German Company to Blogger — We Own the Smartbook Name, Stop Using It

bullyWell, we predicted another trademark fight was coming over the term “smartbook”, and it turns out we were spot on. The same type of fight that was fought over the term “netbook” is now being fired up for the “smartbook” term. Sascha Pallenberg of Netbooknews is a friend of ours and he has received a take-down notice from a German company. The notice has been published on Sascha’s site and demands he remove all instances of the term “smartbook” from his two sites within the next two weeks or face the consequences.

The company is Smartbook and I suspect they went after Sascha as he is German and is a German language blog covering netbooks. The tactic is similar to the one used by Psion in their trademark fight over the “netbook” term. Psion’s fight went on to include Intel and Dell and was eventually settled out of court.

I feel for Sascha and urge him to hold on. The company is trying to bully him to get publicity for their cause. I suspect they will eventually go after Qualcomm and other companies actively promoting the smartbook name.

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