Steve Jobs return as the face of Apple yesterday was immediately followed by an interview with Tech Guru David Pogue of the New York Times. A lot of the conversation focused on cameras, like why the iPod nano got one and the iPod touch did not. […]

steve-jobs-returnsSteve Jobs return as the face of Apple yesterday was immediately followed by an interview with Tech Guru David Pogue of the New York Times. A lot of the conversation focused on cameras, like why the iPod nano got one and the iPod touch did not.

It turns out Apple had no idea how to market the iPod touch — imagine that! Vacillating between concepts such as an “iPhone without the phone” and a pocket computer that actually fits in a pocket, touch users had to help the company that is arguably the most adept at advertising in the world figure out what to do. “What happened was, what customers told us was, they started to see it as a game machine,” Jobs said. From there, a multiplicity of game screenshots drove advertising and “it just took off.”

Completely coincidentally, this also made it unnecessary for Apple “to add new stuff,” like a camera, or a compass, or GPS. Instead, as Phil Schiller said during the Apple Event yesterday, “at just $199 the iPod touch is the most affordable gateway drug to Apple’s revolutionary App Store.” Jobs echoed those comments in the interview, saying that what “we were focused on is just reducing the price to $199.” So, it’s not about artificial product segmentation at all. Glad we cleared that up.

More realistic was Jobs’ response to the lack of photo capability in the video camera on the iPod nano. Apparently, the sensors for video are thin enough to fit in the nano, but the technology for pictures is not. Personally, I find this a little curious, as I often export still images from videos I have taken using QuickTime. At the very least, some kind of built-in workaround like that could have been included with the new nano.

The other topic covered during the interview, and one that will have message boards buzzing, concerned e-readers. Pogue asked Jobs if his dismissive attitude towards the devices had changed since the appearance of the Kindle. Jobs noted that digital books aren’t big sellers, then tossed the tablet fanatics some red meat, stating that “I think people just probably aren’t willing to pay for a dedicated device.”

If that wasn’t an oblique confirmation of the Apple iTablet, this response regarding future products being delayed because of Jobs’ absence is likely as close as we will get before the mythical device is unveiled.

“There are some things that I’m focusing a lot of attention on right now—to polish,” he said. “No, I don’t think we’re going to miss a beat. We have some really good stuff coming up.”

And this is why I love Steve Jobs being vertical again.

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  1. I’ve got to say that seeing the ipod touch as a gaming device is weak. It is a computer and it needs a camera, GPS and the compass. You need to support the Apps sold on the store. I use my touch as a mini take anywhere computer, not a games machine, so if I go away for a few days I no longer feel the need to lug a laptop with me I can do everything (almost) with the touch. So with all those great Apps out there that utilize GPS, the compass and a camera, the touch should be seen a real pocket computer not limited to a games machine. Anyway the Nintendo DS is a better games system. The large quantity of games in the App Store doesn’t equal quality.

    1. Even as a game device, having a camera, GPS and a compass could make for some innovative games, so that’s not a good enough excuse in and of itself. The DSi has TWO cameras (granted, I hear they’re pretty weak), and that’s clearly a dedicated gaming device.

      My best guess as to why they’re positioning it as a “gaming device” and limiting hardware features is so as to not only prevent it from cannibalizing iPhone sales, but also leave space for a new upcoming portable computing device. If the iPhone AND the iPod touch worked perfectly fine as portable computers for most needs in that segment, would they really be able to make a profit on a slightly larger portable with a couple additional features?

      Though I’ll say this, yes more games doesn’t mean better games, but there are plenty of great games on the App Store, and plenty of crappy games on the DS and PSP platforms, so I think it balances out to being enough to compete in that segment.

  2. who would really plop for an iphone if the ipod touch had all or near the same features?

    1. Agreed. I think Apple should be (and most likely is) pushing the touch away from the iPhone to make it its very own device instead of the “iphone without the phone.”

    2. No one is going to switch to an iphone because they want a camera on their touch and didnt get it. If people want a phone they are going to get the iphone. Having all the same features minus the phone doesn’t make a difference at all in my oppinion. The commitment to the PHONE in the iphone is big enough that the other features dont have nearly as much impact on switching decision.

    3. I agree with Adam.

      I can’t see anyone purchasing an iPhone instead of an iPod Touch because it has a camera. It’s because they want a PHONE. I think you all are forgetting the additional $100 a month price point for an iPhone over a Touch. That’s a lot of money to pay simply for a camera, and I don’t think anyone is doing that.

    4. Why does everyone assume that GSM coverage is universal in the US? I live somewhere in the US that has excellent CDMA coverage, but NO GSM coverage. Why would you plop for an expensive phone that wouldn’t function as a phone where you live?

  3. People who want a phone? Did you really ask that question?

    1. With no video on the 3G, no WiFi since OS3.0 (3.1 didn’t fix it) then I think it’s a bloody fair question! If he had I would probably ditch the iPhone and buy a Touch and a cheap Nokia.

  4. So the guts of nano can process 30 frames a second, but it cannot do one JPEG at a time????

    Yeah, right ….

  5. I don’t see how Jobs saying that people wouldn’t pay for something is a confirmation that they’re making it.

    Well, I can, actually, in the same way that people who believe that aliens crashed in Roswell take someone saying it didn’t happen as confirmation that they’re hiding something.

    1. Actually, I think the idea is that by him saying people wouldn’t pay for a dedicated eReader, he’s implying that they’re working on a more full-featured device, but yea, it’s pretty weak and grasping for straws.

  6. Ok guys. so most people who buy a touch use it as a mini computer?

    id say id use it for everything. music , videos, and use the internet.

    then why is APPLE trying to make it a gaming machine, and how can it possibly attempt to compare itself to NINTENDO and the PSP ? who do they think they are , are they that full of themselves that they dont even know where they are heading with this device?

    It should have had a camera, it should have had a microphone, if people want a phone, they will get the iphone

    i really hope Zune HD kicks arse in sales, and Apple is then forced to think again…

    my gut feeling is that Apple will release all this stuff OLED, HD radio, camera , mic in the real Gen 3. but when that will be… who knows.

    It will be when the Zune Hype has gone down….. maybe a year

  7. well after reading the day before rumors, they probably really didn’t have the real 3rd gen touch ready togo for showtime. Apple is smart enough to have a backup plan which is what they went with. Was it a strong backup plan, no not really. Yeah they are pushing the Touch as a gaming device because they probably get to read all those numbers and see what the average age of user, what genre of app is particularly bought for the Touch, and they probably point towards kids and games, and they will buy, buy, buy. Would I personally at least like to see the Touch get a iPhone-esque upgrade, YES. But I am not holding my breathe, I was just hoping for the price drop for the kiddies this christmas.
    Overall this really wasn’t anything breath taking, but to just shine a light back onto Apple, and show the new bells and whistles. Do they really know where to take the Touch or even the iPhone, no, but they truly are the only ones in the game and have many years ahead, but developers are helping them make those decisions.
    Just look at the whole layout of what they putting out. This isn’t your normal company, they truly aren’t worried about the money, because that will take care of itself if their product is great, and affordable, which all these are. We can always bitch and complain because most of us are tech geeks, but the average consumer will think the world of what they will purchase, they were smart to compare what they are offering and what the competition is offering.
    Yes the iPod Touch can compete against PSPGO and DSI, think about it. How long does it take for any gaming company to put a game for those devices? Well with the iPod touch, it’s a simple approval within the appstore, no packaging, shipping, shipping dates, hardware over stockage, so it’s a win in every category for the company which means more profits. for the consumer, no cartridges, cheaper game prices, regular updates, online competition(maybe prizes later), and a great true ALL-IN-ONE, that you can listen to your own music than cheeesy midis.

    And the Zune is a joke, it’s the “me-too kid” compared to the Touch, it’s the software that matters, not the hardware, and all those nice things are worthless, if all it cant do is the basics.

  8. All, i can say Apple= BIG FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. thanks for that “good enough”

    It is just annoying as i had planned on getting a ipod touch after this event.

    i wanted more battery life on it and a few other hardware updates, as well as a mic and camera

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