Palm Releases 1.1 Update for Pre: iTunes Syncing Restored

update_1.1We knew we were in for a battle royale between Palm and Apple over the iTunes syncing built into the Pre. First Palm figured out a way to build iTunes syncing right into the Pre, by making iTunes think it was an iPod. Then Apple warned Pre owners that the ability may go away in the future, meaning the very next iTunes update which killed it off. The gloves are off now without a doubt as today Palm released webOS version 1.1, and iTunes syncing has been restored.

It’s likely to keep getting nastier as Apple is not going to like this one bit. How much do you want to bet there will be another iTunes update, and pretty darn soon?

The Pre update also speeds up the system, adds Exchange support and other tweaks. Oh yes, we finally have a NEW APP in the store! Yes, NFL Mobile Live is there and you can watch games on the Pre. The update is 87 MB and can be accessed via the Updates icon.

(via engadget)

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