Über Charger Now Available for Over-enthusiastic iPhone, iPod Owners

Do you own 20 iPhones or iPods? Do you need a bulky beast of a charging solution for them? Then set aside your energy-related woes, as we’ve found just the device for you.

Designed by Parat Solutions, the Parasync is a multi-port charging hub. The mammoth device can simultaneously recharge up to 20 iPhones or iPod devices, supporting the iPod touch, classic and even 4G nano. Although it’s not an official Apple device, the Parasync is available in a traditional Macbook white.

Oddly enough, the portly power device works just like a traditional sync cable, connected to your Macbook via USB. Once plugged in, you’re able to open iTunes and view every single device that is plugged into the giant dock. While the iPhones and iPods are charging, you’re even able to drag and drop content from the iTunes library to the devices and sync as normal.

Notably, Para Solutions has also designed a big brother for the Parasync, the clumsily named Paradidact. This humongous device can simultaneously charge up to 24 Macbooks. It’s also designed to provide a safe method of storing and transporting multiple devices. For the doubters, Parat has produced a wonderful demonstration video for this “computer room on wheels.”


It may look like the Parasync has been designed especially for over-enthusiastic Apple fanboys, but there’s actually a legitimate use for this huge dock. The manufacturers suggest that it could be used to charge multiple iPhones or iPods at a multitude of venues, including museums, universities, service centers and tourist resorts.

While most iPod and iPhone users certainly won’t have a need for this gargantuan charging machine, it’s certainly a viable charging-solution for corporate and public use. Check out the promotional video below, and enjoy the dreamy trance soundtrack.


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