iPhone 3GS VoiceOver Reads the Screen Aloud- Almost Gets It Right

accessibility-voiceover-20090608One of the newest features in the iPhone 3GS could be a big boon to the visually impaired. VoiceOver is a screen reader that is pretty cool — it reads aloud anything displayed where the user taps. This provides instant feedback of text displayed right where the user is focusing, and it’s a big step forward. Unfortunately, as is often the case with new technology, it’s not quite working as expected, according to one of our readers.

Dennis discovered that when he visits the App Store or iTunes on his iPhone, the audio feedback switches to a different voice speaking Spanish. This is certainly not the way his iPhone should be working since everything else is in English. Dennis spent a few hours with Apple technical support on the phone (in English) who sent him into the Apple Store.

The Genius was surprised to see Dennis’ phone switch to Spanish and found that every floor model iPhone 3GS did the same. The end result was the Genius sending a technical note to the Apple engineers, and they are all waiting to hear back. So if VoiceOver on your iPhone switches to a foreign language, rest assured that Apple is on it.

Thanks to Dennis for sending this to our attention. It sounds like it might be time to learn Spanish. :)

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