A Tale of Three e-Book Readers

The e-book space has never been hotter with a new electronic reader seemingly announced every day. Amazon certainly has made the e-book game popular and everybody seems to be interested in it currently. I have been reading e-books since the early PDA days, and it is still common to see me sitting somewhere with a gadget in my hand, engrossed in the e-book of the day.

I read e-books on many different gadgets, from phones to UMPCs, and folks often ask me what gadget I prefer for reading. That is another one of those questions for which there is no easy answer, as there are many factors that enter into the equation. The size of the gadget is the most important, as it usually determines what particular one I am likely to have with me when an opportunity to read presents itself. The size also determines the quality of the reading experience, as screen size equates to page size in the e-book world.

Dedicated e-book reading gadgets can vary in screen size from 5 inches all the way to around 10 inches. The bigger the page, the more text, and it comes down to a trade-off for portability. I am fortunate that I have so many gadgets laying around Mobile Tech Manor, as it means I can try different scenarios. This experimentation has seen me settle currently on three different devices for reading e-books, depending on where I am and what I can carry with me. The three gadgets are the iPhone 3G, Viliv S5 UMPC and the Viliv X70 UMPC — the X70 is an evaulation model sent from Viliv.

The iPhone is always with me, so it’s often used when I am out and about. I pull it out of my pocket when I have some free time and read to my heart’s content. The S5 has a 5-inch screen so it provides a better reading experience due to the larger pages. It is still small enough that it is highly portable so it’s often in my bag for other purposes. The X70 has a 7-inch screen and it is awesome for reading books. It can display almost as much text on a page as a paperback book and the reading experience is great. It’s hard to describe so here are some photos of my three e-book readers:


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