Save the Date: NewTeeVee is Coming to Seattle

Liz and I are packing our laptop bags and heading to the Pacific Northwest next month for some meetings, but thought we’d have a little fun in the su-uhhh, well, it’s Seattle, so “sun” isn’t guaranteed.

Regardless, we want you to save the evening of Monday, Sept. 14 for an informal NewTeeVee meetup in Seattle! It’ll be a casual affair (though if you’ve seen the pics from our LA meetup, you know how much fun they are), and a great opportunity to bring out the web video community up there.

We’re still determining a place, any suggestions from our readers? The Black Bottle and the downtown Elysian were recommended, but we’re open to what you think. Someplace low-key and relatively quiet so we can chat without yelling. Leave your watering hole tips in the comments or email info at newteevee dot com.

See you in Seattle! To get ready, here’s one of my favorite Seattle songs, U.S.E.’s “Emerald City” (we love it! we love it!):

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