Google Adds Flexibility to Labels. My Netbook Says Thanks

dragndrop1As a full-time Gmail user, one of the bits I really can’t stand is now fixed. Google implemented some changes to its Label system that I’m ready to pounce on, but the new features are rolling out throughout the day. At the moment, my account doesn’t have them. So what am I waiting for with high levels of anticipation? Three things that should help my productivity.

The Label system is now above the Google Talk or chat area, which is super helpful when I’m using my netbook. I use Labels far more than I use Chat, and I always wondered why I couldn’t swap placement of the two features. With only 600 pixels to use on a typical netbook display, the Labels often fall off the bottom of the screen. Of course, with several dozen labels, they’ll still drop below the small screen, so the second new tidbit will overcome that issue: configurable hiding or showing of Labels. Yup, you can now specify which Labels you want to see all the time, as opposed to those hardly used (but still useful) Labels. Google will start you off by showing the most used Labels, and you can modify as needed after that.

For the “old school” emailers, Gmail now supports dropping and dragging for Labels. You can drag messages to a Label or you can drag a Label onto an email. Using this feature will perform a “move and archive” function, just as it does with the Move button that Google added prior. Is it just me that’s excited over these changes? Perhaps I’m easy to please…

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