Kiss the Grid Goodbye: How TV Interfaces Will Change

Bruce Springsteen once lamented that there were “57 channels and nothin’ on.” Wonder what the Boss will say when there are 57,000 channels on. What will you say as you try to navigate your way around a near infinite number of video options? Hopefully you’ll be able to keep the cursing to a minimum if TV interfaces adapt to keep pace with the myriad of video choices.

The standard up-down-left-right grid worked when there were fewer channels and TV was all linear. But as TVs connect to the web, the choices become near-infinite, and most of them are on-demand. The goal at that point is to not show you everything that’s available, but instead reveal just the sliver that you are interested in.

We talked with some UI design experts who are working on the TV interface of tomorrow for a deep-dive, long view article for our subscription service, GigaOM Pro. Companies like NDS, Rovi (formerly Macrovision) and Adaptive Path believe that on-screen guides will become more visual, and will rely more heavily on search, recommendation and socialization.

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