Comcast COO: TV Everywhere to Go National in 30-60 Days

Comcast’s authentication initiative OnDemand Online (also referred to as “TV Everywhere”) will launch nationally within the next two months, according to Comcast COO Steve Burke, who spoke at yesterday at a financial conference (hat tip to Light Reading).

The cable company kicked off its OnDemand Online trial with 5,000 customers in July, and has said that the full program would launch before the end of this year, so the timing would match up (yikes! It’s September already).

Comcast has spent the summer lining up a raft of networks to participate in the program; at our last count there were 23 programmers on board, including HBO, CBS, Starz and many more.

OnDemand Online is just one of many authentication schemes being put into place but the mutliservice operators. AT&T, Verizon, DirecTV and Time Warner Cable have all announced their own TV Everywhere initiatives.

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