...] either Apple’s or karma’s? I don’t think so. Apple made the conscious decision to enable sharing between members of a household in iTunes, allowing family members to listen to each other’s music [...]

  113. Home sharing is completly pointless! I have looked all online and there is no answer to my question. Which is…. I set up my iPod touch to my old computer which is now broken. I have a new computer now but it erased EVERYTHING! How do I get all my music/pics/apps/etc if Itunes won’t let me get off homesharing and make my new computer the way my old one was???!!!

  114. I’m having a problem with the home sharing, After activating it on i have no other thing to do? The links on the side where you would see the libraries are not there? how and why is that ? can someone help please? id really love using this feature because i have tons of music on my desktop library that i would like my laptop having as well.

  115. I’ve been using MediaRover to do the home sharing stuff. It syncs even unprotected music and you can put it on your iphone after it syncs. mediarover.com

  116. HELP PLS!!!!! Friday, June 25, 2010

    Can some one help!!!!
    One of my 2 computers is wired the other is wireless.
    My wired computer can find my wireless but my wireless can not find my wired. Can someone pls tell me how to get my wireless to find the wired one.

  117. I really wish that Home Share could use all the computers in your home as multiple air speakers. That means I could play one song on all computer connected at the same time.

  118. ok so on my computer i have itunes and lots of music..
    my friend wants me to put music on his iphone
    i just found this home sharing thing..
    i logged into his account from my itunes so does that mean he has my music on his iphone now?

  119. I want to do this with an iMac and a MacBook Pro. On the iMac I can see the songs from the MacBook, but I can’t see the iMac songs on the MacBook!
    I am doing everything right, but I need HELP!!

  120. Why, when i have set up home sharing with two other laptops, can the other two laptops view my library but i cant view theirs? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  121. homeshareiscrap Friday, August 13, 2010

    I am having the same problem as lots of other people. I have homeshare on two pcs (mac and xp), both are working properly. MY laptop on the otherhand (xp)is not working. I use the same sign in details, everything is correctly ticked and details are right, but when i put in my homeshare details and press done the button disappears. THe other two computers are able to access my laptops itunes though. Has anyone worked out what to do, I am desperate!!

  122. iTunes 10 Interface: Where Apple Went Wrong Friday, September 3, 2010

    [...] Almost every year, Apple releases a new version of iTunes with some new feature. Last year it was Home Sharing. This year, it’s Ping. Apple also usually tweaks the UI, many times creating a backlash. This [...]

  123. why am I getting these stupid fucking ads on my homepage. Fuck off leaches

  124. death before time Sunday, September 5, 2010

    how do you refresh it??

    mine works but sometimes it doesnt come up for me…

    im hooked up but it just wont pop up

  125. iTunes 10 Interface: Where Apple Went Wrong | Before you buy Thursday, September 9, 2010

    [...] every year, Apple releases a new version of iTunes with some new feature. Last year it was Home Sharing. This year, it’s Ping. Apple also usually tweaks the UI, many times creating a backlash. This [...]

  126. crazyasamexican Sunday, September 26, 2010

    hey guys, have any of you had a problem with finding other computers on homesharing?? all my settings are correct, for homeshare, latest updates and everything. My problem is the computer im trying to stream from CAN see me, but i CANNOT see that computer. then when i try to close my itunes, it says that another computer is connected but on the preferences it says no one is connected. My preference settings are made so that i can see other computers and they can see me. I also dont have the “shared” tab at all on iTunes. The other computer has no problem viewing, and downloading my content. My computer has windows 7 and the one that can see my computer is running xp. Thanks all

  127. Moving music files to iMac from PC Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    [...] Easy Way I'm doing similar – if it's in iTunes on both computers, it'll do it for you. iTunes 9: At Home With Home Sharing Reply With Quote [...]

  128. I enabled home sharing, and the library appears under my shared libraries, but not with the yellow house icon, but with a music note. I am not able to drag or copy the files and when I click on a song no import button appears. What do I do?

  129. ok thanks for the help just tried once again…
    ok i set it both up on my two dell laptops both with itunes downloaded and the accounts authorized and the homshairng is coming up on one of the laptops but the other just automatically closes i can transfer things from the one but not the other one and that’s where i need the music from the one that i cant get anything off
    please help as its been bugging me for a while now

  130. Bruce Schaller Monday, November 22, 2010

    Having invested in apple’s idea of a digital future, I’ve foolishly purchased their locked digital content. In so doing, I have forever limited my options to Apple crazy schemes. I’m going back to buying CDs. I can coverflow, have nice graphics in the inserts, I can back up my library easily… and best of all, I can use it on any computer in the world, Apple, Microsoft, Linux, BSD, AIX, ARM you name it. I’d return it all for a chance to start again.

  131. I am trying to use home sharing on my new computer, but it is take FOREVER to load all 400 songs? Does it normally take that long or is there something wrong???

  132. I set up my home sharing on both my laptop and pc, and they both say that home sharing is turned on but once I turn them on and it says done, when I press this the shared icon on the left disappears. Can you help me!?

  133. ok. i created the home share thingy. but the problem is i dont have the “shared” thing on the left. some one please help me!!

  134. PLEAS HELP!
    I put on Home sharing, i have a mac and 2 pc’s.
    I am able to veiw all itunes librarys on every computer. I wanted my mac library on my pc’s. On one of my pc’s it came up and it said below Import, settings and so on. I clicked import and they are all importing now. But on my other pc the grey bar at the bottom with the import button didnt even show up. I tried to drag the songs in but no luck. Why cant i get those songs from the home sharing folder into my music acount on my pc itunes.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  135. when i enable home sharing and click done then ‘Shared’ tab dissapears, could someone tell me whats happened and how i can fix it?

  136. Like all other sites, this article explains how to turn on the homeshare on iTune but not in the iPhone…

  137. I really want to know if it is possible to share (copy) music in home sharing with differents accounts.

    Im a college student and in my same house are other college students we want to share our music to each other, but we dont want to share our itunes account because this is kind of personal use

    please can someone help me on how can i perform this duty

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