Apple Reintroduces 15-inch MacBook Pro Matte Screen Option

Good news for those of you who were holding out for a matte screen option from Apple on something other than the most expensive, 17-inch MacBook Pro, and bad news for image and video professionals who already bit the bullet and picked up a 15-incher recently. Apple now offers a matte screen option on the 15-inch model.


The new customization option appeared sometime early this morning in Apple’s online store, and allows you to choose an “Antiglare Widescreen Display,” instead of the usual “Glossy” option, for an additional $50. For those unaware, the modification also rids your computer of the pretty black bezel that frames the notebook’s screen, and instead introduces a silver bezel that looks decidedly old school. Aesthetics aside, though, the antiglare option is reportedly a thousand times better for professional usage, and if you find the new glossy optical glass displays distracting.

This is a good sign that despite a recent rash of anti-Apple sentiment even from normally vocal supporters, myself included, over App Store disappointments, Cupertino is still very much committed to giving its users what they want, at least on the hardware side of things. People clamored for the option, and Apple clearly heard the complaints and delivered. I suspect it’s willing to broaden the availability of that option to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, too, if demand appears strong enough and the introduction of the 15-inch option proves beneficial to its bottom line.

Even though Apple’s willing to grant you the antiglare option, it seems like it would rather you didn’t, as is clear from its wonderful little piece of subtle copywriting: “Choose a standard glossy display that lets you view graphics, photos, and videos with richer colors and deeper blacks, or an optional antiglare display.” Wow, they sure do make that antiglare display sound…optional.

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