It’s the world’s first handheld StemCell Computer. It sports 1080p HD output, X-Fi Audio processing, a ten-point multi-gesture capacitive touchscreen, text-to-speech engine and expandable SDHC memory. It’s got lots more, too. And it’s running Android. In short, it’s a mobile device that beats the pants off […]

It’s the world’s first handheld StemCell Computer. It sports 1080p HD output, X-Fi Audio processing, a ten-point multi-gesture capacitive touchscreen, text-to-speech engine and expandable SDHC memory. It’s got lots more, too.

And it’s running Android.


In short, it’s a mobile device that beats the pants off the iPod touch — in hard, cold specs, at the very least. The Egg is built using the new wave of multimedia hardware and software from ZiiLABS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creative Technology. Here’s the blurb from the official website.

“The Zii EGG is an energy efficient handheld StemCell Computer based on the powerful ZiiLABS ZMS-05 media-rich applications processor. Besides its multi-touch 3.5-inch LCD screen, it can also output HD video at up to 1080p. The ZMS-05’s 24 floating-point processors deliver up to 8 GFLOPS of raw processing power, while the StemCell Computing’s flexible architecture allows stunning display of 3D graphics on a small handheld battery powered device.”

Although the Egg isn’t a mobile phone, it soon could be. ZiiLABS is allowing third parties to develop for and re-brand the device. The only thing stopping this from being a mobile phone is a cellular transceiver, and they’re not so hard to find. And because it already runs Google’s Android operating system, it won’t take a lot of software jiggery-pokery to get the thing making calls.

Even without cellphone functionality, the current specs of the Zii Egg put the iPod touch to shame. And with the Zii Plaszma and Android platforms as a foundation (both of which are open-source and free, therefore very attractive to OEM’s in today’s economic climate) the Egg promises real future innovation and creativity in a market that has, since 2007, only been playing catch-up with Apple. Using the Egg, Apple’s competitors might get their 15 minutes of fame. Remember, this is a first-generation release that already boasts more bells and whistles than any of the top devices already available on the market. OEM’s have a great starting-point, and they didn’t have to do any of that pesky, expensive R&D work to get to it.

Although you can’t buy it in the shops, it is available to developers and OEM’s as part of a pre-order kit for a paltry $399. For a device that truly comes close to the iPhone in size, style, function and development promise, this may be the first to truly deserve the title “iPhone Killer.”

  1. Wow….bye bye iPod touch and Zune HD

    1. a little premature…it hasnt even hit the store…nor do we know if it even works or what kind of bugs it will have

    2. I don’t know anyone who pays over $200 for an iPod Touch because of the specs. They buy it because they can watch video (movies and televison), play music, games, follow friends on facebook and twitter, check email, buy stuff on Amazon or eBay, lookup a restaurant and reserve a seat, etc.

      What does the Zii EGG do?

    3. @ Khürt Williams: It does/can do everything you just listed…are you reading articles before you comment? It’s like an open source iPod Touch, with better specs and removable storage.

    4. itouch has the best user interface that works seamlessly
      many companies have tried and failed even with better
      hardware and more advanced technology….doh!

      creative will fail- trust me

    5. uhhh its Running on Android a google made operating system that should run pretty smooth as it has been around for a while by now.

  2. wow
    very good information
    i am always looking for these type of latest update of iphones

    1. Nitu, get back to your book. read before you post.

  3. I’m pretty much ready to jump ship after Apple/AT&T blocked Google Voice. I read Verizon will have some Android goodness soon and that may very well be my departure point.

    Love my iPhone as a device but I don’t care for the heavy hand of Apple and AT&T.

    1. Verizon will have an Android device but will be made by Motorola…does anyone really want a Motorola phone anymore?

    2. Yea, I am pretty pissed off with ATT. When they were Cingular, they were great. Then they did the whole ATT mix-up/merger. Worst thing they could have done.

      If they would have left it as it were, and Cingular was a subsidiary…they could have KEPT all those towers, providing better service and then upgrading all of them and they’d have been even better (signal wise)

      As far as the ‘heavy hand’ as some have put it, is right on the money – crippling things right out of the gate, stalling on several fronts..is all UNEXCUSABLE.

      I know for a fact though, Verizon cripples all of their devices too – they want you to pay for every little thing. I don’t think (at least any company I’ve experienced) EVER let the users have what they wanted as part of an unlimited bundle (e.g. tethering, um, what part of ‘unlimited data’ does ATT NOT understand?)

    3. Same! I am also leaving Apple + AT&T. Apple cannot control what I can get and what I can’t on my iphone.

  4. It’s not about specs anymore. It’s not a bout the iPhone or the touch either. It’s all about the App Store. And that’s the way Apple likes it. Anyone can come out with any cool new device with a million and one cool new features, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to the fact that the killer app here is the App Store. No App Store, no iPhone/touch killer.

    1. there will be a bigger FREE application setup out there. It will already have android apps PLUS whatever ANYONE wants to build with plaszma NO RESTRICTIONS as opposed to apple who keeps on banning apps such as Google voice. not to mention this will have wireless portable video conference capabilities. Did I mention that anyone can build any app or game and that it wont be stopped by through apple’s fat, greedy, DRM loving fingers?

  5. ryemac3 is right it is all about the App Store, except Apple has put itself in front of the oncoming freight train with its constant rejections and removal of apps that’s only crime is that it challenges Apple or AT&T. This while we see Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android and Nokia running the very same app on the very same network!

    I think you will certainly see robust app stores for all the mobile devices.

    Soon Apple will have to either open up the iPhone to third party developers directly or have sensible rules that does not block innovation OR die!

  6. Wake me when an actual device is released for an actual price, not a set of specs and an OEM supply price.

  7. So, what’s the desktop app like?

    Can it compare to iTunes?

    Is there access to HD content?

    So many manufacturers think that all they have to do is create an iPod/iPhone killer, but they always forget that the desktop component is the key.


    It sounds like that this company sat down and copied everything they could about the iPod touch….does the company hold any key patents? Or are they hoping Apple won’t notice that they’ve infringed the hell out of the player?

    1. Remember when apple infringed creative? you know creative has the rights to sell apple products because of it? you know the iPhone wasn’t actually made by apple? You know Steve Jobs hired Bill Gates to fix problems they were having with there OSs? You know there are tons of markets out there cheaper and better (less DRM) than iTunes? you know the Zii will be able to work directly with windows so that you dont have to download a piece of shit resource hog player like iTunes? did you know that bigger touchscreen players have been the future for every PMP producing company? and sorry, apple was not the first for this type of design. Now-days all PMPs are touchscreen not because “Its cool” but because it gives more room for videos and pictures to be seen on the screen!

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  9. Actually, do you have any idea how many of creative’s patents apple has infringed on? You know apple’s lovely UI on the iPod classic? Creative sued for that and won. The voice thingy on the shuffle is a creative patent… I could keep going but I won’t. Creative innovates, they don’t copy. One more thing… how is a touch screen pmp supposed to look any different really? If you can come up with a design that makes sense then you should get a job as an engineer for some company that makes electronics. All the itouch/phone design is (besides ui) is a touch screen, a few buttons, and a black reflective surface… not that original. Oh, iTouch doesn’t have 2 cameras, an 1080HD camera, ambient light sensors, built in GPS or Xfi, and it can’t output any HD to your tv… so how exactly did they copy apple other than the fact that there is a touch screen and a button on the front?

  10. not impressed. what makes apple products so wonderful is the FULL experience plus the sexy design. that’s what most companies who try imitate don’t get. It’s not just high powered specs. it’s about the entire experience from the easy to use design, iTunes, the App Store, compatibility with the full line of Mac products. it’s not the next iPhone couldn’t have HD quality video or what have you. not impressed.


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