Palm Pre Homebrew App of the Day– BlockChalk

BlockchalkThe Palm Pre homebrew app catalog is up to 197 programs and today’s pick is a program that was previously only available on the iPhone and the Android platform. BlockChalk is hard to describe– it is a sophisticated graffiti program that lets you leave notes for those who pass your way later. Users type in a short anonymous note about the surroundings and those who come by later can see what was written. Think of it as taking chalk to a wall or the sidewalk (thus, the name).

BlockChalk uses the integrated GPS function of the Pre so it handles the geo-tagging of the notes automatically. It’s a lot of fun and can be useful, especially in large cities. Imagine you enter a deli and are wondering what might be good. You check BlockChalk and discover that someone left a note declaring the chicken salad to be quite good. That’s pretty useful information that can provide a nice lunch experience.

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