Joost, a much-vaunted online video startup, has announced that it will offer a white-label video hosting platform, thus entering a crowded market littered with the carcasses of other failed video hosts. As someone who has followed Joost from its very inception, I’m amazed at how badly it’s stumbled. It shouldn’t have. Read more »

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For cleantech companies, climate change has been a big deal for some time. But it’s officially become a major mainstream business issue, according to a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report, “Capitalizing On a Climate of Change,” that says energy and climate policies are influencing the way all companies […] Read more »

I am a big fan of e-books and a long-time customer of eReader, a Fictionwise company. One area of eReader’s business model that I’ve been less than happy with, however, is the pricing of newly released books. Its pricing has always been competitive with paper book […] Read more »

Update: LogMeIn is trading at $20.13 a share in its first hour of trading. LogMeIn, a Woburn, Mass.-based company that is going public, has priced at $16 a share, according to The Wall Street Journal. LogMeIn will start trading tomorrow under the ticker “LOGM.” With 6.7 […] Read more »

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When Heyzap, the San Francisco-based startup that offers up casual, Flash-based games for publishers to embed to their sites, launched back in January, revenue was being generated by the short ads shown before its games. But as the economic downturn tightened its grip and the online […] Read more »

AMC Web Purchases 210

Cablevision-owned AMC has made two small online acquisitions: it has bought, a site for classic movie reviews and commentary, a… Read more »

What do you do with your old Macs when you upgrade to a new system? Many folks sell their old computer on eBay or locally, but that’s something I’ve rarely done. I mostly either keep them as “B-team” units, or hand them off to other family […] Read more »

I love technology, but not when it comes to switching PCs — moving all the data and applications from one Windows machine to another is not always as easy as it could be. I thought I’d share some tips gleaned from my latest move to a […] Read more »

When Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard’s lawsuit against the electric vehicle startup and its current CEO, Elon Musk, surfaced earlier this month, Tesla called the allegations of libel, slander and breach of contract “an unfair personal attack,” and said it “will likely be filing counterclaims.” Now […] Read more »

Chris, Om and LizG are coming down to visit LizM and Janko in Los Angeles next week, so we wanted to see if y’all would like to come hang out with our team. We’re hosting a little meetup in the very casual get-together sense of the […] Read more »

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»  The rise of both smartphones and social networking could give mobile advertising a much needed boost. [Reuters]

»  I… Read more »

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»  Journalism Online, the start-up led by Steven Brill (pictured) Gordon Crovitz and Leo Hindrey, inked a deal with ITZ Publishing… Read more »

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