Should You Super-Syndicate Your Web Series?

When web series first started coming up, “super-syndication” was a big buzzword. Since video hosting sites were free, the idea was that creators should take a shotgun approach and blast their content out to every site possible. But is that still the smartest strategy? CEO Mike Hudak still thinks super-syndication is a good strategy, “There’s nothing wrong with getting a few incremental views on this platform or that platform,” he said.

But not everyone shares Hudack’s view. In fact there are some who don’t think all views are created equal and that content creators need to think beyond playcounts. Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul believes that super-syndication just doesn’t work, especially since the growth in content posted to the web has outpaced the growth in viewership. On YouTube, for example, viewership is up 35.9 percent year-over-year, but the hours of video uploaded per minute is up 75.9 percent. “We’ve always said, you should only deploy your content to where you’re going to build your community,” said Wilson.

That’s advice that 2/8 Life creator Matt Vascallero seems to have taken to heart. The first season of his web series was syndicated out all over the web. But for the recently released second season, he limited his distribution to just Hulu and focused on building a community on Facebook. Vascallero believes it’s important to get his work in front of people where they already are. Since people spend so much time with the social network, he hopes the personal relationship people have with Facebook will extend to his series.

If you’re interested in this super-syndication question, I go much deeper into the topic over at our subscription service GigaOM Pro, and provide a broad strategic outline for creators mulling over how to distribute their content.

In the meantime, for all you web creators out there, what strategy do you think works best? Should you post your content everywhere, or focus your energies on smaller distribution and greater community? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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