By now, we’re no stranger to rumors of a new iPod touch model complete with a built-in camera and microphone. Even without sources backing up these claims, it just seems like the logical next step for Apple to take with the device if it wants to […]


By now, we’re no stranger to rumors of a new iPod touch model complete with a built-in camera and microphone. Even without sources backing up these claims, it just seems like the logical next step for Apple to take with the device if it wants to keep providing consumers with an incentive to upgrade. The latest word is not only that these rumors are accurate, but that the device in question is already on the assembly line in China.

The source, a “well-connected” one talking to Wired.com, claims that circulating rumors about the camera and microphone are both spot on. They even confirm that the camera included in the new iPod touch (which was last updated at the beginning of September in 2008, making this the longest interval between model changes) will indeed be able to capture both images and video. And it will include an external mic, in addition to the external speaker and headset support included in the current iteration.

As Wired points out, this will make it an ideal device for use with existing Skype applications already available in the App Store. The combination of the two could make the iPod touch a viable home phone replacement for those who already only use their landlines for long distance anyways. They also note that combined with a Verizon MiFi, it basically becomes an iPhone without the cruddy AT&T network and attendant charges.

I’d long suspected that Apple was holding off on including these phone-like features in the iPod touch to differentiate between it and the iPhone in order to avoid cannibalizing sales, but my own experience has been that touch owners are much more inclined toward an iPhone purchase than not. I think Apple has realized this “gateway drug” phenomenon has little to do with hardware features and a lot to do with a constant data connection and cell phone features.

Which leads me to believe that they only reason they’re pacing the release of the rest of the iPhone’s extra bells and whistles to their portable media player platform is for differentiation between models, not across product lines. That means there’s hope for GPS integration in future versions, which I think we’ll see if turn-by-turn apps on the iPhone become a significant success. Also don’t forget that the iPod touch was actually the first to get built-in Nike+ support, so expect to see at least one surprise when this device does launch, which should be in two to three months, if Wired’s source is accurate.

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  1. Wut next?! Is apple gonna launch a private satelite? So that we can have wi-fi everywhere?!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

    2. Its pretty logical, but instead of Wi-Fi Everywere, its more accurate to use the satelite for the mobileme syncing through the air..-

    3. Wouldn’t that be nice.
      ahah, a private satelite. Then I would be able to use the texting feature outside also! Cross your fingers man, and hope it comes true.

    4. Wow – great concept man!

    5. a wifi connection has to be wired at some point (router) technology has to advance much farther for that to even think about and a HUGE device to repeat the signal to reach everywhere not likely gl with that one lol

    6. that would be amazing if they did but i highly doubt it. i mean there are apps now that allow you to call and text when wi-fi is avaible therefore they would lose money from iphone sales. AT&T would suffer from everyone just using the ipod instead of the iphone. This is a good idea for the consumers but not good for the phone company.

    7. nur man poo tastes funny

    8. They should put in a tracking chip so when you lose it you can just go on itunes and locate where it is

    9. Don’t they already have the 3g network?

  2. I like this my only concern is when is it going to come down to there not being a difference between the ipod and the iphone. It is crazy to think about.

    1. Why is this a concern?

    2. Yea, honestly, why is that a concern?

    3. Yeah It would be cool to have all the features the phone has with out having the phone. That way we can switch up phone as often as we want.

    4. its still not a phone though it just has the some incredible features the iphone has, which is great

  3. as long as the pricing doesn’t change, I’m fine. I’m saving up for one at christmas.

  4. I’m sure glad to see these rumors solidifying, but like everyone else I have been expecting this for awhile now. In fact, call me a dreamer, but I’ve moved on to hoping (still) for GPS/Compass in the next iteration as well. Ok, or at least how about wireless n support too?

  5. I hope the camera has higher resolution than the iPhone one – just so that both devices have they’re selling point. I don’t have much use for an iPhone but an iPod with a (video) camera would be great. Plus it’d be nice to have speakers as the my current G1 does not.

    1. You can get an iPod nano cheaper than an iPod touch and it has a video camera on it. And the 2nd generation iPod touch has speakers too.

  6. I would love to have an iPod Touch, but basically what I want is an iPhone without the phone. I want GPS, I want Bluetooth, I want the earpiece and microphone just like the iPhone has so it can be used as a VoIP phone.

    1. Go buy an iPhone from Apple then! You dont need a contract to buy one!

    2. Khürt Williams Twist Thursday, July 23, 2009

      So basically you want an iPod Touch with GPS.

  7. Khürt Williams Thursday, July 23, 2009

    I have the 2nd generation iPod Touch and the only thing I would like to see added is a camera. I have no pressing need (there is a want) for constant connectivity. My office, home, and local café have Wi-Fi and that works well enough for me. With the addition of a camera I would be able to take those “around town” photos without the need to carry around my Nikon.

  8. Nancy Commington Thursday, July 23, 2009

    when does it come out?

    1. Their guessing that its going to be like the date the last Ipod Touch. I hear its going to be early September, like September 9th ish.

  9. What is the capacity likely to be for the ipod touch 3rd generation? are we going to see 64 GB? Maybe more? Does anyone have any idea or speculation about pricing?! More expensive or less? US dollars or AUD estimates please.

    Any change to the OS maybe?

  10. Frank Aguilar Sunday, July 26, 2009

    Wow, the only thing missing is 3G and there will be no distinction from the iPhone and the iPod.

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