Google Chrome OS: The Perfect Web App OS?

chrome_os_streamPeople have been talking about a Google OS for years; I even wrote a post for GigaOM Pro recently speculating on a Google “Web OS” (subscription required). Well, late yesterday Google announced that it’s working on a brand new operating system, Chrome OS. According to the announcement, Chrome OS will be a natural extension of the the excellent Chrome browser. This will be a new, lightweight operating system, designed from the ground up — not based on Android — and originally targeted at netbooks.

The announcement rightly points out that the major operating systems available today were designed before the web existed. With most people’s computing activity centered on the web today, a new OS that makes the web the platform makes a lot of sense. As James Kendrick over at our sister blog jkOnTheRun notes, Chrome OS is a “web, or cloud, OS that puts the bulk of all user activity firmly up in the web.” For people primarily using web apps, a lightweight operating system designed for working on the web with instant access to all of your applications and most of the heavy lifting done by the cloud could be perfect. But let’s not get too excited just yet — Chrome OS isn’t expected to be available until the second half of 2010.

What are your thoughts on Google Chrome OS?

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