Want Microsoft Office Web? Don't Hold Your Breath

wordwebapp.jpgBy now, you all must have read about the next version of Microsoft Office 10. You’ve also likely heard about the web version of Microsoft Office. The problem is that if you want to compare the Office Web with Google Apps or Zoho, there’s little chance you can get your hands on it. Sure, there are some faux comparisons, but folks have not really tested the actual product. And don’t expect to do so anytime soon. Here is why. Earlier today, the team at WebWorkerDaily decided to put the three office suites through the grinder. After all, the press release said that Microsoft Office has hit the “Technical Preview” stage. I am not clear what that means. When we checked with Microsoft’s PR agency about the Office Web, they said you can’t have the beta just yet.

Web applications are included in the technical preview milestone but not part of the technical preview program. They will have a separate technical preview later this summer.

In other words, the current technical preview is just the desktop applications. Office for Web…Don’t hold your breath!


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