Rafe has a nice article up today at Webware asking which is the best phone for Google Voice. You can probably guess the conclusion — Android handsets — but it’s a shame that Rafe didn’t mention the Palm Pre in his analysis. He covers Google Voice […]

gdial-pro_2009-27-08_153144Rafe has a nice article up today at Webware asking which is the best phone for Google Voice. You can probably guess the conclusion — Android handsets — but it’s a shame that Rafe didn’t mention the Palm Pre in his analysis. He covers Google Voice on Android and BlackBerry and shows the mobile web method to use it on an iPhone, but the Pre got no love.

That’s a shame because the gDial Pro homebrew app matches up rather nicely with the native Google Voice app available for Android and BlackBerry devices. I know because I use it every day for my phone calls and my text messaging.

With gDial Pro, I’m easily able to:

  • Make calls or send SMS messages to the contacts on my Palm Pre. The Pre’s Universal Search works within gDial Pro, which is awesome.
  • Add contacts to my Pre from gDial Pro.
  • View the history of calls — made, received and missed — as well as SMS conversations.
  • Set any contact as a starred Favorite for quick dialing — contact photos even appear
  • Show call recipients my Google Voice number on their caller ID.
  • Dial contacts even if they don’t have the leading “1” for the country code. According to Rafe, the native Google Voice app can’t handle that situation with your contacts.

It’s not perfect, but you’d be amazed at how close gDial Pro matches up against Google’s own app. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear this was a native app that Google provided for the Palm Pre. The software integrates perfectly with the Pre’s native contact application, just like the native phone application.

I consider gDial Pro a “must” to install if you have a Palm Pre and a Google Voice number. I like it so much, that I might replace the traditional voice dialer app in my Pre’s menu bar with gDial Pro. The app should have been a “must-see” in Rafe’s post too, but I forgive him. It’s difficult to cover every app for every platform. :)

Are you using gDial Pro on your Pre? What features are your fave and what are you hoping to see in future versions?

  1. I’m using GDialPro and dkGoogleVoice on the Palm Pre. I also like the ability to read the (occasionally hilariously jumbled) voicemail transcripts on my Pre without having to dial out. Nice for buildings with wifi but no cellular signal.

  2. Agree on all points. GDialPro is a must have app for any Pre owner who has a GVoice account. Been using it since it was released and it is now pretty much perfect.

  3. gdial pro does not allow you to listen to voicemails. i would think that is a critical feature.

    1. Iphone limits GV usage um Thursday, August 27, 2009

      Sure it does. Just hold down the “1”. It then dials voicemail for your listening pleasure.AFAIK the Pre does not have the codec to play the sound file natively.

    2. meaning playback directly on the interface as mp3 files. a la visual voicemail. hitting 1 also does not let you listen to old voicemails (wth?)

  4. I think you all would be surprised at the functionality of GV on the IPhone if you had the VoiceCentral app. I bought it before Apple pulled it down and it does EVERYTHING on the IPhone for GoogleVoice. It’s indispensable and although I don’t have a Pre, I think it’s better than anything that the Pre has out there, or the Android phones.

    1. I think the key word there is “before Apple pulled it down”, what good is having a great app that no one can use. I really wish Apple would stop this nonsense and stop deliberately crippling the iphone, until then I will continue to use my Pre.

    2. Of course I agree. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I got the app, so I am able to use it and report that for me, it’s a stellar piece of software.

      I think Apple overstepped their bounds, but it is their platform, and it is their right.

      Still think it’s stupid. But I do like VoiceCentral.

  5. Great app. I’m using it more and more every day. Just wish Google would integrate the GV accounts for Google Apps users.

  6. Great App. The Dialer is as good as native dialer. I have been using it for a couple of weeks. More and more features are being added. Updates comes almost twice a week. Love GV and gDial Pro makes it very usable with mobile phone. Watch out iPhone and Apple. gDial has all the features I need to have. Thanks to flpalm for a great app in the form of gDial Pro.

  7. I like gDial Pro. I like it better than the other 2 homebrew google dialers, but none of them integrate perfectly w/contacts. Yes you can dial a contact from gDial Pro, but you can’t use gDial Pro from contacts or universal search or any of the other homebrew contact apps. In short you can’t make it act like the default dialer. And that sucks. It takes away a lot of the functionality of the Pre, IMHO.

    I’m hoping that palm will allow that type of integration.

  8. I don’t get it. If one has a flat-fee calling plan, which I believe all Pre owners have as part of the required package for the Pre, why use a service that charges for calls by the minute?

  9. Is this app similar to Skype? Can you make free calls and video conferencing around the world for free from Gdial pro to other users of Google voice?

  10. I use gdial pro all the time and I love it! The only thing I wish it could do would be to insert the contact I called into the pre’s call log, so instead of showing in the pre call log that I called google voice a hundred times, it would show who I actually called.

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