TomTom GPS Now Available in the App Store

tomtom_screenWell, it’s not the first turn-by-turn GPS navigation application in the App Store, but industry heavyweight TomTom has finally pushed out its entry. It became available late Sunday night, with versions for Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and North America.

In my opinion, TomTom is a little over the top in its app description write-up, proclaiming, “Turn-by-turn car navigation for the iPhone is here.” Well, in fact, it’s also here, and here and here (all iTunes links). It might not have beat everyone out of the gate, but I suppose this is TomTom we’re talking about, and none of its rivals have quite as much brand power.

A couple caveats before you go rushing out to buy the new app. First, it’s a bit on the expensive side. $99.99 for the U.S. and Canada edition (iTunes link), for example, and $149.99 for Western Europe (iTunes link). Also, New Zealand (iTunes link) costs $94.99 while Australia (iTunes link) is only $79.99? Maybe I’m just being naive, but isn’t New Zealand a whole lot smaller and less difficult to navigate? Maybe you pay extra for live sheep traffic updates.

In addition, the accompanying iPhone GPS mount is nowhere to be seen, at least not yet. The device, which is meant to augment the iPhone’s own GPS abilities, as well as provide a line out for car stereo use and take advantage of iPhone OS 3.0 hardware access features, won’t be released until later this year. The good news is that when it does arrive, there will also be an iPod touch-specific model, so you won’t need an iPhone to use the app.

Anyone taking the plunge on this WWDC keynote star? If so, we’d be glad to hear your impressions.

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